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Chiang Rai, Thailand - Thai Cave Boys Wave And Smile In First Public Appearance After Rescue Today 07:51 AM Chiang Rai, Thailand - The 12 boys and their soccer coach rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand waved, smiled and offered traditional "wai" greetings in their first public appearance on Wednesday at a national broadcast in the northern province of Chiang Rai. Doctors, relatives and friends...

Washington - Comey Urges Voters To Support Democrats In Fall Today 07:25 AM Washington - James Comey, the FBI director who was fired last year by President Donald Trump, is urging voters to support Democrats in November's midterm elections. Comey says on Twitter that the "Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders' design that 'Ambition must .....


Vienna - Austrian State Mulls Limiting Kosher Meat Sale To Registered Jews

Yesterday 11:41 PM

Vienna - A regional politician in Austria defended a plan to limit access to kosher meat, conditioning its sale on permits that would be individually...Read More »

Albany, NY - Cuomo Outraises Nixon, But Questions About Donors Linger

Yesterday 11:01 PM

Albany, NY - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is easily outpacing Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon in campaign contributions but can't shake...Read More »

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Helsinki - Political Experts: Tumult Of Trump's Europe Trip Smashes Presidential Precedent

Yesterday 10:28 PM

Helsinki - Plenty of U.S. presidents have created commotion in their travels abroad, but none as much as President Donald Trump. The president's...Read More »

Jerusalem - ‘Facebook Law’ Would Allow Israeli Government To Block Social Media Content

Yesterday 10:00 PM

Jerusalem - The Israeli government would have far-reaching power to remove or block content from social media sites under legislation coming up for a...Read More »

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New York - Jewish Community Leads Charge To Postpone Rollout Of City’s New Death And Birth Recording System

Yesterday 09:30 PM

New York - Plans to unveil an updated version of a new electronic system to officially record births and deaths within New York City in just under...Read More »

Washington - Cancer-treatment Drug Gets Name From The Torah

Yesterday 09:00 PM

Washington - A pharmaceutical company has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to market their new drug under a name derived...Read More »

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San Francisco - Why Is Facebook Keen On Robots? It's Just The Future Of AI

Yesterday 08:31 PM

San Francisco - Facebook announced several new hires of top academics in the field of artificial intelligence Tuesday, among them a roboticist known...Read More »

Washington - Trump's Defense Chief Open To First Talks With Russian Counterpart

Yesterday 08:03 PM

Washington - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is open to the possibility of the first talks since 2015 between the defense chiefs of the United...Read More »

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New York - UPS Tests 'Smart Lock' Technology In New York Apartment Buildings

Yesterday 07:25 PM

New York - United Parcel Service Inc on Tuesday said it is testing "smart lock" technology that allows its delivery drivers to open doors and drop...Read More »

Helsinki - Writer Removed From Summit Event Says He Only Had A Question

Yesterday 07:00 PM

Helsinki - The writer and political activist who was forcibly removed from a room where U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir...Read More »

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Washington - Watch: Lights Go Out During Trump Statement At The White House

Yesterday 06:23 PM

Washington - President Donald Trump wanted to make an important point. And then the lights went out. Trump was saying Tuesday that he has "full...Read More »

Las Vegas - MGM Sues Vegas Mass Shooting Victims, Argues It Isn't Liable

Yesterday 06:01 PM

Las Vegas - MGM Resorts International has sued hundreds of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in a bid to avoid liability...Read More »

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Oriskany, NY - State Opens New Facility For Swift Water Rescue Training

Yesterday 05:30 PM

Oriskany, NY - The state has opened a facility in central New York where first responders can receive training in rescuing people from dangerous...Read More »

Washington - NAACP Lifting Travel Advisory Against American Airlines

Yesterday 05:26 PM

Washington - The NAACP is lifting its travel advisory against American Airlines, saying the company is making improvements that address worries about...Read More »

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Washington - Mueller Seeks Immunity For 5 Witnesses In Manafort Case

Yesterday 04:58 PM

Washington - Special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking immunity for five potential witnesses in the upcoming trial of President Donald Trump's former...Read More »

New York - Twitter Suspended 58 Million accounts In The Last Three Months Of 2017

