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Washington - CIA Director: Istanbul Attack Bears Hallmarks Of IS Today 07:00 PM Washington - CIA Director John Brennan said Wednesday that the attack in Istanbul has the earmarks of strikes by Islamic State militants and that the group is likely trying to hit the United States in the Middle East and on U.S. soil. He said Tuesday's attack at Istanbul's busy Ataturk Airport...

Washington - FDA Has A Few Questions For Makers Of Hand Sanitizer Today 06:27 PM Washington - Federal health officials want to know whether hand sanitizers used by millions of Americans work as well as manufacturers claim — and whether there are any health risks to their growing use. The Food and Drug Administration is asking for new studies on how the antiseptic gels and...


Cairo - EgyptAir Black Box Data Downloaded; Evidence Suggests Fire On Board

Today 06:09 PM

Cairo - Investigators have downloaded data from one of the black box flight recorders on EgyptAir Flight MS804 and are preparing to analyze it...Read More »

New York - Crystal Pepsi: The 'Clear' 90s Hit Makes A Return

Today 05:39 PM

New York - PepsiCo is going retro. The company is officially bringing back Crystal Pepsi, a clear cola drink that was hugely popular for a brief...Read More »

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Washington - Aide Said Clinton Didn't Want Emails Accessible To 'Anybody'

Today 05:20 PM

Washington - Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin said in a legal proceeding that Clinton did not want the State Department emails that she sent...Read More »

Ottawa - Mexico President Explains Comparing Trump To Hitler, Mussolini

Today 05:14 PM

Ottawa - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who has previously likened U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and...Read More »

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New York - 2 Others Charged In Slaying Of New York Governor's Aide

Today 04:56 PM

New York - Two more men have been charged with mortally wounding an aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the hours before Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade. Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson on Wednesday announced the indictments of 21-year-old Tyshawn...Read More »

San Francisco - Facebook's Political Influence Under A Microscope

Today 04:29 PM

San Francisco - As the U.S. presidential campaign heats up, Facebook Inc is going out of its way to show its neutrality - an increasingly urgent...Read More »

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New York - Elevated Park Opens At WTC Site, Overlooks 9/11 Memorial

Today 04:01 PM

New York - An elevated park that offers a new view to visitors at the World Trade Center opened Wednesday, built atop a security center that screens...Read More »

London - Turkey Attacks Raise Familiar Question On Airport Security

Today 03:36 PM

London - The deadly terror attack at Turkey's largest airport has posed an all-too-familiar question to security officials: how to protect passengers...Read More »

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New York, NY - Skin Cancer On The Rise: NYC Comptroller Proposes Free Sunscreen At City Parks, Beaches, Pools, And Playgrounds

Today 03:19 PM

New York, NY - As summer vacation begins for 1.1 million schoolchildren and City pools open, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer today released a report which outlines the high risk of skin cancer in New York City and called on the City to explore innovative...Read More »

Istanbul - Turkish Officials Give Timeline Of Bombings; Video Shows Moments After Blasts

Today 02:55 PM

Istanbul - Turkish officials have given a timeline of how the triple suicide attack unfolded at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Three suicide attackers...Read More »

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Albany - NY-Based Explorers Find 1868 Schooner Wreck In Lake Ontario

Today 02:24 PM

Albany, NY - The shipwreck of a Canadian schooner that sank off Lake Ontario's central New York shore nearly 150 years ago has been discovered, a...Read More »

Metullah, Israel - Serenity Now: Israel's Northern Tip Offers Peaceful Hike

Today 02:17 PM

Metullah, Israel - A frontier town that juts into a hostile neighboring country and has a long history of militants firing upon it doesn't seem like...Read More »

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New York - July Fourth Travelers Face Tougher U.S. Security After Turkey Attack

Today 01:29 PM

New York -Millions of U.S. travelers flying during the busy Fourth of July holiday weekend will face heightened security due to the deadly attacks at...Read More »

Berlin - German Prosecutors Drop Case Against Nazi War Crimes Suspect

Today 12:35 PM

Berlin - German prosecutors say they are dropping their investigation of a former SS officer suspected of war crimes in Italy. Prosecutors in Stuttgart say a criminal prosecution is no longer possible because the 94-year-old is unable to stand trial for health...Read More »

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San Francisco - Uber Software Tracks Drivers For High Speed, Sudden Stops

