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Chicago - Owner Unveils Albert Einstein Letter Thanking Chicago Man For Saving Jews Today 09:05 PM Chicago - A letter from Albert Einstein to a Chicago man thanking him for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany has been made public by his daughter. Enid Bronstein has kept the letter penned by Einstein in a safe deposit box for the last 50 years, she told Chicago’s WGN TV. The letter was...

Jerusalem - Qatar Says Gaza Aid Spares Israel War, Shows Doha Does Not Back Hamas Today 08:32 PM Jerusalem - Qatar is helping Israel avoid another Gaza war by funneling relief money to impoverished Palestinians with Washington's blessing, a Qatari diplomat said on Thursday, describing the cooperation as evidence of Doha's distance from Islamist Hamas. Since coming under an embargo last year...


Jerusalem - 50 Percent Of Israelis Believe Netanyahu Should Resign, Poll Finds

Today 08:00 PM

Jerusalem - A television news poll found that 50 percent of Israelis believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, beset by corruption accusations...Read More »

Washington - Conservatives Cheer Mike Pence When He Mentions Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Today 07:02 PM

Washington - Vice President Mike Pence earned one of his biggest applause lines at an influential conservative conference when he cited President...Read More »

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New York - Walmart To Launch New Online Home Shopping Experience

Today 06:36 PM

New York - Bohemian or traditional? Walmart is launching a new online home shopping experience in the coming weeks that will let shoppers discover...Read More »

Tallahassee, FL - Deputy On Duty At School Didn't Engage Shooter, Has Now Resigned

Today 05:36 PM

Tallahassee, FL - The armed deputy who was on the campus of Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting rampage that left 17 dead on Feb. 14 stood...Read More »

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Washington - FBI Says It's Trying To Rebuild Trust After Botched Tip

Today 05:30 PM

Washington - A top FBI official acknowledged Thursday that the nation's top law enforcement agency has lost public trust after the revelation that it...Read More »

Washington - NRA Chief Slams Anti-gun "Elites" After Florida School Massacre

Today 05:00 PM

Washington - The head of the National Rifle Association lashed out at gun control advocates on Thursday, saying Democratic elites are politicizing...Read More »

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Washington - New Charges Brought Against Ex-Trump Campaign Associates

Today 04:58 PM

Washington - In a dramatic escalation of pressure and stakes, special counsel Robert Mueller filed additional criminal charges Thursday against...Read More »

Washington - Superagers' Youthful Brains Offer Clues To Keeping Sharp

Today 04:34 PM

Washington - It's pretty extraordinary for people in their 80s and 90s to keep the same sharp memory as someone several decades younger, and now...Read More »

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Israel - Personal Seal Of Jewish Prophet Isaiah Believed To Be Uncovered In Jerusalem

Today 04:00 PM

Jerusalem - An impression of what is believed to be the 2,700-year-old personal seal of the prophet Isaiah was uncovered in Jerusalem. Isaiah...Read More »

Washington - U.S. Charges More Than 250 In Elder Fraud Scam Crackdown

Today 03:44 PM

Washington -More than 250 people were charged in a major U.S. crackdown on elder fraud scams that victimized over 1 million people and led to $500...Read More »

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United Nations - Jimmy Carter Warns Against One-state For Israel-Palestine

Today 03:30 PM

United Nations - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is warning that the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "is being overtaken by...Read More »

Baton Rouge, LA - Lawsuit: College Refused To Hire Coach With 'Jewish Blood'

Today 03:00 PM

Baton Rouge, LA - The president of a private Baptist college in Louisiana refused to approve a football coach's hiring because of what he called the applicant's "Jewish blood," a federal lawsuit claims. Joshua Bonadona sued Louisiana College and its president, Rick...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israel Extends Detention For 2 Suspects In Netanyahu Case

Today 02:30 PM

Jerusalem - An Israeli court has extended the arrests of a media tycoon and a former adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implicated in a...Read More »

Warwick, NY - Man Pleads To Hate Crime For Nazi Symbols At Jewish Cemetery

Today 02:03 PM

Warwick, NY - A 19-year-old accused of spray-painting swastikas and other Nazi graffiti at a Jewish cemetery in upstate New York has pleaded guilty...Read More »

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New York - Official: Palestinian President Abbas In U.S. Hospital

Today 02:02 PM

New York - The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has gone into hospital in the United States for a routine check, a senior Palestinian official...Read More »

