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New York - NY Judge: Release Testimony By Rosenberg Brother In Spy Case Yesterday 06:05 PM New York - A judge has ordered the unsealing of key grand jury testimony from 1950 that may give new fuel to suspicions that Ethel Rosenberg was unjustly convicted of espionage and put to death for conspiring to give nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. In his ruling this week, U.S. District...

Southern Shuneh, Jordan - Analysis: At Mideast Forum, Hopes For Future Amid Chaos Yesterday 05:30 PM Southern Shuneh, Jordan - Against a backdrop of Iraq and Syria in flames, Middle Eastern political and business leaders sought to focus on a future of growth and investment for a region that for long has lagged behind. But present-day reality proved rather difficult to ignore, with the Islamic...


Goshen, NY - Orange County Hires Researcher To Study Impact Of Proposed 507-acre Annexation By Kiryas Joel

Yesterday 05:00 PM

Goshen, NY - Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus announced on Friday the initiation of an independent analysis to study the impact of the... Read More »

Brooklyn, NY - Former Jewish Political Candidate Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Yesterday 04:47 PM

New York – A failed political candidate and Brooklyn Tea Party founder Joseph Hayon was arrested Thursday on charges of possessing and sharing child pornography. The ultra-conservative Hayon, 37, admitted to authorities that he traded pictures of children between... Read More »

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Washington - Authorities: More Than 1 Person Responsible For Slayings Of DC Family

Yesterday 04:23 PM

Washington - Authorities believe more than one person is responsible for slayings of four people inside the mansion of a wealthy Washington... Read More »

Washington - Clinton Got Now-classified Benghazi Info On Private Email

Yesterday 04:02 PM

Washington - Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received information on her private email server that has now been classified about the... Read More »

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Washington - White House: Offensive Twitter Posts Part Of 'Open Society'

Yesterday 03:45 PM

Washington - The White House says "offensive and disgusting" replies posted on President Barack Obama's new Twitter account are part of an open... Read More »

The Hague, Netherlands - Dutch Art Sleuth Helps German Police Track Down Nazi Art

Yesterday 03:07 PM

The Hague, Netherlands - A Dutch art sleuth best known for identifying works looted from Jewish owners by the Nazis said he helped German police... Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - Rise In Number Of Pertussis Cases In Orthodox Jewish Community Prompts City To Issue Alert

Yesterday 02:58 PM

Brooklyn, NY - Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is on the rise in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, according to a press release... Read More »

Southern Shuneh, Jordan - AP Interview: $100 Billion Saudi City To Be Ready By 2035

Yesterday 02:38 PM

Southern Shuneh, Jordan - A $100 billion city-from-scratch in Saudi Arabia is to be completed by 2035 and will serve as the main logistics and... Read More »

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Hampton, NH - Clinton: All Information In Emails 'Handled Appropriately'

Yesterday 02:18 PM

Hampton, NH - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says all of the information contained in her emails from her time as... Read More »

Williamsburg, NY - Brooklyn Woman Accused Of Stealing $100K From Brinks

Yesterday 01:22 PM

Brooklyn, NY – A Brooklyn woman who was accused of taking $100,000 from a Brinks facility after leaving her shift two hours early in April was arrested Thursday. Stephanie Jorge, 26, left her job in the counting room early April 7 and never returned to work... Read More »

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Washington - Obama Meets Jewish Classroom Of Pre-schoolers After Speech In Synagogue

Yesterday 01:00 PM

Washington - U.S. President Barack Obama pushed back against criticism of his policies toward Israel on Friday, asserting his objections in a rare... Read More »

Seoul - South Korean Court Frees Korean Air 'Nut Rage' Executive

Yesterday 12:03 PM

Seoul - A South Korean court on Friday suspended the prison term of a former Korean Air executive whose onboard "nut rage" tantrum delayed a flight... Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 12:48 PM Washington - Obama Tells People Of Israel: 'America Has Its Back'

Yesterday 11:40 AM

Washington - President Barack Obama said Friday he "forcefully" objects to suggestions that policy differences between his administration and the... Read More »

Paris - Eiffel Tower Closed Amid Workers' Anger About Pickpockets

Yesterday 11:18 AM

Paris - The Eiffel Tower closed to the public Friday as workers protested a rise in aggressive pickpockets around the Paris landmark that attracts... Read More »

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New City, NY - Rockland County Executive Ed Day Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Yesterday 10:31 AM

New City, NY - Rockland County executive Ed Day is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. His office says the cancer was detected in the early... Read More »

