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Missouri - Embattled Ferguson chief criticizes Holder remarks Yesterday 04:19 PM Missouri - The embattled police chief of the suburban St. Louis town where a white officer's fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old remains under investigation has criticized Attorney General Eric Holder's recent call for "wholesale change" in the department. Ferguson chief Tom Jackson tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (bit.ly/1yLo8GH ) that Holder's comments in Washington this week were "irresponsible" while federal investigations into both...

Queens, NY - Proposed Far Rockaway Homeless Shelter Plans Near Jewish School Dismissed Yesterday 03:37 PM Queens – Plans to build a homeless shelter in Far Rockaway have been canceled. Officials were notified last week by DHS Commissioner Gilbert Taylor of plans to open a homeless shelter at 145 Beach 8th St. that would house 120 men. “A homeless shelter at this site, near our schools and...


Washington - Author Of Bin Laden Book Is Under Criminal Probe

Yesterday 03:35 PM

Washington - U.S. military officials say a former Navy SEAL who wrote a firsthand account of the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden is under... Read More »

California - Test Flight Of Space Tourism Rocket Crashes

Yesterday 03:02 PM

California - A witness says Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo exploded during a test flight over California's Mojave Desert. Photographer Ken Brown says the space tourism craft was released from the plane that carries it to high altitude, ignited its rocket motor and... Read More »

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New York - NYC Health Dept. Worker Suspended For Using Robot Voice On Customer Service Calls

Yesterday 02:19 PM

New York – A city Health Department worker has been suspended for 20 days without pay for using a robotic, monotone voice when answering customer service calls. Ronald Dillon, who has worked for the Health Department since 1976, is a computer specialist for the... Read More »

New York - Democratic Party Leaders In NY Rile Constituents With Threats Of Retaliation If They Don't Vote

Yesterday 01:12 PM

New York - The New York State Democratic Committee is coming under fire after sending out an ill-conceived letter to constituents promising... Read More »

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Belarus - Construction In Belarus Reveals Recycled Jewish Headstones As Building Materials

Yesterday 12:52 PM

Belarus - New construction of a supermarket in the Polish-border town of Brest in Belarus has left residents horrified, as the project has unearthed... Read More »

Fort Kent, Maine - Judge Issues Order Enforcing Ebola Isolation Of Defiant Maine Nurse

Yesterday 12:38 PM

Fort Kent, Maine - The confrontation between the state of Maine and a nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone heated up on Friday when a... Read More »

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Washington - Policeman Injured In Struggle With Ax-Wielding Attacker In Washington

Yesterday 12:31 PM

Washington - A Washington police officer was injured early Friday in a struggle with an ax-wielding attacker who remains at large, police in the... Read More »

New York - Gas Ready To Drop Below $3 For 1st Time In 4 Years

Yesterday 12:04 PM

New York - The average price of gasoline in the U.S. hit $3 a gallon Friday, and should soon drop below the benchmark for the first time since... Read More »

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France - Israel Presents Maritime Version Of 'Iron Dome'

Yesterday 11:30 AM

France - Israel's "Iron Dome" is heading to the seas, the maker of the rocket-blocking defense system says. State-owned defense contractor Rafael... Read More »

Trenton, NJ - Experts Say Christie's Latest Bully-Rant May Be Final Straw In Hopes Of Becoming President

Yesterday 11:00 AM

Trenton, NJ - Political insiders and behavioral experts say that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's most recent, and highly publicized, bully rant... Read More »

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Budapest - Hungary's PM Puts Internet Tax On Hold After Huge Protests

Yesterday 10:24 AM

Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban froze plans on Friday to impose a tax on Internet traffic, climbing down in the face of massive... Read More »

Brooklyn, NY - Felder: I'm For Hikind

Yesterday 10:24 AM

Brooklyn, NY - Senator Simcha Felder came out emphatically in favor of his former boss and ally, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, giving him a resounding endorsement last night on Hikind’s radio program and dismissing Nachman Caller as a viable alternative... Read More »

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Tehran - Iran Hits Back After Chastises On Rights; West Should Look Into Capital Punishment

Yesterday 10:01 AM

Tehran - Iran defended its human rights record on Friday, striking back at the West for its criticism about a woman hanged for murder in an alleged... Read More »

Berlin - Germany's Main Jewish Leader Steps Down

Yesterday 09:41 AM

Berlin - Germany's main Jewish leader, who in 2010 became the first person born after the Holocaust to take the job, says he's stepping... Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 03:29 PM New York - NYPD Chief Banks Quits Force

