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United Nations - UN: Gaza Could Be 'Uninhabitable' By 2020 If Trends Continue Yesterday 11:59 PM United Nations - A new United Nations report says Gaza could be "uninhabitable" in less than five years if current economic trends continue. The report released Tuesday by the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development points to the eight years of economic blockade of Gaza as well as the three...

San Francisco, CA - Google Refines Logo As It Prepares To Join Alphabet Yesterday 11:27 PM San Francisco, CA - Google is refining its famous logo as it prepares to become a part of a new holding company called Alphabet. The revised design unveiled Tuesday features the same mix of blue, red, yellow and green that Google has been using throughout its nearly 17-year history, though the...


Washington - Study: Midlife Obesity May Spur Risk For Earlier Alzheimer's

Yesterday 11:04 PM

Washington - One more reason to watch the waistline: New research says people's weight in middle age may influence not just whether they go on to... Read More »

Olathe, KS - Facing Death, Miller Calls Jewish Site Killings 'Righteous'

Yesterday 10:30 PM

Olathe, KS - Jurors who convicted a white supremacist of killing three people at suburban Kansas City Jewish sites heard more of his anti-Semitic... Read More »

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Washington - Kerry To Outline US Assurances To Israel, Gulf To Lawmakers

Yesterday 10:00 PM

Washington - Secretary of State John Kerry will send a letter to all members of Congress on Wednesday outlining U.S. security commitments to Israel... Read More »

United Kingdom - London-based Satmar School Apologizes, Pledges Change After Newspaper Reveals Lessons About “Evil Goyim”

Yesterday 09:15 PM

United Kingdom - There are promised changes in store at the Satmar Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London after a whistleblower provided copies... Read More »

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Washington - Emails Reveal Clinton Friend Had Outsized Role In Advising On US Politics And Israel

Yesterday 09:00 PM

Washington - A longtime friend of Hillary Clinton played an outsized role in advising her on U.S. politics and even encouraged the then-secretary of... Read More »

Washington - Ben Carson Campaign Reaping Cash As He Rises In GOP Polls

Yesterday 08:30 PM

Washington - Vacation-filled August is typically one of the worst months for any politician to raise money. But it was Ben Carson's best yet. The... Read More »

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Fox Lake, IL - Hundreds Of Police In Illinois Continue To Hunt For 3 Suspects After Officer Killed

Yesterday 08:00 PM

Fox Lake, IL - Police in helicopters, with dogs and armed with rifles were conducting a massive manhunt in northern Illinois on Tuesday after an... Read More »

New York - 'Taxi Of Tomorrow' Arrives In NYC

Yesterday 07:30 PM

New York - The Nissan NV200 minivan is now the new standard for New York City's yellow cabs. The new design, known as the Taxi of Tomorrow, was unveiled on Tuesday. The New York Times (http://nyti.ms/1KoTzAv ) reports that it'll be phased in... Read More »

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Washington - Consumer Panel: Airlines Should Disclose Fees, Seat Size

Yesterday 06:55 PM

Washington - Airlines should clearly disclose the cost of change and cancellation fees, as well as the size of the plane's seats, before a passenger... Read More »

New York - September Is Historically The Stock Market's Worst Month

Yesterday 06:30 PM

New York - If August wasn't bad enough, historical trading patterns suggest that investors shouldn't expect a quick rebound this month. September... Read More »

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Toronto - Canada In Recession; PM Harper Denies It As Election Looms

Yesterday 06:00 PM

Toronto - Prime Minister Stephen Harper, campaigning for a fourth term on a record of economic growth, has refused to recognize that Canada is in a... Read More »

New York - Young At Heart? Not Most Americans, Government Report Says

Yesterday 05:30 PM

New York - Your heart might be older than you are. A new government report suggests age is just a number — and perhaps not a very telling one when... Read More »

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Newark, NJ - One Juvenile Dead, Five Arrested After New Jersey Carjacking, Chase

Yesterday 05:00 PM

Newark, NJ - A juvenile suspected of helping carjack a Jaguar sedan was struck and killed by a police vehicle and five other suspects were under... Read More »

Kiryas Joel, NY - Several Hundred Families Still Without Power As Truck Flips In KJ

Yesterday 04:12 PM

Kiryas Joel, NY - Close to 2,000 residents of Kiryas Joel were without electricity this afternoon as a dump truck driving through the village... Read More »

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New York - Stocks End Sharply Lower, Dow Down 470 Points

Yesterday 04:04 PM

New York - Markets are turning turbulent again after investors were unnerved by more signs of weakness in China, the world's second-largest... Read More »

