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Boston - Obama: Politicians Should Carry Themselves More Like Kennedy Today 11:00 PM Boston - President Barack Obama summoned today's quarrelsome political leaders on Monday to emulate the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in the pursuit of compromise, and said a new institute that bears the longtime Massachusetts senator's name can be as much an antidote to political cynicism as the man...

Boston - Ackman Says Shutting Herbalife Down Is Key To Him Today 10:30 PM Boston - Hedge fund mogul William Ackman, who has spent more than two years accusing Herbalife Ltd of running a pyramid scheme, said on Monday that shutting down the company is the most important thing he can do. Speaking at a meeting of the Council of Institutional Investors' in Washington...


Dearborn, MI - Lincoln Continental, The Car Of Presidents, Is Returning

Today 10:00 PM

Dearborn, MI - Elvis Presley had one; so did Clark Gable. It was even the sedan of presidents. Then the name vanished amid an invasion of newer... Read More »

Seattle, WA - Amazon.com Offering To Help Get Jobs Done Around The House

Today 09:25 PM

Seattle, WA - Amazon.com is introducing a referral service to help people to get projects and chores done around their homes. The recommendation... Read More »

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Spring Valley, NY - Yeshiva’s Lawsuit Against Town Of Ramapo Dismissed Due To Lack Of Evidence

Today 09:00 PM

Spring Valley, NY - For the second time in five years, a federal judge ruled that a yeshiva did not provide sufficient proof in its case of... Read More »

Chicago - An Apple A Day May Not Keep The Doctor Away, Study Says

Today 08:34 PM

Chicago - An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away. That's according to proverb-busting research that found daily apple eaters had... Read More »

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London - ZAKA Checking Sabbath Hotplates in England Following Brooklyn Tragedy

Today 08:30 PM

London - Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox families in England went to ZAKA England’s emergency group meeting Saturday to check hotplates used during the... Read More »

New York - Briton Pleads Guilty In NYC To Trying To Set Up Terror Camp

Today 08:02 PM

New York, NY - A mentally ill British man pleaded guilty Monday to U.S. charges he plotted to set up an al-Qaida training camp on a ranch in a remote... Read More »

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South Portland, ME - Woman's Appeal For Kidney Donor On Car Window Pays Off

Today 07:20 PM

South Portland, ME - A Maine woman's decision to seek a kidney donor by putting a personal plea in bright yellow letters on her car has paid off. Christine Royles of South Portland, who suffered kidney failure because of an autoimmune disease, went on the national... Read More »

Jerusalem - PLO Member Accuses Israel Of War Crimes Over Har Homa

Today 06:55 PM

Jerusalem - PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi accused Israel of war crimes after the Jerusalem Municipality issued a construction... Read More »

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New York - Supporters of Rapfogel Revealed In Published Letters

Today 06:23 PM

New York - William Rapfogel, who pled guilty last year to an insurance fraud scheme where he pocketed $3 million from the Metropolitan Council on... Read More »

Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw Zoo Opening Holocaust Museum For Children

Today 05:50 PM

Warsaw, Poland - The Warsaw Zoo is opening a Holocaust museum for children in April to honor the zoo owner and his wife, who his Jews during the Nazi invasion. Jonny Daniels, founder of From The Depths, a Holocaust commemoration, initiated the museum project with the... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Palestinians, Israeli Arabs mark 'Land Day'

Today 05:15 PM

Jerusalem - Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel have marked "Land Day," an annual day of protest against what they say are discriminatory land... Read More »

Seyne-Les-Alpes, France - Israel’s ZAKA Rescue Teams Part Of Germanwings Search, Recovery

Today 04:49 PM

Seyne-Les-Alpes, France - A delegation of eight ZAKA International Rescue Unit volunteers flew in the early hours of Monday morning to assist in the... Read More »

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Lausanne, Switzerland - Kerry Pizza: Savvy Restaurateur Cashes In On Nuke Talks

Today 04:45 PM

Lausanne, Switzerland - Whether or not Secretary of State John Kerry succeeds at nuclear talks in Lausanne with Iran, his name will live on in this... Read More »

Jefferson City, MO - Month After State Auditor Commits Suicide Missouri Spokesman Kills Self