Yesterday 09:38 AM

New York - The NYPD's highest-ranking black official abruptly quit Friday instead of taking a new post, a surprising move that caught city officials off guard at a time when the department is trying to mend relationships with minority... Read More »

New York - U.S. Ambassador To UN To Report Temperature Twice Daily After West Africa Visit

Yesterday 09:14 AM

New York - U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power returned to New York on Thursday after a brief visit to Ebola-stricken West Africa... Read More »

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Blooming Grove, PA - Suspect In Police Ambush Captured By U.S. Marshals In Tannersville

Yesterday 08:53 AM

Blooming Grove, PA - The survivalist suspected of killing a Pennsylvania state trooper in a sniper attack in September could face the death penalty... Read More »

Washington - Kerry: US 'Extremely Concerned' With Tensions Across Jerusalem

Yesterday 08:30 AM

Washington - As fears mount over a third Palestinian uprising, the State Department demanded the reopening of the Aksa Mosque on Thursday, shut after... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Funeral Held For Shooter Of Rabbi Yehuda Glick

Yesterday 08:03 AM

Jerusalem - The funeral for Moataz Hejazi, the east Jerusalem resident who shot and seriously injured right-wing activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick in the... Read More »

Jerusalem - Temple Mount Compound Reopens Under Heavy Security For Muslims Over Age 50, Tension High

Yesterday 07:49 AM

Jerusalem - Israel has reopened a contested Jerusalem holy site and deployed hundreds of security personnel amid rising tensions in the... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Fatah Calls For 'Day Of Rage'

Yesterday 07:27 AM

Jerusalem - Police were set to reopen the Temple Mount to visitors on Friday, despite calls from Fatah to hold a “day of rage” in Jerusalem and the West Bank. In a leaflet issued in Ramallah, Fatah called on Palestinians to express their... Read More »

New York - How To Avoid Amazon And Still Get Deals

October 30, 2014 11:58 PM

New York - Amazon has a place in many Americans' lives because of its low prices and seemingly endless array of goods. But Amazon — which commands... Read More »

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New York - Cuomo Reaches Out To Jewish Community With Roundtable Meeting And Radio Interview

October 30, 2014 11:02 PM

New York - After waging a re-election campaign whose strategy seemed to include avoiding almost all interviews, Governor Cuomo spoke with Councilman... Read More »

Riga, Latvia - Latvian Musical On Nazi Collaborator Stirs Anger

October 30, 2014 10:35 PM

Riga, Latvia - A famous Latvian aviator who joined a Nazi killing squad during World War II is being brought to life in a musical that has outraged... Read More »

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New York - Real-estate Funds Needn't Be Riled By Rising Rates

October 30, 2014 10:15 PM

New York - The threat of rising interest rates is raising real fears about real-estate mutual funds. Investors have pulled money out of... Read More »

Israel - Israel To Provide Aid To Displaced Ukrainian Jews

October 30, 2014 09:48 PM

Israel - The Israeli government has earmarked NIS two million for the rehabilitation of Jews displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, The Jerusalem Post has learned. The move marks a turnaround for Jerusalem, which has previously been accused of taking a distinctly... Read More »

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Long Beach, NY - Gala Birthday Bash For World’s Oldest Jewish Person On Long Island

October 30, 2014 09:15 PM

Long Beach, NY - She may be listed on Wikipedia as the thirteenth oldest verified supercentenarian in the world, but today Goldie Steinberg is going... Read More »

New York - Ebola Case Highlights Work Of NYC Disease Sleuths

October 30, 2014 09:00 PM

New York - New York City's disease detectives were off and running the moment the call came in from a doctor who suspected he had Ebola. As... Read More »

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Jerusalem - Hamas, Islamic Jihad Call For Palestinians To Step Up 'Resistance' Against Israel

October 30, 2014 08:28 PM

Jerusalem - Hamas and Islamic Jihad on Thursday called on Palestinians to step up their “resistance” against Israel following the assassination... Read More »

New York - Not So Sweet: Chocolate Prices Are Set To Rise

October 30, 2014 08:00 PM

New York - The cost of ingredients in chocolate bars is rising, and the nation's biggest candy makers have already warned of price hikes next year... Read More »

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New York - NYC Cab Drivers At Higher Risk For Physical Damage From Holding Urine Too Long

October 30, 2014 07:10 PM

New York – Three New York University doctors have released a study that shows cab drivers who work 12 hours shifts don’t drink enough water and... Read More »

Blooming Grove, PA - Police: Suspected Pennsylvania Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured

October 30, 2014 06:40 PM

Blooming Grove, PA - Authorities say they have captured a man accused of killing one Pennsylvania State trooper and seriously injuring another during... Read More »

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