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New York - Macy's Dumps Trump Clothing Line In Response To Comments

Today 11:05 AM

New York - Macy's is the latest company to end its relationship with Donald Trump as the fallout from the real estate mogul's remarks about Mexican... Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Says Arrests Dozens Of Hamas Militants In West Bank

Today 10:42 AM

Jerusalem - Israeli forces have arrested dozens of Hamas members suspected of planning attacks and trying to build up the Palestinian militant group... Read More »

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Washington - US: Iran Blocked Website Educating On Holocaust, Criticized FM For Calling It 'Tragedy'

Today 10:11 AM

Washington - The Iranian government has continuously blocked a Persian-language website dedicated to educating on the Holocaust, the US Bureau of... Read More »

Northern West Bank - IN PHOTOS: Thousands Mourn Israeli Man Who Succumbed To Wounds From Terror Attack

Today 09:56 AM

Northern West Bank - Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, 26, who succumbed to his wounds Tuesday from Monday's West Bank shooting attack, was laid to rest... Read More »

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London - DOJ Official: U.S. Runs Hundreds Of Counter-Terrorism Investigations

Today 09:54 AM

London - U.S. authorities are pursuing hundreds of active counter-terrorism investigations embracing all 50 American states, a senior U.S. Justice Department official said on Wednesday. John Carlin, Assistant U.S. Attorney General in charge of the department's... Read More »

Germany - Former Auschwitz Guard Asks God For Forgiveness At Trial

Today 09:44 AM

Germany - A 94-year-old former SS sergeant who served in Auschwitz testified Wednesday he helped the death camp function in his role sorting cash and... Read More »

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South Carolina - Seventh Black Church Burns In South; Fire Wasn't Arson

Today 09:02 AM

South Carolina - A fire that destroyed a black church in South Carolina was not the work of an arsonist, a federal law enforcement source said... Read More »

Egypt - Two Explosions Heard In Rafah, Egyptian Town Bordering Gaza.

Today 08:48 AM

Egypt - Two explosions were heard in the Egyptian town of Rafah, which borders the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, security sources and witnesses... Read More »

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New York - ADP: U.S. Private Sector Adds 237,000 Jobs In June

Today 08:31 AM

New York - U.S. private employers added 237,000 jobs in June, the biggest gain since December, suggesting further improvement in the jobs market... Read More »

Washington - State Dept: Trade Bill Can't Defend Israel's Territories

Today 08:25 AM

Washington - One day after President Barack Obama signed hard-fought trade legislation, his administration took issue with language meant to... Read More »

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Washington - Top Obama Aides Knew About Clinton's Private Email In 2009

Today 08:07 AM

Washington - Senior Obama administration officials, including the White House chief of staff, knew as early as 2009 that Hillary Rodham Clinton was... Read More »

Israel - IDF Closes Crossings With Egypt, Gaza, Following ISIS Sinai Terror Attacks

Today 07:51 AM

Israel The IDF closed the Nizzana and Kerem Shalom border crossings Wednesday following militant attacks in Egypt's North Sinai that killed at least... Read More »

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Egypt - Egyptian ISIS Affiliate Attack Sinai, Killing 50

Today 07:30 AM

Egypt - Islamic State militants launched a wide-scale coordinated assault on several military checkpoints in Egypt's North Sinai on Wednesday in... Read More »

Oklahoma City - Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders Removal Of Ten Commandments Monument

Today 12:32 AM

Oklahoma City - A Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds is a religious symbol and must be removed because it violates the state's... Read More »

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Athens - Debt Crisis: Greece Becomes First Developed Country To Default On IMF

Yesterday 11:33 PM

Athens - Greece's last-minute overtures to international creditors for financial aid on Tuesday were not enough to save the country from becoming... Read More »

Washington - Report Urges Major Steps To Help Victims Of Cardiac Arrest

Yesterday 11:32 PM

Washington - Would you know what to do if you see someone collapse, not breathing — a loved one at home, a co-worker at the office, a stranger on the street? Far too many Americans die of cardiac arrest, and now a major new report urges a national campaign to... Read More »