Today 12:18 PM

San Francisco - Using smartphone sensors to peek over its drivers' shoulders, Uber is promising to keep a closer eye on their behavior — while...Read More »

Sullivan County, NY - Judge To Farmer: Stop Using Crushed Eggshells As Fertilizer

Today 11:45 AM

Bethel, NY - A judge has ordered an upstate New York farmer to stop using eggshells as fertilizer after neighboring businesses complained the smell and clouds of flies drove away customers. The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports (http://bit.ly/292kC8m ) Peter...Read More »

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New York - Unattended Bag Causes Brief JFK Airport Terminal Closure

Today 11:38 AM

New York - Authorities say a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport was briefly evacuated after a police dog flagged an unattended...Read More »

New York - Ahead Of Amazon Prime Day, Wal-Mart Tries To Move In

Today 11:14 AM

New York - Wal-Mart is trying to get a jump on Amazon's second annual sales bonanza. The world's largest retailer is offering a free 30-day trial...Read More »

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Washington - Trump's 'America First' Echoes Old Isolationist Rallying Cry

Today 11:01 AM

Washington - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump boils down his foreign policy agenda to two words: "America First." For...Read More »

Jerusalem - WATCH: Knesset Brawl Erupts As Arab Israeli MK Calls IDF Soldiers 'Murderers'

Today 10:27 AM

Jerusalem - A brawl erupted in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday afternoon, after Joint List MK Hannen Zoabi indicated that the Israeli commandos...Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - NYPD: Suspect Made Anti-Semitic Remark, Threw Rock At Car

Today 10:07 AM

Brooklyn, NY - Police are searching for a suspect who shouted an anti-Semitic remark and threw a rock through the window of a moving car in...Read More »

Istanbul - In Istanbul Airport's Swift Reopening Some See Resilience, Others Resignation

Today 10:05 AM

Istanbul - Walking through Istanbul airport to their planes hours after suicide bombers killed 41 people with gunfire and explosives, travelers could...Read More »

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Istanbul - IN PHOTOS: Aftermath Of Istanbul Airport Suicide Attack

Today 09:47 AM

Istanbul - Officials on Wednesday morning began assessing the damage caused at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport by three suicide bombers who killed dozens...Read More »

New York - Trump Supporters More Likely To View Blacks Negatively -Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Today 09:06 AM

New York - Supporters of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump are more likely to describe African Americans as "criminal," "unintelligent,"...Read More »

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Vilnius - Israel: Dug By Jews, Tunnel From Nazi Era Found In Lithuania

Today 08:30 AM

‎Vilnius - In a Lithuanian forest, an international research team has pinpointed the location of a legendary tunnel that Jewish prisoners secretly...Read More »

Brussels - Division, Confusion As EU Rethinks Future Without Britain

Today 07:50 AM

Brussels - EU leaders met Wednesday without Britain for the first time to rethink their shaken union, make it more relevant to citizens and keep it...Read More »

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Turkey - Death Toll In Istanbul Airport Attack Climbs To 41 With Over 200 Injured

Today 07:31 AM

‎Turkey - Turkish investigators pored over video footage and witness statements on Wednesday after three suspected Islamic State suicide bombers...Read More »

Mineola, NY - Can You Hear Them Now? New Buoy Listens For Singing Whales

Today 12:30 AM

Mineola, NY - Scientists have deployed a buoy 22 miles off the coast of New York's Fire Island to monitor several species of great whales in "near...Read More »

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Mississauga, Ontario - Home Explosion Kills 1 In Toronto-area Town

Yesterday 11:19 PM

Mississauga, Ontario - An explosion leveled one home and damaged at least two dozen others Tuesday afternoon in a town west of Toronto, killing one...Read More »

New York - NYC Installation Takes Visitors On Panoramic Tour Of Italy

Yesterday 11:00 PM

New York - If visiting Italy isn't on your agenda, a 360-degree video installation in New York City of the country's magnificent landmarks may whet...Read More »

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New York - Nadler Declared Winner By Large Margin In 10th District Primary

Yesterday 10:52 PM

New York - Congressman Jerrold Nadler walked away with a landslide victory in today’s Democratic primary, beating challenger Oliver Rosenberg by a...Read More »

New York - How Amazon's Dash Buttons Can Thwart Smart Shopping

Yesterday 10:33 PM

New York - Amazon is expanding its lineup of Dash buttons, its "Jetsons"-style devices that let you reorder a particular product with a single touch...Read More »

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