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Honolulu - Obama Voices Outrage Over NYC Police Shootings To Philadelphia Police Commissioner Today 10:24 PM Honolulu - U.S. President Barack Obama called Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey on Sunday to express his outrage over the recent killings of two New York City Police officers, White House spokesman Eric Schultz said. Obama recently named Ramsey co-chair of a task force to examine...

New York - NYC Subways Slowly Upgrading From 1930s-Era Technology Today 10:00 PM New York - New York City's subways — the nation's biggest mass transit network — serve more than 6 million daily riders who depend largely on a signal system that dates back to the Great Depression. Antiquated electro-mechanics with thousands of moving parts are still critical to operations...


New York - Survey: US Gas Prices Fall 25 Cents Per Gallon

Today 09:09 PM

New York - The average price of regular gasoline nationwide has dropped another 25 cents a gallon in the past two weeks, to $2.47. Industry... Read More »

Los Angeles, CA - California Puzzles Over Safety Of Driverless Cars

Today 08:34 PM

Los Angels, CA - California's Department of Motor Vehicles will miss a year-end deadline to adopt new rules for cars of the future because regulators... Read More »

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Damascus - Syria Says Israeli Drone Downed In Quneitra

Today 08:00 PM

Damascus - Syria said on Sunday that an Israeli drone had been brought down in the province of Quneitra near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. State media said the drone was flying above the village of Hadar when it was downed. It was not immediately clear... Read More »

Israel - Price Tag Perpetrators Sentenced To Unprecedented 30 Months In Prison

Today 07:01 PM

Israel - The Lod District Court endorsed a plea bargain sentencing two men to an unprecedentedly harsh 30 months in prison for a price tag attack... Read More »

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Paris - France: Driver Slams Into Passersby In Rampage Yelling "Allahu Akbar"

Today 06:48 PM

Paris - French authorities say a driver deliberately slammed into passersby in several spots around the southeastern city of Lyon, injuring several people and raising national concern. The government said the driver's motives were unclear. But the strange incident... Read More »

Israel - Lapid Warns Netanyahu Would Cancel Charedi-IDF Legislation

Today 06:29 PM

Israel - Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid warned voters Sunday that if re-elected, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would cancel legislation Yesh Atid... Read More »

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St. Paul, MN - Judge: Consumers Can Sue Target Corp Over Data Breach

Today 06:05 PM

St. Paul, MN - A U.S. judge has cleared the way for consumers to sue Target Corp over the retailer's late 2013 data breach that they say compromised... Read More »

New York - Killings Of 2 NYPD Officers Trigger Backlash, Pataki Blames NYC Mayor

Today 05:30 PM

New York - Civil rights leaders Sunday condemned the ambush killings of two New York police officers and expressed fear that the backlash over the... Read More »

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New York - A Look At The 2 NYC Officers Killed In Ambush

Today 05:00 PM

New York - Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were in their marked New York Police Department cruiser on a Brooklyn street when a gunman opened... Read More »

New York - NYPD: Cop Ambush Killer Told Passers-by To Watch

Today 04:43 PM

New York - The New York Police Department says a gunman who ambushed two officers in their car told two passers-by to "watch what I'm going to... Read More »

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Trenton, NJ - Christie To Obama: Demand Cuba Return FBI Most Wanted

Today 04:22 PM

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie disagrees with President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba and wants the president to... Read More »

Honolulu, HI - Obama Calls NYC Police Commissioner After Shootings

Today 03:35 PM

Honolulu, HI - U.S. President Barack Obama called New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton on Sunday to express his condolences for the... Read More »

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London - Report: Proposed British Visa Changes To Send Foreign Graduates Home

Today 03:30 PM

London - Graduating foreign students from outside the European Union would have to leave Britain to apply for a fresh visa under proposed legislation... Read More »

Saudi Arabia - Oil Chief Says There's No Conspiracy Behind Drop In Oil Prices

Today 02:48 PM

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's oil chief on Sunday dismissed allegations that his kingdom conspired to bring down oil prices in order to harm other... Read More »

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New York - Condolences For Fallen Officers Flood Street Of Brooklyn

Today 02:09 PM

Brooklyn, NY - A New York Police Department baseball cap surrounded by flowers, teddy bears and candles is marking the Brooklyn spot where two police... Read More »

