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United Nations - American Victims Want Palestinian Leader Barred From UN Meet Today 10:30 AM United Nations - A group of American victims of Palestinian violence are asking President Donald Trump to bar Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States for the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting. The group appealed Sunday for Trump to declare Abbas a "persona...

Kaunas, Lithuania - Pope Warns Lithuanians To Guard Against Anti-Semitism Today 10:00 AM Kaunas, Lithuania - Pope Francis warned Sunday against any rebirth of the "pernicious" anti-Semitic attitudes that fueled the Holocaust as he marked the annual remembrance for Lithuania's centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II. Francis began his second day...


Moscow - Russia Again Blames Israel For Downing Of Plane By Syrian Forces

Today 09:15 AM

Moscow - The Russian Defense Ministry on Sunday again blamed Israel for the downing of a Russian plane by Syrian government forces and said Israel...Read More »

Tehran - Iran's President Blames US After Attack On Military Parade

Today 08:30 AM

Tehran - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday that an unnamed U.S.-allied country in the Persian Gulf was behind an attack on a military...Read More »

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New York - Trump Lawyer Giuliani Says Iran's Government Will Be Overthrown

Today 12:39 AM

New York - President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Saturday said that U.S. sanctions on Iran are leading to economic pain that...Read More »

Washington - Trump Administration Moves To Restrict Immigrants Who Use Public Benefits

Yesterday 11:59 PM

Washington - The Trump administration on Saturday said it would propose making it harder for foreigners to come to the United States or remain there...Read More »

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Nairobi, Kenya - Tanzania Death Toll 209 As Survivor Found In Capsized Ferry

Yesterday 11:30 PM

Nairobi, Kenya - It was a stunning discovery. As rescue divers probed a capsized Tanzanian ferry two days after the disaster and the death toll...Read More »

Ottawa, Ontario - Canada's Capital Reeling After Tornado Hammers Communities

Yesterday 11:00 PM

Ottawa, Ontario - A powerful tornado that carved a path through parts of Canada's capital snapped trees, tossed cars and obliterated dozens of homes...Read More »

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Lima - In Peru, Hitler Runs For Mayor Despite Threat From Lennin

Yesterday 10:24 PM

Lima - In Peru, Hitler hopes to return to power in a small town in the Andes, despite a threat from a detractor named Lennin. Campaign slogans...Read More »

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Opens High-speed Rail Link With Mainland China

Yesterday 10:00 PM

Hong Kong - Hong Kong on Saturday opened a new high-speed rail link to inland China that will vastly decrease travel times but also raises concerns...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israeli Court Fines Ultra-Orthodox Radio Station For Banning Women From The Air

Yesterday 09:30 PM

Jerusalem - An Israeli court has fined an ultra-orthodox Jewish radio station one million shekels ($280,000) for excluding women from its programmes...Read More »

Washington - Kavanaugh, Ford Agree To Testify On Thursday

Yesterday 09:05 PM

Washington - A tentative agreement has been reached for the Senate Judiciary Committee to hear testimony Thursday from Supreme Court nominee Brett...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Thousands Of Ultra-Orthodox Protest Over Shabbat Work On Light Rail

Yesterday 08:49 PM

Jerusalem - Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak Friday night after a court allowed work on the...Read More »

Tehran - Militants Attack Iran Military Parade, Killing At Least 25, Army General Blames Israel

Yesterday 08:45 PM

Tehran - Militants disguised as soldiers opened fire Saturday on an annual Iranian military parade in the country's oil-rich southwest, killing at...Read More »

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Washington - 55 House Republicans Urge Trump To Allow ‘Israel’ On Passports Of Jerusalem-born

Yesterday 08:22 PM

Washington - A letter from 55 U.S. House of Representatives Republicans to President Donald Trump asks him to direct the State Department to allow...Read More »

Washington - AP Sources: Rosenstein Not Serious, Was Sarcastic Of Possible Secret Trump Taping

September 21, 2018 06:00 PM

Washington - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein floated the idea of secretly recording President Donald Trump last year amid law enforcement...Read More »

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Sao Paulo - Brazil Arrests Man Linked To Hezbollah On Crimes In Paraguay

September 21, 2018 05:30 PM

Sao Paulo - Brazilian police on Friday arrested a fugitive whom U.S. authorities have accused of serving as Hezbollah's financier and who has...Read More »

