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Miami - U.S. Health Officials: Zika Testing Urged For All Pregnant Women In Florida County

October 19, 2016 06:00 PM

Miami - U.S. health officials are now recommending Zika testing for all pregnant women who recently spent time in Florida's Miami-Dade County. The...Read More »

Washington - U.S. Vows All-out Defense Against 'grave' North Korean Threat

October 19, 2016 05:00 PM

Washington - The United States vowed on Wednesday to do "whatever is necessary" to defend itself, South Korea and other allies against the "grave" threat posed by North Korea, which has conducted two nuclear tests and a series of missile launches this year. U.S...Read More »

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Jerusalem - IDF Field Hospital May Earn Highest Rating Ever Awarded By World Health Organization

October 19, 2016 03:45 PM

Jerusalem - They have been on the forefront of disaster aid following numerous catastrophic events, but Israel’s military field hospital is poised...Read More »

Trenton, NJ - Terror Bombing Suspect Moved From Hospital To Prison

October 19, 2016 03:00 PM

Trenton, NJ - A man accused of setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York, injuring more than 30 people, has been moved from a hospital to a state...Read More »

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New York - Unusual October Warmth Could Break More US Records

October 19, 2016 02:00 PM

New York - It has been feeling more like summer than fall across parts of the U.S. as high temperatures soared to 10 to 20 degrees above...Read More »

Washington - Pelosi Says Trump Rigging Claims 'Irresponsible'

October 19, 2016 01:32 PM

Washington - The top House Democrat says Donald Trump's unfounded allegations that the November elections are rigged are irresponsible. House...Read More »

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Kennett Square, PA - Robotic Scan For Horses Could Hold Promise For Human Health

October 19, 2016 01:00 PM

Kennett Square, PA - Veterinarians hope an innovative type of CT scan can advance medical care for horses and possibly be adapted for humans...Read More »

Washington - Stats Show Nearly 1 In 5 Drivers In US Is Over 65

October 19, 2016 12:31 PM

Washington - The government says nearly 1 in 5 drivers in the U.S. is over 65 years old, thanks in part to the aging baby boomer generation and greater longevity overall. Preliminary data from the Federal Highway Administration also show there are more drivers today...Read More »

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Washington - Over 2 Million Votes Cast Ahead Of Debate

October 19, 2016 12:00 PM

Washington - No matter how persuasive Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are at Wednesday night's debate, it's already too late for either to win over...Read More »

New York - Facebook Adds Food Ordering Feature

October 19, 2016 11:38 AM

New york - Facebook Inc said users in the United States would be able to order food through the Facebook pages of restaurants starting on Wednesday as part of its efforts to connect users and businesses. Users will also be able to get quotes from businesses, buy...Read More »

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Zhitomir, Ukraine - Four Suspects Arrested In Ukraine For Attack On Chabad Rabbi

October 19, 2016 10:44 AM

Zhitomir, Ukraine - Police in Ukraine have arrested four suspects for the brutal beating and robbery two weeks ago of Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, who remains in serious but stable condition at a hospital in Israel. According to local press...Read More »

Las Vegas, NV - Debate Gives Trump His Last Big Chance To Make A Mark Before Nov. 8

October 19, 2016 10:40 AM

Las Vegas, NV - U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump faces a formidable challenge on Wednesday when he and Democrat Hillary Clinton face...Read More »

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Manassas, VA - Robot Pilots May Someday Fly Passenger And Cargo Planes

October 19, 2016 10:23 AM

Manassas, VA - Think of it as the airborne cousin to the self-driving car: a robot in the cockpit to help human pilots fly passengers and cargo —...Read More »

New York - NYC Police Probe Why Stun Gun Wasn't Used In Fatal Shooting

October 19, 2016 10:00 AM

New York - A New York police officer shot and killed an emotionally disturbed, 66-year-old woman wielding scissors and a baseball bat, and investigators want to know why he didn't use his stun gun instead. Police say the sergeant had persuaded the woman to drop the...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israel: Troops Kill Palestinian Woman Approaching With Knife

October 19, 2016 09:31 AM

Jerusalem - Police say Israeli troops have killed a 19-year-old Palestinian woman who approached them at a West Bank intersection while holding a...Read More »

Manila, Philippines - Philippine Police Van Rams Protesters In Front Of US Embassy

October 19, 2016 09:00 AM

Manila, Philippines - A Philippine police van rammed into protesters, leaving several bloodied, as an anti-U.S. rally turned violent Wednesday at the...Read More »

