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New York - NYPD Has Used Cell Tracking Technology 1,000 Times Since '08 Today 04:01 PM New York - The New York Police Department has used secretive cellphone tracking technology more than 1,000 times since 2008, according to data released Thursday by the New York Civil Liberties Union. A cell-site simulator, also known as a Stingray, is a suitcase-sized device that can sweep up...

Washington - Congress Approves Permanent Internet Tax Ban Today 03:29 PM Washington - The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed legislation placing a permanent ban on states' taxing Internet access, sending the measure to President Barack Obama for signing into law. By a vote of 75-20, the Senate gave final approval to a bill toughening enforcement of U.S. duties on foreign...


New York - NYC Council Speaker Seeks Criminal Justice Reforms, Closing Of Rikers Island

Today 02:59 PM

New York - The speaker of the New York City Council vowed Thursday to push for criminal justice reforms, including the elimination of hundreds of thousands of outstanding warrants, to unclog the court system and shrink the inmate population to the point that officials... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Appoints New Head Of Shin Bet Security Agency

Today 02:37 PM

Jerusalem - Israel has appointed a new head of its shadowy Shin Bet internal security agency. In a statement from his office Thursday, Prime... Read More »

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New York - What's Behind The Global Stock Market Selloff?

Today 02:25 PM

New York - Global stock markets are on their shakiest footing in years. Investors are fleeing stocks and running to safe-havens like bonds and... Read More »

Gaza City - Official: Hamas Prevents Senior UN Staffer From Leaving Gaza

Today 01:55 PM

Gaza City - A United Nations official says the Islamic militant Hamas has prevented a senior employee of the international organization from leaving... Read More »

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Detmold, Germany - Holocaust Survivor Gives Powerful Testimony Against Former Auschwitz Guard

Today 01:32 PM

Detmold, Germany - A 94-year-old former SS sergeant went on trial Thursday in western Germany on 170,000 counts of accessory to murder, based on... Read More »

Oregon - 3 Of 4 Holdouts At Ore. Federal Wildlife Refuge Surrender

Today 01:07 PM

Oregon - Three of four occupiers at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon in a protest against federal land control in the West surrendered on... Read More »

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Cleveland - City Of Cleveland Claims Black Teen Fatally Shot By Police Owes $500 For Ambulance

Today 01:00 PM

Cleveland - The city of Cleveland prepared to file a claim for $500 in past-due emergency medical services expenses against the estate of 12-year-old... Read More »


Albany, NY - NY Highest Court Weighs Outdoor Smoking Ban At Parks

Today 12:27 PM

Albany, NY - New York’s highest court is considering whether to overturn smoking restrictions in state parks, including an outright ban at several... Read More »

Jerusalem - Chief Rabbi Amar Questions Lucidity Of Senior Haredi Rabbinic Leadership

Today 12:09 PM

Jerusalem - The frequently controversial chief rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar raised the ire of the haredi political leadership on Wednesday... Read More »

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United Nations - U.N. Rights Expert Accuses Israel Of Excessive Force Against Palestinians

Today 11:32 AM

United Nations - The U.N. human rights investigator for Gaza and the West Bank called on Israel on Thursday to investigate what he called excessive... Read More »

New York - 5 Indicted In 2015 New York City Gas Explosion That Killed 2

Today 11:32 AM

New York - A building owner and four others have been indicted on charges that include manslaughter in connection with a gas explosion last year that... Read More »

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Washington - Einstein's Gravitational Waves Detected In Scientific Milestone

Today 10:58 AM

Washington - Scientists said on Thursday they have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by... Read More »

Monterrey, Mexico - 52 Dead In Riot At Northern Mexico Prison

Today 10:36 AM

Monterrey, Mexico - Fifty-two inmates were killed and 12 injured in a brutal fight between two rival factions at a prison in northern Mexico on... Read More »

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Washington - Obama Plan To Ease New U.S. Visa Limits Faces Skeptics In Congress

Today 10:14 AM

Washington - President Barack Obama's plan to loosen some requirements of a visa law spurred by the deadly attacks in Paris met with open resistance... Read More »

