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Manchester, NH - Clinton Says Trump Will 'make America Hate Again'

Today 12:19 AM

Manchester, NH - Hillary Clinton said Thursday that Donald Trump has unleashed the "radical fringe" within the Republican Party, including...Read More »

Washington - Study: Regular Nibbling On Nuts Linked To Low Inflammation

Yesterday 11:45 PM

Washington - Eating a handful of nuts five times per week may reduce inflammation, a condition that contributes to heart disease, diabetes and many...Read More »

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Washington - Auto, Technology Industries Clash Over Talking Cars

Yesterday 11:26 PM

Washington - Cars that wirelessly talk to each other are finally ready for the road, creating the potential to dramatically reduce traffic deaths...Read More »

New York - US Agency Rolls Out Refinance Program For Homeowners

Yesterday 11:02 PM

New York - The regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unveiled on Thursday a program aimed at homeowners who are paying their mortgages on time but...Read More »

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North Berwick, Maine - GOP Governor: Most Drug Dealers Arrested Are Black, Hispanic

Yesterday 10:32 PM

North Berwick, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage is being accused again of making racially insensitive comments, this time by saying photos he's...Read More »

New York - LaGuardia Travelers Fear Turbulence En Route To New Airport

Yesterday 10:02 PM

New York - There could be turbulence for travelers during the multibillion dollar renovation of New York's LaGuardia Airport. Vice President Joe...Read More »

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Seattle - Russian Convicted In Masterminding Global Online Theft Ring

Yesterday 09:34 PM

Seattle - A federal jury convicted the son of a Russian lawmaker Thursday of hacking into U.S. businesses to steal credit card information and...Read More »

United Nations - Israel Rejects Immunity For Indicted UN Engineer In Gaza

Yesterday 09:23 PM

United Nations - The Israeli government on Thursday rejected a U.N. request for diplomatic immunity for a Palestinian engineer who worked for the...Read More »

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New York - Amazon Launches Amazon Vehicles To Help Car Buyers

Yesterday 09:09 PM

New York - Amazon is starting a site offering research, reviews and other information on new and used cars. The latest venture by the e-commerce...Read More »

Orlando, FL - Orlando Hospitals Won't Charge Nightclub Shooting Victims For Care

Yesterday 08:33 PM

Orlando, FL - Two Florida hospitals will not seek payment of medical bills from the dozens of people treated for injuries suffered in the mass...Read More »

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Washington - Marines Say 2 Men Didn't Help Raise 1st Flag At Iwo Jima

Yesterday 08:01 PM

Washington - The Marine Corps has acknowledged it misidentified two of the servicemen who helped raise the first U.S. flag at Iwo Jima during World...Read More »

New York - Exposure To 9/11 Disaster Tied To Low Birthweight, Preterm Delivery

Yesterday 07:30 PM

New York - For years following the events of September 11, 2001 in lower Manhattan, the disaster and its aftermath may have affected women and their...Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - Hikind Comes Down Hard On Trump And Clinton In New Video

Yesterday 06:44 PM

Brooklyn, NY - The ballot may come down to Donald versus Hillary, but a Youtube video released today by Assemblyman Dov Hikind suggests that the...Read More »

Washington - Suddenly It's Trump Sounding Soft On Illegal Immigration

Yesterday 06:29 PM

Washington - Donald Trump defeated 16 rivals in the Republican primaries by being the most anti-immigrant of them all, promising to build a giant...Read More »

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Tehran, Iran - In Iran, Unique System Allows Payments For Kidney Donors

Yesterday 06:00 PM

Tehran, Iran - The whirling hum of a dialysis machine could have been the soundtrack to the rest of Zahra Hajikarimi's life but for an unusual...Read More »

Paris - Apple Boosts iPhone Security After Mideast Spyware Discovery

Yesterday 05:29 PM

Paris - A botched attempt to break into the iPhone of an Arab activist using hitherto unknown espionage software has trigged a global upgrade of...Read More »

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New York - Hillary Clinton Agrees To Not Campaign Or Run Ads On 9/11

