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Jerusalem - Handwritten Einstein Letter Auctioned Off For Nearly $40,000 Today 10:01 PM Jerusalem - A handwritten letter written by Albert Einstein warning of the dangers of growing nationalism and anti-Semitism years before the Nazis rose to power has been sold for nearly $40,000. The Kedem Auction House says the previously unknown letter, brought forward by an anonymous...

Netherlands - Recipes From Tel Aviv Win Holland’s Best Cookbook Award Today 09:30 PM Netherlands - A book of recipes from Tel Aviv won first prize in the Netherlands’ national competition for new contributions in the cookbook genre. “TLV — Recipes and Stories from Tel Aviv,” by the Dutch-Jewish author and journalist Jigal Krant, was declared on Friday as this year’s...


Washington - WSJ: FAA Launches High-priority Probe Of Boeing's Safety Analyses

Today 09:13 PM

Washington - The U.S. aviation regulator has launched a high-priority probe of the safety analyses performed over the years by Boeing Co, following...Read More »

New York - AP: Bloomberg To Decide On President Run By Early 2019

Today 09:00 PM

New York - Having spent a fortune to help elect Democrats this fall, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared lifetime allegiance to the...Read More »

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Trenton, NJ - Court Ruling Could Erase 20,000 NJ Drunken Driving Convictions

Today 08:33 PM

Trenton, NJ - A ruling issued Tuesday by the New Jersey Supreme Court could cause more than 20,000 drunken driving convictions to be vacated. The...Read More »

Israel - Moshe Lion Wins Jerusalem Mayor In 2nd Runoff

Today 08:27 PM

Israel - Jerusalem city councilman Moshe Lion appeared to defeat councilman Ofer Berkovitch in a close race for Jerusalem mayor early Wednesday, with...Read More »

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Washington - CIA Considered Potential Truth Serum For Terror Suspects

Today 08:00 PM

Washington - Shortly after 9/11, the CIA considered using a drug it thought might work like a truth serum and force terror suspects to give up...Read More »

New York - Juul Halts Store Sales Of Some Flavored E-cigarettes

Today 07:27 PM

New York - The nation's leading e-cigarette maker says it has halted store sales of some flavors to deter use by kids. The announcement Tuesday by...Read More »

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Ashkelon, Israel - Civilians In Israel Feel Helpless Amid New Fighting

Today 07:00 PM

Ashkelon, Israel - Loren Amar was watching TV with her father around midnight when an air-raid siren warning of incoming rocket fire blared through...Read More »

New York - FBI Report Shows 17 Percent Spike In Hate Crimes In 2017

Today 06:33 PM

New York - The FBI says hate crimes reports were up about 17 percent in 2017, marking a rise for the third year in a row. An annual report shows...Read More »

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New York - Even After Sell-off, Blackstone's Wien Avoids Gloom On U.S. Stocks

Today 06:00 PM

New York - U.S. stocks have been battered over the last few weeks but a senior executive at Blackstone Group LP, one of the world's most influential...Read More »

Geneva - Pink Diamond Sells For More Than $50M, Setting World Record

Today 05:30 PM

Geneva - Christie's has sold the "Pink Legacy" diamond at auction for more than $50 million including fees, saying it's a new world record price per...Read More »

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Egg Harbor, NJ - 20 Hurt As Car Crashes Into Social Security Office

Today 05:15 PM

Egg Harbor, NJ - Police say 20 people were injured when a car crashed through the front of a Social Security office in New Jersey. Egg Harbor...Read More »

United Nations - Israel's UN Envoy Blames Hamas For Fighting

Today 05:00 PM

United Nations - Israel's U.N. ambassador says Security Council members that want to blame Israel for the latest fighting with the Hamas militant...Read More »

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Washington - Lawmakers Near Prison Reform Deal, But Trump Support Crucial

Today 04:32 PM

Washington - Senators have reached a tentative accord on the first major rewrite of criminal justice sentencing in a generation, but now it's up to...Read More »

New York - Bad Sign: Home Depot Signals U.S. Housing Demand Slowing

Today 04:15 PM

New York - Home Depot Inc <HD.N>, the biggest U.S. home improvement chain, suggested on Tuesday that the pace of U.S. home sales was slowing...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Could Answer Written Russia Probe Questions This Week