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New York - United Nations Secretary General Applies For NYC ID Card

Yesterday 11:10 PM

New York - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is becoming the proud owner of a New York City municipal identification card. The card... Read More »

Washington - New White House Fence To Have Metal Spikes

Yesterday 10:46 PM

Washington - The Secret Service says it will install sharp metal spikes on the White House fence after intruders scaled it twice in less than a... Read More »

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Medan, Indonesia - Police: 141 Bodies Recovered From Indonesia Military Plane Crash

Yesterday 10:44 PM

Medan, Indonesia - An Indonesian police official says more than 140 bodies have been recovered from the crash of a military plane in Medan. Rescue... Read More »

Dallas, TX - Woman, 75, Survived For Days On Pond Water After Texas Crash

Yesterday 10:23 PM

Dallas, TX - Wanda Mobley swerved to avoid something in the remote highway, and seconds later was trapped inside her wrecked car in a ravine in... Read More »

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New York - New Jersey Judge Dismisses 'Bridgegate' Lawsuit

Yesterday 10:00 PM

New York - A federal judge in New Jersey has dismissed a class-action lawsuit filed by people stuck in traffic in the 2013 George Washington Bridge... Read More »

New York - At Last, De Blasio Takes Off Gloves And Hits Back At Cuomo

Yesterday 09:45 PM

New York - Mayor Bill de Blasio, who 18 months ago in his inaugural address pledged to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with his one-time boss and... Read More »

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United Nations - UN: World Should Be Ashamed At Failure To End Syria Conflict

Yesterday 09:30 PM

United Nations - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday the world should be ashamed that three years after major powers approved a... Read More »

New York - O Say Can You Breathe? Fireworks Pollute Air, Study Says

Yesterday 09:00 PM

New York - July Fourth fireworks fill the skies across the nation with more than sparkling bursts of color. They spew pollution, too. A study of... Read More »

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West Bank - Angry Protesters Whitewash Rainbow Flag On West Bank Barrier

Yesterday 08:27 PM

West Bank - Palestinian protesters whitewashed a rainbow flag of gay rights that was painted by a Palestinian artist on six slabs of the West Bank... Read More »

Tel Aviv - Hidden Cameras, Invisibility Cloaks In Israeli Spy Expo

Yesterday 08:00 PM

Tel Aviv - Hidden cameras, invisibility cloaks and mini-drones were among the gadgets on display Tuesday at an exhibition of Israeli surveillance... Read More »

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Albany, NY - Escapee Practiced Fleeing NY Prison, Were Almost Discovered On The Run

Yesterday 07:22 PM

Albany, NY - Escapee David Sweat made a practice run before he and Richard Matt broke out of an upstate New York prison where on Tuesday the... Read More »

Moreau, NY - For Sale: Former Prison With Mountain View, Sleeps Hundreds

Yesterday 07:00 PM

Moreau, NY - For sale: A 325-acre New York property containing more than 100 structures atop a mountain offering spectacular views. Sleeps... Read More »

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New York - Trump Sues Univision For $500 Million Over End Of Contract

Yesterday 06:02 PM

New York - U.S. presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit on Tuesday against Univision over the... Read More »

Tel Aviv - Israeli Scientists Develop 'Smell Fingerprint' That Could Identify Every Human On Earth

Yesterday 06:00 PM

Tel Aviv - Practically every human being has his or her own unique smell -- an “olfactory fingerprint” that could be used to identify any of the... Read More »

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London - Community Welcomes Police Decision To Move 'Anti-Jew' Protest To Central London

Yesterday 05:32 PM

London - The decision by the Metropolitan Police to order the far-right-wing organizers of an ‘Anti Jewification’ demonstration planned for this... Read More »

Washington - U.S. Court Rules NSA Can Resume Bulk Collection Of Phone-Call Records

Yesterday 05:03 PM

Washington - A U.S. court has ruled that the eavesdropping National Security Agency can temporarily resume its bulk collection of Americans'... Read More »

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