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Vienna - Austria: Hitler's House Will Be Remodeled, Not Torn Down

October 19, 2016 08:30 AM

Vienna - The building where Adolf Hitler was born may be spared demolition, but emerge heavily disguised. On Monday, Austria's interior minister...Read More »

Washington - $4 A Month? Social Security Recipients To Get Tiny Increase

October 19, 2016 01:21 AM

Washington - Millions of Social Security recipients and federal retirees will get a 0.3 percent increase in monthly benefits next year, the fifth...Read More »

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New York - Eye Doctors Warn Of E-cigarette Liquid Hazard

October 19, 2016 12:48 AM

New York - Storing e-cigarette liquid next to eye drops caused one woman to mix them up, leading to slight eye damage that could have been much worse, Scottish doctors report. Since the bottles looked similar at a glance, and the nicotine-laced liquid carried no...Read More »

Washington - A Surprisingly High Number Of First-timers Now Buying Homes

October 19, 2016 12:30 AM

Washington - For years, the U.S. housing market looked bleak for young couples hoping to buy their first homes but struggling with high student debt...Read More »

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New York - Bloomberg To Make $50M Gift To Boston Science Museum

October 18, 2016 11:59 PM

New York - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's charitable foundation has made the largest gift ever to Boston's Museum of Science. The...Read More »

Washington - Gov't Announces New Steps To Protect Airline Consumers

October 18, 2016 11:30 PM

Washington - Airlines would be required to refund fees when checked bags are "substantially delayed" under a proposal released Tuesday by the Transportation Department, one of a series of steps the Obama administration says it's taking to boost consumer protections...Read More »

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Bronx, NY - Police: Woman Armed With Scissors, Baseball Bat Fatally Shot

October 18, 2016 11:03 PM

Bronx, NY - New York City police shot and killed a woman who confronted them with scissors and a baseball bat, police said. It happened inside an apartment in the Bronx on Tuesday evening. Officers responding to a 911 call about an emotionally disturbed person...Read More »

Indianapolis - Official: Thousands Of Indiana Voter Registrations Altered

October 18, 2016 11:02 PM

Indianapolis - Indiana's chief elections official said Tuesday that thousands of voter registrations were altered, raising concerns about possible fraud and prompting her office to warn voters to check whether their information is correct online and vote early to...Read More »

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New York - Michael Moore To Release Anti-Trump Film As Celebs Step Up Clinton Support

October 18, 2016 10:45 PM

New York - Michael Moore, the left-wing filmmaker known for provocative documentaries that deliver a biting message, will release an anti-Donald Trump movie on Tuesday as Hollywood ramps up efforts to support Democratic White House contender Hillary Clinton in the...Read More »

Washington - The Gateses, Tim Cook On List For Clinton's Veep

October 18, 2016 10:29 PM

Washington - Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates made the list. So did Apple chief executive Tim Cook. They were among nearly 40 elected...Read More »

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Hillsborough, NC - Pence Visits Firebombed Office, Defends 'rigged' Claims

October 18, 2016 10:00 PM

Hillsborough, NC - Republican vice presidential hopeful Mike Pence is condemning the firebombing of a North Carolina Republican campaign office as an...Read More »

New York - If Schoolkids Had A Say, Hillary Clinton Would Be President

October 18, 2016 09:42 PM

New York - While most grown-ups are a few weeks away from heading to the polls, more than 150,000 of the nation's schoolchildren have already voted...Read More »

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New York - Middletown NY Student Killed Fighting For IS Group in Syria

October 18, 2016 09:30 PM

New York - A New York City college student killed fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria made a video trying to clear the name of an Arizona...Read More »

Woodbury, NY - Monroe Youths Stopped By Police In Car Stolen From KJ During First Day Of Yom Tov

October 18, 2016 09:27 PM

Woodbury, NY - Two Monroe teenagers stopped by police on Ninninger Road in a pre-dawn hours on first day of succos were found to be in possession of...Read More »

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London - Ecuador: We Have 'temporarily Restricted' Assange's Internet

October 18, 2016 09:04 PM

London - Ecuador's government has acknowledged that it has "temporarily restricted" WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's internet access at its...Read More »

Gaza City, Gaza Strip - Hamas Sentences Alleged Israeli Spy To Death

October 18, 2016 08:41 PM

Gaza City, Gaza Strip - A Hamas-run court in Gaza has sentenced a man to death for allegedly collaborating with Israel. Officials said Tuesday that the sentence raises the number of people on death row to six — half for allegedly spying. The officials spoke on...Read More »

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