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New York - UnitedHealth CEO Says Entering ObamaCare Marketplace A 'Bad Decision' Today 08:01 PM New York - UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley offered a mea culpa Tuesday for his company's decision to dive deeper into the Affordable Care Act's public insurance exchanges, a move that ultimately forced the nation's largest health insurer to cut its earnings forecast. Hemsley told investors that...

Juneau, Alaska - Police Investigate Death Of Alaska's Capital City Mayor Today 07:32 PM Juneau, Alaska - The newly elected mayor of Alaska's capital city was found dead at his Juneau home, and police are investigating a range of possible causes. The Juneau Police Department released few details on the death of Stephen "Greg" Fisk, 70, but called rumors of an assault "speculation."...


New York - Cyber Monday Sales Top $3 Billion As Discounts Spur Buyers

Today 07:02 PM

New York - Americans bought more than $3 billion worth of goods on Cyber Monday, a leading survey showed, as bigger-than-expected discounts and... Read More »

Beijing - Artist Sucks Up Beijing Air To Draw Attention To Air Quality

Today 06:30 PM

Beijing - For four hours every day, for 100 days, Chinese artist Wang Renzheng held up the attachment of an industrial vacuum cleaner to suck in... Read More »

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New York - Legal Experts: Silver Jury Convicted Ex-NY Speaker Despite No 'Smoking Gun'

Today 06:03 PM

New York - There was no star witness, no damning testimony, no briefcase stuffed with cash that sealed the fate of former New York Assembly Speaker... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel To Begin Enlisting HIV-Positive Soldiers

Today 05:25 PM

Jerusalem - The Israeli military said Tuesday it will begin enlisting soldiers who are HIV-positive, in a policy shift putting the country at the... Read More »

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San Francisco - Facebook's Zuckerberg To Give 99 Percent Of Shares To Charity

Today 04:54 PM

San Francisco - Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg and his wife said on Tuesday they will give away 99 percent of their Facebook... Read More »

Berlin - German Court Opens Way For Trial Of Auschwitz Paramedic

Today 04:37 PM

Berlin - A German court on Tuesday permitted the trial of a 95-year-old German man accused of being an accessory to the murder of at least 3,681... Read More »

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Washington - US Sending New Special Ops Force To Fight Islamic State

Today 04:02 PM

Washington - The U.S. military will deploy a new special operations force to Iraq to step up the fight against Islamic State militants unleashing... Read More »

Paris - Trial For Ranking French IS Fighter In Recruiting Network

Today 03:39 PM

Paris - Accused of running a network to recruit French extremists to fight in Syria, designated a terrorist by the United States and a fugitive by... Read More »

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Jerusalem - On His First Trip To Israel American Actor Sean Penn Lauds Israeli Aid Agency As Haiti 'Mentor'

Today 03:27 PM

Jerusalem - Often the denizens of Hollywood are mocked for the various humanitarian pet projects they take on, with many accusing celebrities of... Read More »

Berlin - German Prosecutors Investigate Man With Tattoo Of Auschwitz Death Camp

Today 03:02 PM

Berlin - German prosecutors say they are investigating whether a man violated the country's prohibition of the public display of Nazi symbols by... Read More »

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Prostejov, Czech Republic - Search For Jewish Tombs Lost In WWII Brings Back Heritage

Today 02:30 PM

Prostejov, Czech Republic - There was no mistaking what the stone slab was, only the spot where it lay was somehow not fitting. Instead of marking a... Read More »

Lebanon - Report: Israeli Listening Device Explodes, Injures 2 In Lebanon

Today 01:58 PM

Lebanon - An Israeli listening device exploded in the south of Lebanon injuring two people at a construction site, Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV reported... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israeli Broadcaster Says Palestinians Bust West Bank Bomber Cell

Today 01:42 PM

Jerusalem - Israel's national broadcaster on Tuesday said Palestinian authorities had prevented a bomb attack on Israeli troops in the West Bank, a... Read More »

New York, NY - NYPD: 3 Men Wanted In Card Skimming Incidents At Gas Pumps

Today 01:20 PM

New York, NY - The NYPD is looking for three suspects in connection with 39 grand larcenies involving card readers at gas stations in... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Netanyahu Says Israel Acts In Syria 'From Time To Time'

Today 01:01 PM

Jerusalem - Israel operates inside Syria "from time to time" to prevent sophisticated weapons from reaching its enemies in Lebanon, Israel's prime... Read More »