Yesterday 04:27 PM

New York - Twitter suspended at least 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017, according to data obtained by The Associated Press...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Knesset Restores War Powers To Cabinet, Saying Prime Minister And Defense Minister Can’t Act Alone

Yesterday 04:03 PM

Jerusalem - The Knesset rescinded an amendment to a law it passed earlier this year that gave Israel’s prime minister and defense minister the...Read More »

Jerusalem - Netanyahu Uploads Clip Of Trump Saying Putin Is ‘Bibi Fan’

Yesterday 03:17 PM

Jerusalem - Russian President Vladimir Putin is both a “believer in Israel” and a “fan of Bibi,” US President Donald Trump said Monday...Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 03:21 PM Washington - Trump Corrects His Quote, Says Misspoke On Russian Meddling

Yesterday 02:34 PM

Washington - Blistered by bipartisan condemnation of his embrace of a longtime U.S. enemy, President Donald Trump sought Tuesday to "clarify" his...Read More »

New York - Guilty, Again: Ex-New York Senator And Son Convicted Of Bribery, Extortion

Yesterday 02:32 PM

New York - A former New York state Senate leader and his son were convicted on Tuesday of extortion, wire fraud and bribery charges that they...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Embraced Putin, America Groaned. What Happens Next?

Yesterday 02:00 PM

Washington - The Washington political playbook suggests President Donald Trump should make clear — and fast — that the U.S. isn't in the pocket...Read More »

Jerusalem - Palestinians Slam Saudi Documentary About Israel’s Founding

Yesterday 01:40 PM

Jerusalem - Amid rumors of warming ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Palestinian groups have lashed out against a recently released documentary...Read More »

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Albany NY - 4 Blue States Sue Washington Over GOP Tax Overhaul

Yesterday 01:00 PM

Albany NY - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland are suing the federal government over the Republican-led tax overhaul. The lawsuit was...Read More »

Las Vegas - Body Camera Video Shows Officer Firing Through Window At Murder Suspects

Yesterday 12:15 PM

Las Vegas - One suspect was killed and a second wounded during a shootout on July 11 with police in downtown Las Vegas, hours after the pair was...Read More »

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Moscow - Russian Prosecutors Want To Question US Intel Agents

Yesterday 11:58 AM

Moscow - Russian prosecutors are pushing to question U.S. intelligence agents and a former ambassador to Moscow in their investigation of an...Read More »

Mae Sai - British Caver Says He Approached By U.S., British Lawyers Over Musk's Comments

Yesterday 11:22 AM

Mae Sai - A British caver who helped rescue 12 boys from a Thai cave said on Tuesday that he has been approached by British and American lawyers and...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Says 'Fake News' Misreporting Putin Summit

Yesterday 10:59 AM

Washington - President Donald Trump is unbowed by bipartisan criticism of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a Tuesday tweet...Read More »

Madrid - Amazon Upbeat On Prime Day, Despite Early Glitches

Yesterday 10:35 AM

Madrid - Amazon is hoping customers don't see any more dogs, after early problems on Prime Day meant people trying to shop got only images of cute...Read More »

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Menasha, WI - Bicyclist Versus Lift Bridge. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Yesterday 10:01 AM

Menasha, WI - Police say a bicyclist who weaved past the gates blocking access to a bridge over a river in eastern Wisconsin escaped serious injury...Read More »

Johannesburg, South Africa - Obama Says Today's Times 'Strange And Uncertain'

Yesterday 09:56 AM

Johannesburg, South Africa - Former U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday was making his highest-profile speech since leaving office, urging people...Read More »

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Los Angeles - Woman Who Crashed Car And Survived Days Stranded On Beach Tells Story

Yesterday 09:31 AM

Los Angeles - A self-described beachcomber says it was her luckiest find yet: A woman who survived a 250-foot car plunge off a cliff and a week...Read More »

Jerusalem - Israeli Lawmakers Vote To Ban Some Left-wing Groups From Schools

Yesterday 09:04 AM

Jerusalem - Israel's parliament passed a law on Tuesday that could see groups critical of government policies toward the Palestinians banned from...Read More »

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