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Washington - Pompeo Condemns Rise Of Anti-Semitism, Blasts Britain's Labour Party Today 11:30 PM Washington - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday condemned the rise of anti-Semitism as a "cancer metastasizing" in the Middle East, Europe and in the United States, where he said the Trump administration would vigorously oppose it. In a speech to a major pro-Israel U.S. lobby group in...

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Orders Cleanup Of Clothing, Cookware Chemicals Today 11:00 PM Trenton, NJ - New Jersey is ordering five companies that manufacture chemicals used to stain-proof clothing and produce non-stick cookware to spend what could be hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up contamination from the substances. The state Department of Environmental Protection Mo...


Washington - Senate Republicans To Introduce 2 Bills Against Anti-Semitism

Today 10:30 PM

Washington - Senate Republicans are set to introduce two bills that oppose anti-Semitism. The bills follow a controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan...Read More »

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's Israel Embassy Move Requires More Study: President's Spokesman

Today 10:00 PM

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's decision on whether to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem deserves deeper study, and that is what President Jair...Read More »

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New York - Media Takes Heat Following Mueller Conclusions

Today 09:31 PM

New York - Holding a copy of the New York Times to the camera on Monday, a giddy Steve Doocy of Fox News Channel said the headline about special...Read More »

Jerusalem - Wanna See The Sunrise From Space? The Israeli Craft Beresheet Has The Video.

Today 09:09 PM

Jerusalem - The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet has sent home a video of a sunrise from the spacecraft’s point of view before it enters the moon’s orbit. The Beresheet camera also caught some selfie images with earth from 81,400 miles and nearly 165,000 miles away...Read More »

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Salt Lake City - An 'Extreme Stalker' Has A Utah Family's Home Under Siege

Today 08:31 PM

Salt Lake City - A Utah family has become the victim of extreme stalking involving unwanted service providers repeatedly being sent to their home...Read More »

Washington - Fist Pumps And Accolades: Trump Has, Perhaps, Best Day Ever

Today 08:02 PM

Washington - He took a fist-pumping victory lap over the end of the Mueller probe. Basked in gushy accolades from a foreign leader. Saw a former...Read More »

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Madrid - Study Shows Limited Control Over Privacy Breaches By Pre-installed Android Apps

Today 07:30 PM

Madrid - An independent study lead by an academic group in Spain has shown that what personal information can be collected by pre-installed programs...Read More »

Washington - GOP Turns Fury On Schiff Over Russian Collusion Claims

Today 07:02 PM

Washington - "Damning evidence" of collusion with Russia. "More than circumstantial." A scandal of a size "beyond Watergate." For two years, Rep...Read More »

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Cupertino, CA - Apple Details News App, Credit Card At Services Event

Today 06:24 PM

Cupertino, CA - Apple laid out the details of its news subscription service, Apple News Plus, and a new credit card at an event Monday. It's also...Read More »

Gaza - Hamas Has Developed A Vast Arsenal In Blockaded Gaza

Today 06:03 PM

Gaza - A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Monday was one of the most powerful launched ever by Gaza militants, flying nearly 120 kilometers (70...Read More »

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Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Senate Postpones Vote On Legal Recreational Pot

Today 05:30 PM

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey lawmakers dealt a blow to the prospects of legal recreational marijuana use Monday, when the state Senate president...Read More »

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Parkland Community Worried After 2 Survivors' Suicides

Today 05:01 PM

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The community of Parkland, Florida, is focusing attention on its suicide prevention programs after two survivors of the Florida...Read More »

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Washington - House Majority Leader Walks Back Jabs At Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Today 04:27 PM

Washington - The House majority leader “clarified” remarks that were seen as jabs at first-year Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria...Read More »

Washington - Russia Probe Findings Offer Re-election Weapon For Trump

Today 04:00 PM

Washington - U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's conclusion that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia to win the presidency in 2016 gives the...Read More »

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Last updated: Today 04:13 PM Jerusalem - Gaza Militants Fire Barrage Of Rockets At Israel; Hamas Says Cease-fire Reached

