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United Nations - UN Security Council Condemns James Foley's Killing Yesterday 06:52 PM United Nations - The U.N. Security Council condemned the "heinous and cowardly" killing of American journalist James Foley and said the Islamic State militant group "must be defeated." In a statement, the council called the killing "a tragic reminder of the increasing dangers journalists face every day in Syria." "It once again demonstrates the brutality of ISIL, which is responsible for thousands of abuses against the Syrian and Iraqi...

Las Vegas, NV - Reid Apologizes For Asian Jokes At Vegas Luncheon Yesterday 06:15 PM Las Vegas, NV - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologized Friday for jokes he made about Asians during a luncheon of business leaders in Las Vegas earlier this week. Reid was addressing the city's Asian Chamber of Commerce on Thursday when he told the audience, "I don't think you're smarter...


Clayton, MO - 3 Blacks Among 12 Grand Jurors In Ferguson Case

Yesterday 05:30 PM

Clayton, MO - Three black people are among the 12-member grand jury hearing evidence in the Michael Brown case. Paul Fox, director of judicial administration for St. Louis County Circuit Court, confirmed the racial and gender makeup of the grand jury on Friday. St... Read More »

Istanbul - Famous Jewish Business Power Couple Murdered In Turkey

Yesterday 05:24 PM

Istanbul - Jak Karako and his wife Georgia Karako, who were the former-owners of one of Turkey's largest textile brands Ören Bayan, have been found... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Four-year-old Israeli Killed ID'd, IDF Says Rocket Launched Near UNRWA School

Yesterday 05:12 PM

Jerusalem - The IDF alleged on Friday night that the rocket that killed a four-year-old boy in the South was launched near an UNRWA school. The... Read More »

Ferguson, MO - New Fear: What Happens In Ferguson If No Charges?

Yesterday 05:00 PM

Ferguson, MO - Conditions calmed this week in Ferguson after nights of sometimes violent unrest stemming from the fatal shooting of a black... Read More »

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Chilmark, MA - Obama Taking Less Vacation, But Too Much For Some

Yesterday 04:30 PM

Chilmark, MA - President Barack Obama has spent less time away from the White House than his predecessors. But his two-week break on the resort... Read More »

Washington - Obama Offers New Accommodations On Birth Control

Yesterday 04:27 PM

Washington - Seeking to quell a politically charged controversy, the Obama administration announced new measures Friday to allow religious... Read More »

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New York - Islamic State Backers Under Scrutiny In US

Yesterday 04:18 PM

New York - Officially, the FBI agents who swarmed Donald Ray Morgan at Kennedy Airport this month were there to arrest him on a mundane gun charge. But they whisked him away to their Manhattan office and grilled him for two hours on an entirely different topic: Islamic... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Deletes Foley Beheading Tweet From Government Accounts

Yesterday 03:45 PM

Jerusalem - Israel on Friday removed from two government Twitter accounts a harrowing image of US journalist James Foley about to be beheaded, after the tweets sparked widespread controversy online. The still, taken from a video of the killing of the freelance... Read More »

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New York - Ice Bucket Challenge May Change Nonprofit World

Yesterday 03:11 PM

New York - The ice bucket challenge's phenomenal success is making other charitable organizations rethink how they connect with a younger generation... Read More »

Washington - FBI: No Credible Threats To US From Islamic State

Yesterday 03:00 PM

Washington - The FBI and Homeland Security Department say there are no specific or credible terror threats to the U.S. homeland from the Islamic... Read More »

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Gaza - Powerful Israeli Air Strike Levels Hamas House, Wounds 40 In Gaza City

Yesterday 02:24 PM

Gaza - A powerful Israeli air strike levelled a house in Gaza City late Friday, wounding 40 Palestinians, local emergency services said. Witnesses... Read More »

Jerusalem - Liberman: Israel Must Hit Hamas 'Until It Waves The White Flag'

Yesterday 02:00 PM

Jerusalem - Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman told Israeli television on Friday that military operations in Gaza must continue "until Hamas waves the... Read More »

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Tehran - Iran To Send Aid To Gaza Via Egypt

Yesterday 01:45 PM

Tehran - Iran plans to send aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip after Egypt said it would allow the shipment to enter the Palestinian territory, an Iranian diplomatic source said on Friday. The official IRNA news agency said Cairo had agreed to... Read More »

Geneva, Switzerland - Swiss Policeman Who Saved Jews From Holocaust Honoured

Yesterday 01:30 PM

Geneva, Switzerland - A Swiss policemen who saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust and ended up being punished for forging their entry documents... Read More »

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Lakewood NJ - Two Orthodox Jewish Men Build Multimillion Dollar Business With Unwanted Gift Cards