Chicago, IL - Chicago Mayor Fires Police Chief In Wake Of Video Release

Today 12:29 PM

Chicago, IL - Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired the city's police superintendent Tuesday, a week after the release of a dash-cam video that showed a white... Read More »

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Cambridge, England - Cambridge Professor Boycotts 13-year-old Israeli Girl Over Palestinian Issue

Today 12:00 PM

Cambridge, England - A 13-year-old Israeli student from a kibbutz in northern Israel was turned down by a Jewish professor at the United Kingdom's... Read More »

Beirut - Prisoner Swap Frees Lebanese Soldiers And IS Leader's Ex-Wife

Today 11:39 AM

Beirut -Al Qaeda's Syrian wing freed 16 Lebanese soldiers and policemen on Tuesday in exchange for the release of jailed Islamists including the... Read More »

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Last updated: Today 12:19 PM Turkey - Bomb In Istanbul Near Subway Station Wounds 5, Official Says

Today 11:26 AM

Turkey - An explosion on a highway overpass near a subway station in Istanbul on Tuesday wounded five people and was caused by a bomb, a local mayor... Read More »

New York, NY - Upper West Side Assault On Jew Being Investigated As Bias Attack

Today 11:13 AM

New York, NY - The manager of an Upper West Side Judaica store was struck in the face yesterday in an attack that is being treated by the NYPD as a... Read More »

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New York - Giuliani Confirms "Pockets" Of New York Muslims Celebrated 9/11, But Says Trump Is "Exaggerating"

Today 10:58 AM

New York, NY - Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani acknowledged on Tuesday that there were "pockets" of New York Muslims celebrating the... Read More »

Albany, NY - Conviction Of Ex-speaker Sends NY Politics Into Turmoil

Today 10:29 AM

Albany, NY - The conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has shaken New York politics down to the granite foundations of the state... Read More »

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Paris, France - Marcus Klingberg, The Israeli Who Spied For The Soviet Union, Dies At 97

Today 10:09 AM

Paris, France- Marcus Klingberg, an Israeli scientist jailed for passing information on biological warfare to the Soviet Union, has died. He was... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israeli Government, Military Disagree Over Unrest Handling

Today 10:00 AM

Jerusalem - Two months into a wave of stabbings, shootings and vehicle attacks by Palestinians targeting Israelis, gaps are emerging between Prime... Read More »

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Jakarta, Indonesia - Investigators: Rudder Problem, Pilot Actions Led To Indonesia AirAsia Crash

Today 09:34 AM

Jakarta, Indonesia - A rudder control system problem that had occurred nearly two dozen times in the previous 12 months coupled with the pilots'... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel's AG’s Office Backs Women Of The Wall Ahead Of Hanukka Lighting Ceremonies

Today 09:03 AM

Jerusalem - The Attorney General’s Office has written to the Supervisor of the Western Wall and the Holy Places Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz and... Read More »

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Bangkok - Int'l NY Times' Thai Printer Refuses To Run Front-page Story

Today 08:54 AM

Bangkok - The printer of the International New York Times in Thailand refused to print an article portraying a gloomy outlook for the country... Read More »

Israel - Far-right Jewish Activist Gets 3 Years In Jail For Arson Of Hebrew-Arabic School In Jerusalem

Today 08:00 AM

Jerusalem - A far-right Jewish activist who set fire to a Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem was sentenced on Tuesday to three years' imprisonment for... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinians After Stabbing Attempts

Today 07:30 AM

Jerusalem - The Israeli military on Tuesday said it shot and killed two Palestinians who tried to carry out separate stabbing attacks in the West... Read More »

New York - For Some People, The Older The Smartphone, The Better

Yesterday 11:28 PM

New York - Between splashy launches, lavish new-phone offers (get a free HDTV on activation!) and frequent software updates that slow down your old... Read More »

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Los Angeles - How Can People Safely Take Control From A Self-driving Car?

Yesterday 11:00 PM

Los Angeles - New cars that can steer and brake themselves risk lulling people in the driver's seat into a false sense of security — and even to... Read More »

Macon, GA - Trump Says He Should Charge CNN For Next Debate Appearance

Yesterday 10:45 PM

Macon, GA - — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump joked Monday that he may charge CNN for appearing in the next GOP primary debate — but... Read More »

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