Today 04:20 PM

Jefferson City, MO - The spokesman for the Missouri auditor's has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in what police described Monday as an... Read More »

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New York - Stocks Gain More Than 250 Points On Encouraging Signs In Spending And Home Sales

Today 04:16 PM

New York - U.S. stock indexes are closing higher following encouraging news on consumer spending and home sales. Energy stocks and banks had some... Read More »

Washington - Signed Contracts To Buy US Homes Climb To 20-month High

Today 03:45 PM

Washington - More Americans signed contracts to buy homes in February, evidence that the spring buying season could open strong after sluggish sales... Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Community On Edge After Several Paintball Incident

Today 03:09 PM

Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg residents are on edge after yet another paintball attack which targeted members of the Chasidic community, this one... Read More »

Belmar, NJ - NJ Man Christie Told To 'Shut Up' To Run For State Assembly

Today 02:31 PM

Belmar, NJ - The New Jersey man Governor Christie told to "sit down and shut up" when he complained about the state's Superstorm Sandy response is... Read More »

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New York - SUV Slams Into Store On Long Island, Kills Woman Inside Shop

Today 02:20 PM

New York - An SUV smashed through a glass storefront on New York's Long Island on Monday, killing a woman inside the shop and injuring two others... Read More »

Lakewood, NJ - Lakewood’s New Community Shuttle Booming Success

Today 01:54 PM

Lakewood, NJ - Lakewood’s new “L” community shuttle is providing area residents affordable transportation options in a city that was previously... Read More »

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Washington - Clinton: US-Israeli Relations Need To Be 'Constructive'

Today 01:35 PM

Washington - Clinton: US-Israeli Relations Need To Be 'Constructive' Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S.-Israeli relationship needs to return to... Read More »

Manhattan, NY - Century-Old Matzo Factory To Move Out Of City Into A High-Tech Future

Today 01:00 PM

Manhattan, NY - The last Passover matzos have rolled out of a century-old bakery on Manhattan's Lower East Side — a neighborhood that's been... Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - VIN Video: Exploring Wines For Pesach

Today 12:05 PM

Brooklyn, NY - With so many of us wondering on the best wine choices for the Arba Kosos, VIN News photographer Shimon Gifter paid a visit to The Wine... Read More »

Israel - Volunteer EMT Arrested For Posting Murder Scene Photos On WhatsApp

Today 11:38 AM

Israel - A volunteer paramedic was arrested on Sunday for taking pictures at a murder scene in Netanya and posting them on the smartphone application... Read More »

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New York - Speed Camera Tickets Bring Nearly $17M In Revenue For NYC

Today 11:01 AM

New York - Speed cameras have produced a surge in tickets and generated nearly $17 million in revenue for New York City. The Daily News... Read More »

Fort Meade, MD - Police Respond To Shooting At NSA Headquarters In Maryland, One Dead

Today 10:31 AM

Fort Meade, MD - One person was killed in a firefight that erupted Monday after a car with two people tried to ram a gate at the Fort Meade, Md.... Read More »

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Washington - Obama To Make First Visit To Kenya As President

Today 10:19 AM

Washington - President Barack Obama will make his first trip as president to Kenya, the country of his father's birth. The White House says Obama... Read More »

Washington - Supreme Court Preserves New York Ban On Worship Services In Schools

Today 09:51 AM

Washington - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left intact New York City's ban on religious worship services inside school buildings after... Read More »

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Moore Haven, FL - Highway Patrol: 8 Dead, 10 Injured When Florida Van Crashes

Today 09:30 AM

Moore Haven, FL - A church van ran through a stop sign, crossed all four lanes of a rural highway and nosedived into a canal, killing eight people... Read More »

France - Prosecutors: Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Treated For Suicidal Tendencies

Today 09:26 AM

France - The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 that crashed into the French Alps last week had received treatment for suicidal tendencies several... Read More »

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New York - JetBlue Computer Outage Causes Delays For Passengers

Today 09:09 AM

New York - A computer outage that caused delays for thousands of JetBlue Airways passengers early Monday morning has been resolved, the company... Read More »

Washington - Poll: Republicans See Obama As More Imminent Threat Than Putin, Assad

Today 08:46 AM

Washington - A third of Republicans believe US President Barack Obama poses an imminent threat to the United States, outranking concerns about... Read More »

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