Jerusalem - Egypt Gas Find Sparks Panic In Israel About Israeli Reserves

Yesterday 03:50 PM

Jerusalem - Egypt's new natural gas bonanza is causing an uproar in Israel, with energy stocks plummeting and recriminations over indecisiveness and... Read More »

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New Jersey - Lakewood Couple Arrested And Charged With Welfare Fraud

Yesterday 03:11 PM

New Jersey - A Lakewood couple has been arrested on charges of fraud, including the unlawful receipt of over $145,000 in public benefits, according... Read More »

Orange County, NY - VIDEO: Monroe Town Board Meeting Mobbed As Vote On KJ Annexation Proposals Set

Yesterday 03:00 PM

Orange County, NY - It was a scene reminiscent of an angry mob at last night’s Monroe Town Board meeting held at the Town’s movie theater. Chants of “Save our schools!”, “Shame on you!”, and “You’re a coward!” drowned out calls by board members urging... Read More »

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New York - Israel Urges UN Leaders To Reject Palestinian Attempt To Raise Their Flag At The United Nation's Headquarters

Yesterday 02:30 PM

United Nations - Israel is urging the United Nations secretary-general and General Assembly president to reject a Palestinian attempt to raise their... Read More »

New York - Amazon To Let Prime Members Download Videos

Yesterday 02:00 PM

New York - Amazon is upping the ante in the streaming-video competition with downloadable videos. The e-commerce powerhouse will now let members... Read More »

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West Bank - Palestinians: Abbas Says Won't Seek Top PLO, Fatah Posts

Yesterday 01:30 PM

West Bank - Two officials say Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told confidants he won't seek re-election to the top posts in the Palestine... Read More »

Last updated: Yesterday 02:05 PM Lake County, IL - Illinois Police Officer Shot And Killed, Suspects On The Loose

Yesterday 01:08 PM

Lake County, IL - Police with helicopters, dogs and armed with rifles were conducting a massive manhunt in northern Illinois Tuesday after an officer... Read More »

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Baltimore - Key Democrat: Senate Will Uphold Obama On Iran Nuke Deal

Yesterday 12:59 PM

Baltimore - A key Democrat predicted Tuesday that there will be enough votes in the Senate by week's end to uphold an expected veto by President... Read More »

Austin, TX - Man Charged With Killing Texas Deputy Had Been In Mental Hospital

Yesterday 12:24 PM

Austin, TX - The man charged with fatally shooting a Houston-area deputy in a hail of gunfire spent four months in a mental hospital in 2012 after... Read More »

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Washington - The Story Behind Hillary Clinton's "Gefilte fish" E-mail Mystery

Yesterday 12:05 PM

Washington - Out of all the latest Hillary Clinton emails made public, one regarding a classic Jewish dish is perplexing people the most. An email... Read More »

Phoenix, AZ - Fears Of Highway Sniper After Shots Hit 4 Vehicles Along Major Arizona Interstate

Yesterday 11:40 AM

Phoenix, AZ - Authorities are trying to determine if the same person fired gunshots at four vehicles along a Phoenix freeway over a three-day... Read More »

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Coral Gables, FL - VIDEO: Jeb Bush Raises The Stakes With New Video Ad Showing "The Real" Donald Trump

Yesterday 11:25 AM

Coral Gables, FL - A mere day after GOP front-runner Donald Trump released a video attacking Jeb Bush over his April 2014 comments in which he... Read More »

Washington - Clinton, Aides Stressed Protecting State Dept Info In Email

Yesterday 11:20 AM

Washington - Hillary Rodham Clinton and her aides at the State Department were acutely aware of the need to protect sensitive information when... Read More »

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Anchorage - Obama Paints Doomsday Scene Of Global Warming In Alaska

Yesterday 10:48 AM

Anchorage - President Barack Obama is painting a doomsday scenario for the Arctic and beyond if climate change isn't dealt with fast: entire nations... Read More »

Canada - Prime Minister Harper: Anti-ISIS Coalition Falling Short

Yesterday 10:12 AM

Canada - Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Monday the US-led coalition's campaign against Islamic State was not doing as well as had been hoped... Read More »

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Oświęcim, Poland - Disgraced Holocaust Denier Hosting Concentration Camp Tours

Yesterday 10:10 AM

Oświęcim, Poland - It’s a Holocaust denier’s delight. For just £2000 (about $2,900), Holocaust deniers and like-minded people can experience... Read More »

Kentucky - Clerk Refuses Marriage Licenses Despite Supreme Court Decision

Yesterday 09:57 AM

Kentucky - A county clerk in Kentucky has again refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, invoking her religious beliefs and "God's... Read More »

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