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Washington - FAA Lifts Ban On US Flights To Tel Aviv Today 12:33 AM Washington - The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban Wednesday on U.S. flights in and out of Israel, which the agency had imposed out of concern for the risk of planes being hit by Hamas rockets. The decision was effective at...

Washington - US Court Holds North Korea Liable For Supporting Rocket Attacks On Israel Today 12:15 AM Washington - A U.S. court ruled Wednesday that North Korea and Iran are liable for damages for providing material support for a series of rocket and missile attacks on Israel by the militant group Hezbollah in 2006. South Korea News agency Yonhap reports, that Judge Royce C. Lamberth at the...


Canberra - Report: Australia To Sent Troops To Secure Ukraine Crash Site

Yesterday 11:45 PM

Canberra -The Australia's foreign minister said on Thursday her country stood ready to provide whatever resources were needed to secure the Malaysian... Read More »

Alaska - Sarah Palin Pulled Over For Speeding

Yesterday 11:32 PM

Alaska - Sarah Palin is facing a $154 ticket for speeding in her hometown of Wasilla. The former Alaska governor was pulled over July 16 and cited for driving between 10 and 19 mph over the speed limit. The penalty includes a $144 fine and $10... Read More »

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Washington - FDA Approves New Painkiller From OxyContin Maker

Yesterday 11:07 PM

Washington - The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new combination pain pill from the maker of OxyContin that is designed to discourage... Read More »

Tehran - Iran's Supreme Leader Calls For End To 'Murderous' Israeli Regime

Yesterday 10:49 PM

Tehran - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday called for a referendum canvassing the Arabs and Jews that live in Israel in order... Read More »

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Seattle, WA - Obama Tells Fundraiser Russia Is Financing Ukraine Rebels

Yesterday 10:42 PM

Seattle, WA - U.S. President Barack Obama accused Russia on Tuesday of financing Ukraine rebels and said challenges overseas were causing anxiety... Read More »

Oakland, CA - Clinton Launches Baby-Talking Campaign

Yesterday 10:31 PM

Oakland, CA - Hillary Rodham Clinton launched a new campaign Wednesday — to encourage parents to talk, read and sing to their babies. The... Read More »

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Indianapolis - Ocean Crash Kills Teen Pilot Seeking World Record

Yesterday 10:09 PM

Indianapolis - An Indiana teenager who was attempting to set a record for an around-the-world flight was killed when his plane crashed in the Pacific... Read More »

Gaza City - Hospital Director In Gaza Says Israeli Military Wrongly Targeted His Building

Yesterday 09:54 PM

Gaza City - A hospital director in Gaza said the Israeli military wrongly targeted his hospital, stating the picture the army distributed showing... Read More »

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Washington - Glitch Crashes Global US Passport, Visa Operations At Embassies Worldwide

Yesterday 09:42 PM

Washington - The State Department's global database for issuing travel documents has crashed, resulting in major delays for potentially millions of people around the world waiting for U.S. passports and visas, officials said Wednesday. Unspecified glitches in the... Read More »

New York - Funeral Held For Man Who Died In Staten Island Police Custody

Yesterday 09:13 PM

New York - An overflow crowd packed a church on Wednesday night for the funeral of a man who died in police custody after an officer placed him in... Read More »

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Phoenix - Arizona Inmate Takes Nearly Two Hours To Die In Botched Execution

Yesterday 08:37 PM

Phoenix - An Arizona inmate took almost two hours to die by lethal injection on Wednesday and his lawyers said he "gasped and snorted" before... Read More »

Eindhoven, Netherlands - 40 Bodies From Jet Solemnly Returned To Dutch Soil

Yesterday 07:44 PM

Eindhoven, Netherlands - Victims of the Malaysian jetliner shot down over Ukraine returned at last Wednesday to Dutch soil in 40 wooden coffins... Read More »

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Vienna - Austria: Israeli Club's Match Disrupted By Protest

Yesterday 07:00 PM

Vienna - A football match in Austria between Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and French side Lille OSC has been disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters. Salzburg police said the pre-season friendly in the town of Bischofshofen was interrupted shortly before the end when... Read More »

Brooklyn, NY - Criminal Conviction, $500k Civil Judgment Against Orthodox Jewish Fundraiser Who Solicted Donations For Fraudulent Charities

Yesterday 06:37 PM

Brooklyn, NY - Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the felony tax fraud conviction of Yaakov Weingarten and a more than $520,000... Read More »

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Washington - Senators Push To End Hamas Threat In Cease-fire

Yesterday 06:30 PM

Washington - Senate Republicans and Democrats insisted on Wednesday that any viable cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants must eliminate the... Read More »

