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Manila - Philippines Leader Likens Himself To Hitler, Wants To Kill Millions Of Drug Users

Yesterday 11:31 PM

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte appeared to liken himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Friday and said he would "be happy" to...Read More »

Paris - Automakers Show Off Electric Cars At Paris Show

Yesterday 11:02 PM

Paris - Global automakers are showing off new electric vehicles at the Paris auto show as they look ahead to a world of tighter environmental...Read More »

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New York - Are You Owed Money From A Forgotten Bank Account?

Yesterday 10:32 PM

New York - Finding money you didn't know you had is like discovering lost treasure. For many people, there's treasure to be found in old, forgotten...Read More »

Washington - Do Not Vote For 'Demagogue' Trump, USA Today Tells Its Readers

Yesterday 10:00 PM

Washington - Branding Donald Trump a "dangerous demagogue," USA Today on Thursday urged its readers not to vote for the Republican presidential...Read More »

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Israel - Jerusalem Post Exclusive: Peres Stopped Israeli Strike On Iran

Yesterday 09:30 PM

Jerusalem - If not for Shimon Peres’s intervention, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning to bomb Iran, the former president revealed...Read More »

Morris Plains, NJ - Neighbors: Veteran Engineer In Deadly Crash Loves His Work

Yesterday 09:05 PM

Morris Plains, NJ - The engineer at the controls of a speeding commuter train that crashed into a New Jersey station has been in the railroad...Read More »

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Newark, NJ - Witness Says Christie Aides Prepped Bridge Case Testimony

Yesterday 08:31 PM

Newark, NJ - The government's key witness in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal says people close to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie...Read More »

Washington - NJ Train Crash Raises Many Familiar Safety Issues

Yesterday 08:00 PM

Washington - The investigation into a New Jersey commuter train that hurtled into a station building Thursday raises many familiar issues from other...Read More »

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Washington - Wells Fargo Fined $24 Million Over Servicemember Loans

Yesterday 07:35 PM

Washington - Wells Fargo & Co was fined about $24 million on Thursday by federal regulators for alleged violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief...Read More »

Berlin - World's First 4-seater Fuel-cell Plane Takes Off In Germany

Yesterday 07:02 PM

Berlin - Aircraft engineers in Germany have successfully tested the world's first four-seater plane that uses emission-free hybrid fuel cells to...Read More »

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Berlin - Police Called As Larger-than-life Hitler Appears In Berlin

Yesterday 06:29 PM

Berlin - A huge moving image of a laughing Adolf Hitler has prompted a shocked Berlin driver to call police. Police say they received a call...Read More »

Bedford, NH - Dismissing Risks, Trump Goes All-in On Bill Clinton's Past

Yesterday 05:58 PM

Bedford, NH -Donald Trump says he took the moral high ground at the first presidential debate by not mentioning the infidelities of former President...Read More »

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Chicago - Clinton Says Trump Appears To Have Violated US Law On Cuba

Yesterday 05:30 PM

Chicago - Hillary Clinton says a new report alleging that Donald Trump may have violated the U.S. embargo on communist Cuba is just more evidence...Read More »

Hoboken, NJ - Sole Fatality In NJ Train Crash Was Woman, Age 34

Yesterday 05:23 PM

Hoboken, NJ - The only person who died in the New Jersey train crash has been identified as a 34-year-old woman from Hoboken. The state medical...Read More »

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Jerusalem - A Look At Some Of Israel's Prime Ministers

Yesterday 05:03 PM

Jerusalem - Shimon Peres, who died Wednesday, was both a former president and prime minister, the only person in Israel to hold both jobs. Of...Read More »

San Diego - US Twice Tried To Deport Man Killed By Police In California

Yesterday 04:32 PM

San Diego - U.S. authorities twice tried to deport a black man who was fatally shot by police in a San Diego suburb this week but his native Uganda...Read More »

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London - Introverted Londoners Urged To Chat On The Tube Line

