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Washington - White House Website Gets Face-lift Yesterday 11:28 PM Washington - The White House's website has gotten a face-lift 11 months into President Donald Trump's tenure. The White House says the updated site features a more user-friendly design and more intuitive search capabilities, as well as a cleaner and more elegant display. The Trump...

Newark, NJ - New York, New Jersey Reach Funding Pact For New Rail Tunnel Yesterday 11:09 PM Newark, NJ - New York and New Jersey announced Thursday how they will pay for their share of an estimated $13 billion project to build a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River and other improvements, with New Jersey's outgoing governor outlining a plan that calls for progressively steeper fare hikes for train riders in his state during the next 20 years. New Jersey's Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy, who will replace term-limited Republican...


Portland, OR - Vera Katz, Three-term Mayor Of Portland Who Escaped The Nazis, Dies At 84

Yesterday 10:36 PM

Portland, OR - Vera Katz, a popular three-term mayor of Portland, Oregon who escaped from the Nazis with her family as a child, has died. Katz...Read More »

Washington - Trump's Security Paper Offers Stark Vision Of Global Rivalry

Yesterday 10:09 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump's "America First" vision is a stark worldview that sees rivals battling each other for supremacy or relevance and has little use for alliances, treaties and other international agreements unless they directly benefit the United...Read More »

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Brussels - EU Distances Itself From Trump With Comment On Jerusalem

Yesterday 09:32 PM

Brussels - A European Union leader says leaders of the 28-nation bloc have reiterated their "firm commitment" to a two-state solution for Israel and...Read More »

Long Island, NY - Prosecutor: New York Woman Charged With Laundering Money To Help Islamic State

Yesterday 09:15 PM

Long Island, NY -A suburban New York hospital technician accused of using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to launder money meant for the militant...Read More »

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Chicago, IL - Parents Angry After Homework Assignment About Hitler

Yesterday 09:00 PM

Chicago, IL - An 8th grade homework assignment about Hitler has angered parents in a suburban Chicago school. Students at the Woodland Middle...Read More »

Albany, NY - New York Couples Win Lawsuit Over Donated Eggs With Genetic Defect

Yesterday 08:30 PM

Albany, NY -  Two couples that gave birth to children with a genetic defect later traced to donated eggs won a lawsuit against a New York fertility...Read More »

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Washington - Senator: Comey's Remarks On Clinton Probe Heavily Edited

Yesterday 08:17 PM

Washington - A draft statement former FBI Director James Comey prepared in anticipation of concluding the Hillary Clinton email case without criminal...Read More »

Washington - AP Explains: What Is Net Neutrality And Why Does It Matter?

Yesterday 08:00 PM

Washington - "Net neutrality" regulations, designed to prevent internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Charter from favoring...Read More »

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Washington - White House Says Roy Moore Should Concede

Yesterday 07:30 PM

Washington - The White House says it's past time for Republican Roy Moore to concede he lost the Alabama Senate race. White House press secretary...Read More »

Berlin - Holocaust Survivors Worldwide Celebrate Chanukkah

Yesterday 07:02 PM

Berlin - Hundreds of Holocaust survivors are taking part in the third candle lighting of Hanukkah in Berlin, Jerusalem and New York — part of a...Read More »

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Paris - Online Shopping Won't Grow Forever, Says Unibail Boss Creating Malls Giant

Yesterday 06:24 PM

Paris - Online shopping has its limits and physical stores will never go out of fashion, says the CEO of Unibail-Rodamco which is betting $16 billion on buying Westfield to create a global mall giant. The deal comes at a time when the traditional retail sector and...Read More »

New York - Homegrown Attacks Rising Worry In U.S. As Islamic State Weakens Abroad

Yesterday 06:02 PM

New York - The online video's message was clear: Supporters of Islamic State who could not travel overseas to join the militant group should carry...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Palestinians, A Large Jerusalem Minority, Feel Trump Snub

Yesterday 05:30 PM

Jerusalem - Pedestrians walk on a thick layer of soot from tires set ablaze in frequent clashes with Israeli troops. Cars navigate around potholes in...Read More »

New York - Police, Prosecutor Scrutinize Fatal Shooting By NYC Officer

Yesterday 05:01 PM

New York - The New York Police Department and Bronx district attorney's office are scrutinizing a raid that led to an officer fatally shooting a man who was accused of wielding a machete. The New York Times reports that 69-year-old Mario Sanabria was killed around...Read More »

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Baghdad - Arms Supplied By U.S., Saudi Ended Up With Islamic State, Researchers Say