Yesterday 05:05 PM

New York - Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, will not campaign or run ads on Sept. 11. A campaign...Read More »

Chateaurenard, France - Burkini Must Be Banned, France's Sarkozy Says As He Launches Election Campaign

Yesterday 04:26 PM

Chateaurenard, France - Burkinis must be banned throughout France, ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy said at his first campaign rally for the 2017...Read More »

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Toronto - Police: 3 Dead, 1 Hurt In Toronto, Crossbow Found Nearby

Yesterday 03:57 PM

Toronto - Three people were killed in what Canadian police on Thursday called a homicide that may have involved a crossbow. Officers arrived at a...Read More »

New York - Expressing Remorse Over Past Mishandling Of Sexual Abuse In Children, 300 Orthodox Rabbis Vow Better Protection For Victims

Yesterday 03:20 PM

New York - In light of recent tragic suicides committed as a direct result of child sexual abuse, as well as other physical, emotional...Read More »

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Singapore - World's First Self-driving Taxis Debut In Singapore

Yesterday 03:10 PM

Singapore - The world's first self-driving taxis began picking up passengers in Singapore starting Thursday. Select members of the public can hail...Read More »

New York - Trump Meets With Minorities, Offers An Inclusive Platform

Yesterday 02:44 PM

New York - US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met with minority Republicans in New York on Thursday, including his former Republican...Read More »

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Los Angeles - Welcome To The Trump-Clinton Conspiracy Election

Yesterday 02:32 PM

Los Angeles - It's a conspiracy: The 2016 campaign features one candidate who warned against the "vast right-wing conspiracy" and another who was a...Read More »

Bear, Delaware - Woman Falls To Death From Zip Line Platform At Delaware Park

Yesterday 02:01 PM

Bear, Delaware - Delaware State Police investigators were trying to determine Thursday how a woman fell 35 feet to her death from a zip line platform...Read More »

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Rio De Janeiro - Brazil Senate Starts Impeachment Trial Of President Rousseff

Yesterday 01:33 PM

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's Senate on Thursday began deliberating whether to permanently remove President Dilma Rousseff from office, the final step in...Read More »

Umm Al-fahm, Israel - In Crime-ridden Israeli Arab City, Police Seek New Approach

Yesterday 01:02 PM

Umm Al-fahm, Israel - On the rundown streets of Umm al-Fahm, an Israeli-Arab city of 50,000, locals in smoky cafes are reluctant to speak. Violent...Read More »

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Tehran - Video Shows Encounter With US Warship, Iran Minister Defends Action

Yesterday 12:30 PM

Tehran - Iran's defense minister said on Thursday four of his country's vessels accused of harassing a U.S. warship were only doing their job, and...Read More »

New York - Judge: NY Ex-Assembly Speaker Silver Can Remain Free During Appeal

Yesterday 12:23 PM

New York - Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver can remain free while he appeals his conviction and 12-year prison sentence, a judge ruled...Read More »

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Philippines - For 10 Years, Possibly Biggest Pearl Was Hidden Under Bed

Yesterday 12:07 PM

Philippines - A Filipino fisherman in western Palawan island has found possibly the world's biggest pearl, but he didn't know it. For 10 years...Read More »

London - London Flight Delayed For Hour As EasyJet Crew Members Argue

Yesterday 11:49 AM

London - An easyJet flight from London's Gatwick Airport to Belfast has faced an hourlong delay after two crew members got into an epic shouting...Read More »

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Washington - Mylan Offers Discounts On EpiPen After Clinton Criticism

Yesterday 11:32 AM

Washington - Mylan NV said on Thursday it would reduce the out-of-pocket cost of its severe allergy treatment EpiPen through a discount program, a...Read More »

New York - WhatsApp Relaxes Privacy Stance, To Share Phone Numbers With Facebook

Yesterday 11:02 AM

New York - Global messaging service WhatsApp says it will start sharing the phone numbers of its users with Facebook, its parent company. That means...Read More »

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