Frankfurt - Lufthansa CEO Advocates Random Psych Tests For Pilots

Yesterday 10:11 AM

Frankfurt - Random checks of pilots' psychological fitness could help reduce risks in the aviation sector, Lufthansa (LHAG.DE) Chief Executive... Read More »

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Chicago, IL - U.S. Bird Flu Causing Egg Squeeze, Emergency Measures

Yesterday 09:53 AM

Chicago, IL - As a virulent avian influenza outbreak continues to spread across the Midwestern United States, some egg-dependent companies are... Read More »

Gaza - World Bank: Gaza Economy 'On Verge Of Collapse', With World's Highest Unemployment

Yesterday 09:43 AM

Gaza - Gaza's economy is on the "verge of collapse," a new World Bank report warned Friday, saying the unemployment rate there is now the highest in... Read More »

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College Park, MD - UPDATE: Ex-con Who Worked For Rich Family Arrested In Their Deaths, Four Others In Custody

Yesterday 09:21 AM

College Park, MD - About a week after the bodies of a wealthy D.C. family and their housekeeper were discovered after a fire in their mansion, an... Read More »

Cairo - Experiment: Egyptian Journalist Dressed Up As Hassidic Jew Harassed

Yesterday 09:11 AM

Cairo - Egyptian journalist conducted an experiment in which he dressed up as a Jew and asked passersby on the streets of Cairo for directions to a... Read More »

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Los Angeles, CA - FBI Arrests Two Suspected Islamic State Recruits In California

Yesterday 08:58 AM

Los Angeles, CA - The FBI has arrested two men in southern California, one at Los Angeles International Airport, suspected of attempting to travel... Read More »

Jordan - Former Israeli President Peres In Conference With Arab World Leaders: Clear Majority Of Israelis Back Two States

Yesterday 08:48 AM

Jordan - Shimon Peres, Israel’s nonagenarian former president and forever elder statesman, told a gathering of Middle Eastern leaders in Jordan on... Read More »

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Jerusalem - U.S. Official In Israel To Discuss Compromise For Mideast Nuclear Arms Ban

Yesterday 08:27 AM

Jerusalem - A senior U.S. official is in Israel to discuss the possibility of a compromise that would keep alive the idea of someday banning nuclear... Read More »

West Bank - Palestinians Football Head Complain To FIFA Over Detained Player By Israel

Yesterday 08:09 AM

West Bank - The head of the Palestine Football Association has complained to FIFA that one of its players was detained by Israel, an incident he says... Read More »

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Jordan - Abbas: Israeli Settlement Expansion Blocks Any Peace Deal

Yesterday 07:51 AM

Jordan - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Israel stands in the way of any peace deal because it is perpetuating its military occupation and... Read More »

Los Angeles - Tuna Used In Sushi Eyed As Source Of Salmonella Outbreak In 9 States

Yesterday 07:30 AM

Los Angeles - A salmonella outbreak likely linked to raw tuna has sickened 53 people in nine states, health officials said Thursday. Most of the... Read More »

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New York - Ready For Liquor Bottles Smart Enough To Talk Smart Phones?

Yesterday 12:34 AM

New York - The message-in-a-bottle routine is going Wi-Fi. And that means pretty soon you'll have your very own mini Times Square at the bar, right... Read More »

Oklahoma City - Walker Promises Pre-emptive Strikes To Prevent Attacks On US

Yesterday 12:15 AM

Oklahoma City - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is doubling down on his promises of pre-emptive strikes to prevent what he says are certain future... Read More »

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Washington - Police: D.C. Quadruple-Murder Suspect Now In Custody

Yesterday 12:01 AM

Washington - Authorities have arrested a suspect in the slayings of a corporate executive, his wife, their 10-year-old son and a housekeeper at a... Read More »

Albany, NY - State Offering Free Inspections Weekly Of Child Safety Seats

May 21, 2015 11:49 PM

Albany, NY - New York traffic authorities say free inspections of child safety seats are available this year at locations across the state. The... Read More »

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Gaza - Stuck In Gaza, Hackers Open Lines To The World

May 21, 2015 11:24 PM

Gaza - With jobs scarce and time on their hands, some tech-savvy Gazans have found a new way to make money - hacking Internet-based phone lines and... Read More »

Jerusalem - Section Of Expansive 2,000-year-old Lower Aqueduct Exposed In East Jerusalem

May 21, 2015 09:34 PM

Jerusalem - A section of ancient Jerusalem’s lower aqueduct, which conveyed water throughout the city more than 2,000 years ago, was recently... Read More »

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