Yesterday 04:24 PM

Baghdad - Arms provided by the United States and Saudi Arabia to Syrian opposition groups frequently ended up in the hands of Islamic State, an arms...Read More »

Washington - As Republican Tax Bill Vote Nears, Two Senators Demand Changes

Yesterday 04:03 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump's drive to win passage of a sweeping tax bill hit a potential obstacle on Thursday as two Republican senators...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Israel’s First Arab Rhodes Scholar Has The Chutzpah To Love Her Country, And To Try To Change It

Yesterday 03:30 PM

Jerusalem - Lian Najani, Israel's first Arab Rhodes scholar, is the kind of person who can be optimistic about just about anything — including...Read More »

Staten Island, NY - Safety Board: Drone Operator Caused US Army Helicopter Collision

Yesterday 03:03 PM

Staten Island, NY - A September collision between a small civilian drone and a U.S. Army helicopter was caused by the drone operator's failure to see...Read More »

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Washington - In First, U.S. Presents Its Evidence Of Iranian Weaponry From Yemen

Yesterday 02:32 PM

Washington - The United States on Thursday presented for the first time pieces of what it said were Iranian weapons supplied to the Iran-aligned...Read More »

Jerusalem - Court: Israel Must Enact Law If It Wants To Hold Terrorists' Remains As Bargaining Chips

Yesterday 01:58 PM

Jerusalem - Israel's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the state could not keep the bodies of Palestinian gunmen for use as bargaining chips to...Read More »

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El-bireh, West Bank - Photographer Recounts Capturing Undercover Israeli Agents In Action

Yesterday 01:30 PM

El-bireh, West Bank - Reuters photographer Mohamad Torokman found himself staring down the barrel of a gun when he captured the moment an undercover...Read More »

Last updated: Yesterday 02:29 PM Washington - House Speaker Ryan Denies Reports Of Retirement After 2018 Elections

Yesterday 01:10 PM

Washington - House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's not leaving Congress anytime soon. The Wisconsin Republican was asked Thursday about rumors...Read More »

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Washington - Bannon, Undeterred, Under Siege From GOP After Alabama Loss

Yesterday 01:00 PM

Washington - Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is catching blame from fellow Republicans for coughing up a safe Senate seat in deep-red...Read More »

New York - As Bitcoin, Other Currencies Soar, Regulators Urge Caution

Yesterday 12:32 PM

New York - The public's interest in all things bitcoin and efforts by entrepreneurs to fund their businesses with digital currencies is starting to...Read More »

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Gaza City - Gaza Eatery Offers Discounts To North Koreans But No Takers

Yesterday 12:03 PM

Gaza City - A Gaza eatery is offering massive discounts to North Korean diners but there is just one problem — there are no North Koreans in...Read More »

New York - Liberal Orthodox Synagogue Will Not Announce LGBT Weddings Following Complaint

Yesterday 11:30 AM

New York - A flagship liberal Orthodox synagogue in New York will stop congratulating same-sex couples on their weddings following a complaint by the...Read More »

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Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO - 2 St. Louis-area Cops Shot But Saved By Bulletproof Vests

Yesterday 11:05 AM

Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO - A gunman shot two suburban St. Louis police officers in the chest during a standoff Thursday, but their bulletproof...Read More »

Gaza - Hamas Marks 30th Anniversary At Low Point Of Gaza Rule

Yesterday 11:01 AM

Gaza - Hamas marked the 30th anniversary of its founding with a mass rally of many thousands of supporters Thursday, staging a show of strength at a...Read More »

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Washington - Prominent Black Supporter Of Trump Denies White House Firing, Drama

Yesterday 10:36 AM

Washington - Former "Apprentice" star Omarosa denies she was fired from her job at the White House — and she's teasing that she has stories to tell...Read More »

Moscow - Putin: US Hurts Itself With "Invented" Trump Collusion Case

Yesterday 10:29 AM

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scoffed at allegations of collusion between U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia...Read More »

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New York - With No Deal On Children's Health Plan, States Scramble For Plan B

Yesterday 10:03 AM

New York - For Nancy Minoui of Portland, Oregon, and Crystal Lett of Dublin, Ohio, Congress' failure to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program...Read More »

Paramus, NJ - Students At New Jersey School Break World Record For Largest Human Menorah

Yesterday 09:31 AM

Paramus, NJ - Students at a Jewish school in New Jersey broke the world record for the world’s largest human menorah. Over 500 students from Ben...Read More »

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