Yesterday 12:45 PM

Lakewood, N.J. – They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or in this case, a $56 million treasure for two Orthodox Jewish men from... Read More »

Lewisburg, TN - Ace Bayou Recalls 2.2 Million Beanbag Chairs After Two Deaths

Yesterday 12:16 PM

Lewisburg, TN - Ace Bayou Corp is recalling about 2.2 million beanbag chairs after the suffocation deaths of two children, the company and the U.S... Read More »

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Sana'a - Death To Israel Slogans At Yemeni Shiites Mass Demo

Yesterday 12:00 PM

Sana'a - Tens of thousands of supporters of Yemen's Shiite rebels rallied Friday in Sanaa pressing the government to quit as a presidential team held... Read More »

New York - Muslim-American Activist From Brooklyn Calls For Economic "Jihad" Against Israel

Yesterday 11:48 AM

Brooklyn, NY - During an impassioned speech delivered in New York earlier this month, a Muslim-American youth director/activist from Brooklyn said it... Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 01:30 PM Sha'ar HaNegev, Israel - Israeli Boy, 4, Killed By Gaza Mortar In South, Netanyahu Vows Hamas To Pay 'Heavy Price'

Yesterday 11:28 AM

Sha'ar HaNegev, Israel - A mortar bomb fired from Gaza killed a four-year-old Israeli child in a border collective farm on Friday, Israeli security... Read More »

New York, NY - Sharpton Adapts Adversarial Style To de Blasio's New York

Yesterday 11:01 AM

New York, NY - It was not the first time the Reverend Al Sharpton made his way to City Hall in a fiery mood to scold a mayor about New York City... Read More »

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Baghdad - Iraq Promised To Free Saddam Hussein's Defense Minister

Yesterday 10:37 AM

Baghdad - Iraq's government promised to release from prison one of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's defense ministers, the outgoing deputy... Read More »

New York - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Resonates With Jewish Community

Yesterday 10:31 AM

New York - As the Ice Bucket Challenge continues its viral march through social media platforms, members of the Jewish community have joined... Read More »

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London - British Jewish Human Rights Campaigner Bamber Dies

Yesterday 10:15 AM

London - British human rights campaigner Helen Bamber, an early member of Amnesty International, died at the age of 89 on Thursday, the charity she... Read More »

Washington - Dempsey Hits Islamic Militant 'End-Of-Days' Vision

Yesterday 10:04 AM

Washington - America's top-ranked military officer says the surging Islamic State group has an "apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision" in the... Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 12:03 PM Ashdod - Gaza Rocket Strikes Israeli Synagogue, Wounding Several People (photos)

Yesterday 09:47 AM

Ashdod - A rocket fired from Gaza hit a synagogue in the Israeli city of Ashdod on Friday, wounding three people, police said. "There is damage... Read More »

Gaza - Haniyeh Vows Hamas Will 'Liberate Palestine' After Top Commanders Killed By Israel

Yesterday 09:45 AM

Gaza - After the killing of three of its senior commanders by Israel, Hamas vowed early Friday that it would be “strengthened” in its quest “to... Read More »

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Denmark - Jewish School In Copenhagen Vandalised

Yesterday 09:29 AM

Denmark - A Jewish school in Copenhagen had its windows smashed and anti-Jewish graffiti referring to the conflict in Gaza spray-painted on its... Read More »

New York - American Flags Taken From Brooklyn Bridge by German Artists Back on US Soil

Yesterday 09:24 AM

New York - Police say the two American flags swiped from the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced with white ones are back on U.S. soil. New York Police... Read More »

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Missouri - Violence-Weary Ferguson Sees Second Night Of Calm

Yesterday 09:08 AM

Missouri - The violence-weary town of Ferguson, Missouri, saw a second straight evening of relative calm on Thursday after the fatal shooting of an... Read More »

Kiev - Ukraine: Russian Aid Convoy Is A 'Direct Invasion'

Yesterday 08:59 AM

Kiev - Russia sent dozens of aid trucks into rebel-held eastern Ukraine on Friday without Kiev's approval, saying its patience had worn out with the... Read More »

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Geneva - United Nations: Death Toll In Syria Tops 191,000

Yesterday 08:42 AM

Geneva - The death toll from three years of Syria's civil war has risen to more than 191,000 people, the United Nations reported Friday. The... Read More »

Gaza - Gaza Militants Kill 18 Alleged Spies For Israel (photos)

Yesterday 08:14 AM

Gaza - Gaza gunmen killed 18 alleged spies for Israel on Friday, including seven who were lined up behind a mosque and shot after midday prayers, in... Read More »

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