Today 03:59 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump is expected to provide written answers to questions from the special counsel probing Russian interference in the...Read More »

Gaza City - Cease-fire Takes Hold Between Israel And Hamas

Today 03:30 PM

Gaza City - Hamas and other militant groups said Tuesday they had accepted an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire to end two days of intense fighting with...Read More »

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New York - Here's What It Costs To Put Your Synagogue Under Armed Guard

Today 03:01 PM

New York - After a mass shooting in a heavily Jewish area shocked the nation, Rabbi Yakov Saacks felt like his Long Island congregation was at...Read More »

New York - NYC Mayor, NY Gov. Annonce Details Of Amazon New HQ In NYC

Today 02:53 PM

New York - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that Amazon will establish a new corporate headquarters in Long Island...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Considers Ousting National Security Deputy Over Feud With First Lady

Today 02:28 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump is moving to replace his deputy national security adviser after she feuded with first lady Melania Trump, two...Read More »

Miami, FL - Orthodox Jewish Woman Pistol-whipped, Robbed While Shopping In Miami

Today 02:00 PM

Miami, FL - North Miami Beach police are searching for two men who robbed an Orthodox Jewish woman at gunpoint last week outside a...Read More »

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Paris - Trump Suggests France Would Have Been Defeated Without US

Today 01:30 PM

Paris - President Donald Trump escalated his verbal assaults against France on Tuesday, suggesting that America's stalwart European ally would have...Read More »

New York - Form Audible To Whole Foods: A Look At Amazon's Empire

Today 01:02 PM

New York - Amazon is hard to escape. Whether you've bought shoes at Zappos, picked up milk at Whole Foods or listened to an audiobook on Audible...Read More »

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Denmark - Norwegian Warship Sinks After It Was Rammed By Tanker

Today 12:33 PM

Denmark - One of Norway's Navy frigates has almost completely gone under water after an oil tanker rammed into it last week and tore a large hole in...Read More »

Kabul - After 17 Years, Many Afghans Blame US For Unending War

Today 12:01 PM

Kabul - When U.S. forces and their Afghan allies rode into Kabul in November 2001 they were greeted as liberators. But after 17 years of war, the...Read More »

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Baraboo, WI - Photographer: Boys' Nazi Salute Photo Not Intended To Be Offensive

Today 11:38 AM

Baraboo, WI - The parent who took a photo of a group of Wisconsin high school boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute on the steps of a local...Read More »

London - British Couple Who Named Their Son After Hitler Found Guilty, Husband A Former Yeshiva Student Says Report

Today 11:21 AM

London - A neo-Nazi couple in Britain who named their baby after Hitler were found guilty of being members of a banned terrorist group. Adam...Read More »

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New York - OpEd: Never Again, Never Again, Never Again

Today 10:54 AM

New York - You should know that everywhere that I go and preach, regarding the people of Israel I often address them as the “chosen...Read More »

Last updated: Today 11:15 AM Jerusalem - Hamas Accept Cease-fire; No Word From Israel

Today 10:34 AM

Jerusalem - Hamas and other Gaza militant groups said Tuesday they have accepted an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire after launching hundreds of rockets...Read More »

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New York - CNN Sues Trump, Demanding Return Of Acosta To White House

Today 10:07 AM

New York - CNN sued the Trump administration Tuesday, demanding that correspondent Jim Acosta's credentials to cover the White House be returned...Read More »

Istanbul - Turkey: 'Atrocious' Recording Suggests Killer Used Drugs

Today 09:37 AM

Istanbul - The audio recording of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is so horrific that a Saudi intelligence official who heard it speculated...Read More »

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Berlin - Former SS Guard Testifies He Was Aware Of Camp Conditions, But Was Never A Nazi

Today 09:26 AM

Berlin - A 94-year-old German man accused of assisting in the murder of hundreds of people at a concentration camp during World War Two told a court...Read More »

Washington - Washington Post: Trump Could Soon Fire Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen

Today 09:02 AM

Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump has told advisers he wants to remove Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from her post, and could...Read More »

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