Jerusalem - Chavi Toker To Become First Charedi Woman To Serve As Israeli Judge

Today 01:27 PM

Jerusalem - The Committee for Nominating Judges ratified the appointment of Chavi Tucker, an ultra-Orthodox mother of four, as Israel’s first...Read More »

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Washington - Book Trump? Interest Groups Press Case At His Properties

Today 01:00 PM

Washington - Payday lenders got regulators to rethink rules on how closely to vet borrowers. E-cigarette makers got a delay in federal oversight of...Read More »

Jerusalem - Ex-'Israeli FBI' Chief Convicted For Failing To Report Rabbi Pinto Bribery Attempt

Today 12:46 PM

Jerusalem - Former Lahav 433 police commander Menashe Arbiv was convicted in a plea bargain on Thursday of failing to report that Rabbi Yoshiyau...Read More »

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New Delhi - Want An Evening Out With Trump Jr? You're Probably Too Late

Today 12:35 PM

New Delhi - Want an evening out in India with Donald Trump Jr.? Sorry, even if you have an extra $39,000 it's probably too late to buy a...Read More »

Leonia, NJ - New Jersey Town That Banned Nonresident Drivers Drafts Friendlier Signs

Today 12:01 PM

Leonia, NJ - Officials in a New Jersey town that banned nonresident drivers from using its streets as shortcuts have drafted new traffic signage that...Read More »

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Cairo - Watch: Egyptian Policemen Catch Child Falling Off 3rd Floor

Today 11:44 AM

Cairo - Three Egyptian policemen were able to catch a 5-year-old child as he fell from a third-floor apartment balcony in the southern city of...Read More »

Herzliya, Israel - African Asylum Seekers Facing Expulsion Have Embraced Israel

Today 11:24 AM

Herzliya, Israel - Even as he faces a potential deportation from Israel, 30-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker Johny Goytiom Kafl brims with...Read More »

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Fort Lauderdale, FL - Florida Eye Doctor Gets 17 Years For One Of History's Largest Medicare Frauds

Today 11:04 AM

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A prominent Florida eye doctor once accused of bribing Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey received a 17-year sentence...Read More »

Tallahassee, FL - School Security Camera Delays Misled Police During Shooting

Today 10:44 AM

Tallahassee, FL - For almost a half-hour after a school shooter dropped his assault-style rifle and escaped Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...Read More »

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Allentown, PA - New Jersey Man Dies When Beam Falls In Pennsylvania Tunnel

Today 10:22 AM

Allentown, PA - A New Jersey trucker is dead after police say a section of electrical conduit fell from a Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnel, crashed...Read More »

Washington - Trump Endorsees Raising Minimum Age To 21 For More Weapons

Today 09:57 AM

Washington - President Donald Trump endorsed stricter gun-control measures Thursday, including raising the minimum age to 21 for possessing a broader...Read More »

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West Bank - IDF Refutes Report That Soldiers Beat Palestinian To Death, Raid Captured On Video

Today 09:31 AM

West Bank - A 33-year-old Palestinian man was killed early on Thursday by Israeli soldiers who are seen on a security camera video kicking and...Read More »

Sunrise, FL - Angry Questions From Students, Parents At CNN Town Hall On Guns

Today 09:03 AM

Sunrise, FL - Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was put on the defensive by angry students, teachers and parents who are demanding stronger gun-control...Read More »

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London - Iran Says May Withdraw From Nuclear Deal If Banks Continue To Stay Away

Today 08:41 AM

London - Iran will withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal if there is no economic benefit and major banks continue to shun the Islamic Republic, its...Read More »

Jerusalem - Israeli Police Briefly Detain 2 US Congressman Following Temple Mount Visit

Today 08:15 AM

Jerusalem - Two US congressmen said Thursday that they were detained by police adjacent to the Temple Mount after picking an olive branch off the...Read More »

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Warsaw - Jewish NGO Simon Wiesenthal Center Considers Travel Advisory For Poland

Today 07:54 AM

Warsaw - Jewish human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Wednesday it was considering issuing a travel advisory for Jews urging them...Read More »

Podgorica - Man Lobs Grenade At U.S. Embassy In Montenegro, Then Blows Himself Up

Today 07:40 AM

Podgorica - An unidentified man threw an explosive device, probably a hand grenade, at the U.S. embassy building in Podgorica, the capital of...Read More »

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