Today 03:47 PM

Jerusalem - Gaza militants fired at least 10 rockets toward Israel after an Israeli airstrike destroyed the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh...Read More »

Paris - French Muslim Group Sues Facebook, YouTube Over Christchurch Footage

Today 03:30 PM

Paris - One of the main groups representing Muslims in France said on Monday it was suing Facebook and YouTube, accusing them of inciting violence by...Read More »

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Washington - Graham Says Panel Will Explore 'Other Side' In Russia Probe

Today 03:02 PM

Washington - Attorney General William Barr has made his determination about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation . Now Democrats want to...Read More »

Gaza - Israeli Strike Destroys Hamas Leader's Office in Gaza

Today 02:56 PM

Gaza - Hamas' radio station says an Israeli airstrike has demolished the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. The airstrike took place moments...Read More »

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Copenhagen - Norway Opens Probe Into Why Cruise Ship Ventured Into Storm

Today 02:41 PM

Copenhagen - Norwegian officials have opened an investigation into why a cruise ship carrying more than 1,370 people set sail along the country's...Read More »

Washington - Netanyahu Rival Gantz, Addressing Pro-Israel Lobby In U.S., Urges Unity

Today 02:33 PM

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's strongest election challenger, Benny Gantz, called on Monday for unity and moderation in a...Read More »

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Brooklyn, NY - Exclusive: Just One Week Into Trial, Lev Bais Yaakov Settles With Former Student For Undisclosed Amount

Today 01:50 PM

Brooklyn, NY - A lawsuit charging a Brooklyn girls’ school with defamation for expelling a student after an anonymous caller said that she had...Read More »

New York - Anti-Trump Lawyer Charged In $20 Million Nike Extortion Scam

Today 01:33 PM

New York - Attorney Michael Avenatti, who represented a woman's battles against U.S. President Donald Trump, has been charged with extorting more...Read More »

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Washington - Netanyanu Seeks Trump OK To Share Israeli Wine

Today 01:14 PM

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (neh-ten-YAH'-hoo) is asking President Donald Trump for permission to share Israeli wine with...Read More »

Washington - Flattened Yield Curve Reason To Be Nervous, But U.S. Economy Solid: Fed's Evans

Today 01:00 PM

Washington - - Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans said on Monday it was understandable for markets to be nervous when the yield...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Signs Proclamation Formally Recognizing Israel's Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

Today 12:19 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump signed a proclamation on Monday recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, reversing more than a...Read More »

Jerusalem - Charedi Rosh Yeshiva Describes Israeli Government As Worse Than The Nazis

Today 11:53 AM

Jerusalem - A pre-election gathering in Israel turned controversial when the head of a prestigious yeshiva slammed the Israeli government for not...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israeli Military Says It Has Begun Striking Hamas Targets Throughout Gaza

Today 11:48 AM

Jerusalem - The Israeli military said on Monday it had begun carrying out strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, hours after a Palestinian...Read More »

Washington - Pence: Gaza Attack Shows Hamas Can't Be Partner For Peace

Today 11:30 AM

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he was cutting short his visit to Washington after a Gaza rocket attack on...Read More »

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London - Mix-up: British Airways Plane Lands In Wrong Country

Today 11:18 AM

London - The flight on Monday seemed to go perfectly well, until passengers realized that their plane had landed in both the wrong city and the wrong...Read More »

Washington - Trump's Golan Move Boosts Netanyahu But Long-term Risks For Israel

Today 10:54 AM

Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump's call for recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights was manna from heaven for Prime...Read More »

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Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Airlines Says Pilots Got Appropriate Training

Today 10:26 AM

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Airlines' CEO says the pilots who flew the plane that crashed on March 10 had trained on "all appropriate simulators,"...Read More »

Kfar Saba, Israel - 'I Would Be Burying My Family If We Hadn’t Gotten To The Bomb Shelter'

Today 09:45 AM

Kfar Saba, Israel - Luck and miracles saved the seven members of the Wolf family from certain death, when a rocket destroyed their home in Moshav...Read More »

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