Washington - State Department Calls Cruz Suggestion That Flight Ban Is U.S. Boycott Of Israel "Ridiculous And Offensive"

Yesterday 06:02 PM

Washington - Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday questioned whether President Barack Obama used a federal agency to impose an economic boycott on... Read More »

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Jerusalem - IN PHOTOS: Thousands Attend Kotel Prayer Rally

Yesterday 05:36 PM

Jerusalem - Thousands have participated today n a major prayer rally at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem in order to pray for peace. The... Read More »

Last updated: Yesterday 08:32 PM United Nations - UN Chief Says 'Alarmed' And 'Outraged' As Rockets Found In Gaza UN School Go Missing

Yesterday 05:15 PM

United Nations - The U.N. secretary-general on Wednesday said he was "alarmed" to hear that rockets were placed in a U.N.-run school in Gaza and now... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Former NYC Mayor Says US Would Forcefully Defend Itself If Attacked, Israel Has Same Right

Yesterday 04:30 PM

Jerusalem - After landing in Israel as previously reported by Vin News, former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg met with various government... Read More »

Gaza - Hamas Tactics Inflicts Record Casualties On Israeli Troops

Yesterday 03:58 PM

Gaza - Using tunnels, mines, booby traps and snipers, Hamas fighters have inflicted record casualties on Israeli troops waging an offensive in the... Read More »

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Geneva - U.N. Launches Inquiry Into Israeli Violations In Gaza

Yesterday 03:30 PM

Geneva - The United Nations on Wednesday launched an international inquiry into human rights violations and crimes that may have been committed by... Read More »

Last updated: Yesterday 03:52 PM Jerusalem - First Lieutenant Natan Cohen Was To Be Married In Three Months, Laid To Rest (photos)

Yesterday 03:22 PM

Jerusalem - Hundreds of mourners paid their last respects to First Lieutenant Natan Cohen, who was laid to rest in Modi'in cemetery on Wednesday... Read More »

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Tel Aviv - PM Netanyahu Greets Bloomberg As He Lands In Israel In Show Of Support

Yesterday 03:06 PM

Tel Aviv - Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has landed in Israel, despite a U.S. ban on flying there amid rocket fire during the war in... Read More »

Washington - Cruz: FAA Ban Equivalent To U.S. Economic Boycott Of Israel

Yesterday 02:55 PM

Washington  – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today questioned the Obama Administration’s ban of flights to Tel Aviv while simultaneously... Read More »

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Doha, Qatar - Hamas Calls For End To Blockade Of Gaza Border

Yesterday 02:48 PM

Dohas, Qatar - Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is calling for the opening of Gaza's borders and the end of a more than seven-year-long blockade imposed... Read More »

Washington - U.S. State Department: Hamas Has Rockets That Can Reach Israel Airport

Yesterday 02:32 PM

Washington - Hamas does possess rockets that can reach Israel's Ben Gurion airport although the accuracy of the rockets... Read More »

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Paris - Thousands Attend Tense Pro-Gaza March In Paris

Yesterday 02:20 PM

Paris - Days after two banned pro-Gaza protests degenerated into violence, several thousands of demonstrators marched Wednesday through Paris under... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Detains Soldiers After WhatsApp Leaks About Gaza Casualties

Yesterday 02:07 PM

Jerusalem - The Israeli military said on Wednesday it had detained several soldiers and a civilian on suspicion of leaking Gaza casualty figures... Read More »

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Ukraine - Ukraine Rebel Commander Acknowledges Fighters Had BUK Missile

Yesterday 01:45 PM

Ukraine - A powerful Ukrainian rebel leader has confirmed that pro-Russian separatists had anti-aircraft missiles of the type Washington says were... Read More »

Jerusalem - Report: More Than 50 Israeli Reservists Refuse To Serve

Yesterday 01:23 PM

Jerusalem - More than 50 former Israeli soldiers have refused to serve in the nation's reserve force, citing regret over their part in a military... Read More »

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Philadelphia, PA - Lawyer: Nazi War Suspect Dies As Extradition OK'd

Yesterday 12:51 PM

Philadelphia, PA - The lawyer for a suspected Nazi war crimes suspect says the 89-year-old Philadelphia man has died while awaiting extradition to Germany. Attorney Dennis Boyle told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Johann (YO'-hahn) Breyer died Tuesday night... Read More »

Washington - FAA Extends Ban On U.S. Carriers From Flying To Israel

Yesterday 12:49 PM

Washington - The Federal Aviation Administration has extended the ban on U.S. carriers from flying to Israel's main airport for another 24... Read More »

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