New York - Credit Freeze Free Nationwide As Of Friday

September 21, 2018 05:00 PM

New York - Consumers can now freeze their credit for free under a new federal law. A credit freeze restricts access to your credit file...Read More »

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Sterling, VA - Paddlers Sue Over Limited Potomac Access While Trump Golfs

September 21, 2018 04:22 PM

Sterling, VA - Paddlers are suing the U.S. Coast Guard in an attempt to reverse a policy that closes a stretch of the Potomac River when President...Read More »

New York - Dow Jones Industrials Propel Market To Another New High

September 21, 2018 04:18 PM

New York - Industrials led the Dow to a new closing high on Friday ahead of Monday's major sector reshuffle, capping a week in which investors...Read More »

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New Jersey - Bergen County Sheriff, 4 Undersheriffs Recorded Making Racial Remarks Resign

September 21, 2018 04:12 PM

Bergen County, NJ - A New Jersey sheriff has resigned after being heard in a recording making disparaging comments about blacks and alleging the...Read More »

Warsaw - Polish Town Accused Of Turning Jewish Cemetery Into Soccer Field

September 21, 2018 03:34 PM

Warsaw - A state-funded sports complex was built on a disused Jewish cemetery in southeastern Poland, several Jewish groups complained. The...Read More »

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Washington - IRS To Update W-4 Form In 2019 And 2020

September 21, 2018 03:00 PM

Washington - The IRS will soon update the W-4 form used by employees at their workplace to better reflect the recent changes to federal tax law. The U.S. Treasury said Thursday that the IRS will update the form in the coming weeks for use for the 2019 tax year. That...Read More »

Washington - Rosenstein Denies NYT Report That He Proposed Secretly Taping Trump

September 21, 2018 02:53 PM

Washington - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is denying a report in The New York Times that he suggested last year he secretly record...Read More »

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Paris - Abbas Denies Palestinians Refused Peace Talks With Israel

September 21, 2018 02:26 PM

Paris - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has denied U.S. claims the Palestinians have refused to enter peace talks with Israel. Abbas' denial came...Read More »

Berlin - Nazi War Crimes Suspect, 94, Faces Trial In German Youth Court

September 21, 2018 02:02 PM

Berlin - A 94-year-old German is to go on trial accused of being accessory to hundreds of murders in a Nazi concentration camp during World War Two...Read More »

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United Nations - WHO: Alcohol Abuse Kills 3 Million A Year, Most Of Them Men

September 21, 2018 01:31 PM

United Nations - More than 3 million people died in 2016 due to drinking too much alcohol, meaning one in 20 deaths worldwide was linked to harmful...Read More »

Poland - Bloody Tallis From Yom Kippur Pogrom Found In Former Lodz Ghetto

September 21, 2018 01:01 PM

Poland - Part of a blood-stained prayer shawl from a 1940 Yom Kippur pogrom was found in the former ghetto of Lodz, Poland and brought to Israel, its...Read More »

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Amsterdam - Dutch Islamist Politician: Yom Kippur Fast Won’t Atone For Israel’s Sins

September 21, 2018 12:30 PM

Amsterdam - A Dutch Muslim politician who has prayed for Allah to “exterminate the Zionists” said that a day of fasting on Yom Kippur will not...Read More »

Warsaw, Poland - Polish Police Arrest Suspect In Yom Kippur Rock Attack On Synagogue

September 21, 2018 11:42 AM

Warsaw, Poland - Police in the Polish city of Gdansk have detained a 27-year-old man suspected of smashing a synagogue window during the Yom Kippur...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Delays Russia Probe Document; Allies Voiced Concerns

September 21, 2018 11:08 AM

Washington - President Donald Trump on Friday delayed the planned release of documents from the FBI's Russia investigation, saying the Justice...Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Warns It Will Cut Palestinian Tax Transfer If Ari Fuld Killer's Family Is Paid

September 21, 2018 11:03 AM

Jerusalem - Israel will cut the tax revenue it transfers to the Palestinian Authority if it pays the family of the killer of an American-Israeli...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Abandons Restraint, Calls Out Kavanaugh's Accuser

September 21, 2018 10:30 AM

Washington - President Donald Trump challenged the woman accusing his Supreme Court nominee of assault by name Friday, saying that if the alleged...Read More »

New York - Market Experts: U.S. Bond Market Recession Signal Not Far Away

September 21, 2018 10:06 AM

New York - The moment when short-dated U.S. Treasury yields rise above longer maturities, a reliable forecaster of recessions, is only two years off...Read More »

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