Albany, NY - State Speaker: Proposal To Hike Taxes On Millionaires Is Fair

Today 09:52 AM

Albany, NY - ‎New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie defended a proposal to raise taxes on millionaires, calling it a fair way to raise needed... Read More »

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Damascus - Death Toll In Syrian Civil War Is 470,000: The Guardian

Today 09:25 AM

Damascus - In five years of civil war, 400,000 Syrians have been killed and another 70,000 have perished due to a lack of basics such as clean water... Read More »

New York - Donors Urge Clinton To Sharpen Message Ahead Of Debate With Sanders

Today 09:02 AM

New York - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will try to mend her badly wounded campaign in a debate on Thursday with rival Bernie... Read More »

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Israel - Reform Jews to 'Boycott' Israeli Minister Over Insulting Comments

Today 08:43 AM

Israel - Reform Jewish leaders have fired back at Tourism Minister Yariv Levin following his refusal to retract on criticism he made of the movement... Read More »

Berlin - Opinion: There Are Good Reasons Why Europe’s Jews Are So Worried

Today 08:11 AM

Berlin - The Weimar Republic, Germany’s flawed experiment in democracy in the 1920s, has become today’s paradigm for the failure of state and... Read More »

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Tehran - Iranians Rally To Celebrate Anniversary Of 1979 Revolution

Today 07:50 AM

Tehran - Iranians stated nationwide celebrations Thursday to commemorate the anniversary of the 1979 revolution that ousted a pro-Western monarchy... Read More »

Ankara - Spokesman: Turkey-Israel Talks To Restore Ties Going Well, No Deal Yet

Today 07:31 AM

Ankara - Talks between Turkey and Israel to mend fences are going well but a deal has not yet been reached in efforts to improve relations and... Read More »

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Berlin - Auschwitz Guard, 93, Stands Trial In Germany

Yesterday 11:00 PM

Berlin - A 93-year-old former guard at Auschwitz goes on trial in Germany on Thursday accused of being an accessory to the murder of at least 170,000... Read More »

New York - Donald Trump Skewered In Funny Or Die Film

Yesterday 10:34 PM

New York - Donald Trump's first place finish among the GOP candidates in the New Hampshire primaries was greeted by a mock online documentary of the... Read More »

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Idaho - Rare Weather Event Produces Spontaneous Snowballs In Idaho

Yesterday 10:03 PM

Idaho - Thousands of snowballs rolled in a flat central Idaho field look like the work of hundreds of ambitious kids — except there are no human... Read More »

Columbia, SC - Jeb Bush Says He Won't Blame Obama For Problems

Yesterday 09:49 PM

Columbia, SC - Jeb Bush says if he is elected president he won't blame Barack Obama for any of his problems. The former Republican governor of... Read More »

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Washington - U.S. Justice Department Sues Ferguson, Missouri Over Police Reform

Yesterday 09:24 PM

Washington - The U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesdays that it had filed a civil rights lawsuit against Ferguson, Missouri, to enforce a police... Read More »

New York - Sanders May Play Down Judaism, But He Played Big Role In Channukah Case

Yesterday 09:00 PM

New York - Jewish Presidential hopeful and Democratic New Hampshire primaries winner Bernie Sanders doesn’t talk much about his Jewish background... Read More »

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San Francisco - Tesla Says Expects To Become Profitable In 2016

Yesterday 08:29 PM

San Francisco - Tesla Motors Inc forecast deliveries of Model S sedans and Model X SUVs that topped analysts' estimates and said it expects to turn... Read More »

San Diego - Jerusalem Native, Assassin Of Robert Kennedy, Denied Parole

Yesterday 08:01 PM

San Diego - For the 15th time, officials denied parole for Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, after hearing Wednesday from... Read More »

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Washington - But Is She Honest? Caring? Clinton Grapples With Questions

Yesterday 07:31 PM

Washington - Hillary Clinton's campaign has spent months fighting the perception that she has a shaky relationship with the truth and is disconnected... Read More »

London - 8,000 Black Cabs Bring London To A Standstill To Protest Against Uber

Yesterday 06:59 PM

London - The drivers of London's famous black cabs brought the centre of the capital to a standstill on Wednesday in protest against Uber and... Read More »

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