Jerusalem - Economic Issues Whip Up Israelis In Chocolate Pudding Election

Today 01:59 PM

Jerusalem - Israel's high cost of living is set to dominate a March 17 election that could shake up Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition... Read More »

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Towson, Md - Authorities ID Woman Shot By Man Who Killed Of 2 NYPD Cops

Today 01:35 PM

Towson, Md - Authorities in Maryland are identifying a woman who was shot by the same man who killed two NYPD officers before shooting himself to... Read More »

Brooklyn, NY - NY POST Exclusive: Video Shows Chaotic Scene Where Police Officers Were Shot Dead

Today 01:17 PM

New York, NY - A six minute cell-phone video obtained and posted exclusively by The NY Post, shows the chaotic moments where Rafael Ramos and Wenjian... Read More »

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Israel - Deri Accuses Yishai Of Leaving Path Of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Today 12:34 PM

Israel - Shas chairman Arye Deri hit out harshly at MK Eli Yishai on Saturday night for breaking away from the party, declaring that he was not... Read More »

New York - Sharpton: Blaming de Blasio For Police Shootings "Reckless"

Today 12:01 PM

New York - The Rev. Al Sharpton is denouncing any violence against police in the name of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. He also says angry... Read More »

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Tampa, FL - Florida Police Officer Killed; Suspect In Custody

Today 11:45 AM

Tampa, FL - A Florida police officer was killed in a shooting early on Sunday, and a suspect was in custody, according to a sheriff's office and local media reports. The shooting occurred in Tarpon Springs, about 30 miles northwest of Tampa, the Pinellas County... Read More »

Geneva - U.N. Urges Pakistan To Refrain From Resuming Executions

Today 11:24 AM

Geneva - The U.N. human rights office appealed to Pakistan on Friday to refrain from resuming executions after the massacre of 141 people in a... Read More »

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New York, NY - Giuliani: De Blasio's Leanicy On Police Bashing Lead To NYPD Shootings

Today 11:08 AM

New York, NY - Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed current Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Obama administration on Sunday, blaming them for... Read More »

Rockland County, NY - Monsey House Likely a Total Loss After Chanukah Menorah Fire

Today 10:52 AM

Rockland County, NY - A Monsey home has been declared uninhabitable by authorities after a blaze that broke out late Friday afternoon and was... Read More »

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Hawaii - Obama: Netanyahu Acknowledges That U.S. Diplomacy With Iran Has Frozen The Crisis

Today 10:39 AM

Hawaii - The government of Israel believes that talks with Iran over its nuclear program has frozen the crisis, US President Barack Obama said over... Read More »

Gaza - Hamas Arrests Jihadis Who Fired Rocket

Today 10:18 AM

Gaza - Hamas arrested members of a global jihadi organization in the Gaza Strip for firing a rocket at southern Israel on Friday, Defense Minister... Read More »

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Cairo - Egyptian 'Spy' Gets 10 Years Prison For Passing Intel On Iranian Warships' To Israel

Today 10:00 AM

Cairo - An Egyptian court has sentenced a man to ten years in prison for a conviction on charges that he spied for Israel, AFP reported on... Read More »

Washington - 2014 Frustrates US Hopes For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Today 09:48 AM

Washington - Secretary of State John Kerry is ending 2014 much in the same way he started it, frustrated in efforts to push Israel and Palestinians... Read More »

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Prague - Czech Jewish Community Opposes Putin Invitation To Holocaust Event

Today 09:29 AM

Prague - The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic has firmly opposed Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting Prague to attend... Read More »

Gaza - Egypt Opens Border With Gaza After 2-month Closure

Today 09:07 AM

Gaza - Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing on Sunday for incoming passengers from the Gaza Strip for the first time in almost two months... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Palestinians Throw Stones, Injure Israeli Boy

Today 08:51 AM

Jerusalem - Palestinians hurling stones on Sunday at Jewish settlers' cars in the West Bank lightly injured a 4-year-old Israeli boy, the Israeli... Read More »

Israel - Police Arrest 4 More Jewish Activists From Extremist Lehava Group

Today 08:30 AM

Israel - Israeli police have arrested four Jewish activists from the extremist Lehava group opposed to Arab-Jewish coexistence. The arrests are... Read More »

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