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Washington - Obama Welcomes Middle East Talks, Says Hard Choices Remain

Published on: July 29, 2013 01:24 PM
By: Reuters
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FILE - US President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., USA, 27 July 2013.  EPA/RON SACHS / POOLFILE - US President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., USA, 27 July 2013.  EPA/RON SACHS / POOL

Washington -  President Barack Obama welcomed Israeli-Palestinian talks starting in Washington later on Monday but cautioned that a tough path lies ahead.


“This is a promising step forward, though hard work and hard choices remain ahead,” Obama said in a statement.

“I am hopeful that both the Israelis and Palestinians will approach these talks in good faith and with sustained focus and determination,” he said.

“The United States stands ready to support them throughout these negotiations, with the goal of achieving two states, living side by side in peace and security.”

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 Jul 29, 2013 at 01:45 PM kahans Says:

the purpose of all this is just that Obama must be able to take a picture standing aside with Pa and Israel because this became like the american tradition that every president was able do while in office, and he sees himself almost over without this picture ever taken he figured to try to get it, and the rest he does not care.......


 Jul 29, 2013 at 03:29 PM Tziony Says:

I really feel bad for Obama as he truly does face a hard choice. He has to decide whether he should throw Israel under the bus now or later. Actually, I think he already made the decision to do it sooner rather than later as evidenced by the administration's pick of Martin Indyk to lead the talks. I heard they really wanted Helen Thomas for the job but she died so they settled for Indyk.

Also, although it seems he did try, I'm disappointed that Bibi was not able to get the US to release Pollard as part of the deal to restart the talks. Israel of course, for the umpteenth time, has to provide yet another gesture of good faith by releasing over 100 Arab terrorists, many with blood on their hands. The Palestinians of course are not asked to do squat (probably because they wouldn't do anything in good faith). But knowing how the appearance of doing something is important to this administration I really feel that if Bibi pushed hard enough he might have gotten the US to release Pollard. It's truly amazing to me that he has suffered in prison longer than any other US spy ever has and they still won't let him go.


 Jul 29, 2013 at 07:10 PM Teddybear Says:

Mr Obama this is going nowhere , the Palestinians don't want peace they aint ready to give anything just to take , Wasting your time ,


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