Yesterday 04:08 PM

London - Londoners traveling on the city's often overcrowded Underground subway system are not known to be particularly outgoing, but there's a...Read More »

Washington - White House Releases Presidential Delegation List That Will Accompany Obama To Attend Peres Funeral

Yesterday 03:45 PM

Washington - President Barack Obama will be among the world leaders who will speak at the funeral for former Israeli President Shimon Peres. The...Read More »

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New York - FCC Beefs Up Emergency Cellphone Alerts

Yesterday 03:22 PM

New York - The federal government is beefing up emergency cellphone alerts like the one used in New York to advertise a search for a bombing suspect...Read More »

Jerusalem - Hamas Urges President Abbas Shun Peres Funeral

Yesterday 03:00 PM

Jerusalem - Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza is urging Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to boycott the funeral of former Israeli...Read More »

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New York, NY - Feisty 90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Fights Off Attacker In Purse Snatching

Yesterday 02:30 PM

New York, NY - A would be purse snatcher got more than she bargained on Tuesday when the diminutive elderly woman that she attempted to victimize...Read More »

Kiev, Ukraine - Ukraine Marks Babi Yar Massacre's 75th Anniversary

Yesterday 02:02 PM

Kiev, Ukraine - Ukraine on Thursday marked the 75th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre, one of the most infamous mass slaughters of World War...Read More »

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Gaza Strip - Palestinian Dies In Islamic Jihad Tunnel In Gaza 'Accident'

Yesterday 01:39 PM

Gaza Strip - The Gaza Health Ministry says a Palestinian was killed in an accident while working in a "military tunnel" used by Islamic Jihad, a...Read More »

Hoboken, NJ - Cuomo Cancels Israel Trip Because Of Crash

Yesterday 01:33 PM

Hoboken, NJ - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has canceled a trip to Israel for Shimon Peres' funeral because of the deadly commuter train crash in New...Read More »

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Hoboken, NJ - Passengers On New Jersey Train Describe Bloody Scene After Crash

Yesterday 01:16 PM

Hoboken, NJ - As New Jersey Transit train No. 1614 pulled into Hoboken, Linda Albelli realized something was not right. “I noticed he’s not...Read More »

Washington - Brain Freeze? Gary Johnson Can't Name Favorite World Leader

Yesterday 12:53 PM

Washington - Call it a brain freeze, another "Aleppo moment," or a mere campaign stumble, but Gary Johnson has stumbled again in his quixotic...Read More »

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Washington - US Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Credit Card Surcharge Fee Fight

Yesterday 12:33 PM

Washington - The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a challenge to a New York state law barring retailers from imposing surcharges on...Read More »

Hoboken, NJ - New Jersey Doesn't Have Key Rail Safety System

Yesterday 12:00 PM

Hoboken, NJ - The New Jersey Transit train that crashed in Hoboken, killing one person and injuring more than 100 others, was not equipped with a...Read More »

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Kissimmee, FL - Imam: Pulse Shooter Prayed At Mosque 4 Days Before Orlando Attack

Yesterday 11:45 AM

Kissimmee, FL - An imam has released video footage of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen praying in a central Florida mosque four days before the...Read More »

New York - CNN Says Lewandowski No Longer Being Paid By Trump Campaign

Yesterday 11:28 AM

New York - CNN said Thursday that its analyst Corey Lewandowski, the former Donald Trump campaign manager, has cut all financial ties to the campaign...Read More »

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Berlin - 1 Lion Recaptured, 1 Killed After Escape At German Zoo

Yesterday 10:55 AM

Berlin - A German zoo says it has recaptured one lion but had to kill another after they escaped from their cage overnight. The Leipzig zoo said...Read More »

Jerusalem - Court Overturns Parole Board’s Early Release Of Rabbi Pinto

Yesterday 10:35 AM

Jerusalem - The Lod District Court on Thursday overturned the Parole Board’s decision last week to grant Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto’s request...Read More »

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