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San Francisco - Airbnb Unveils New Category Of Rentals Rated By Inspectors Yesterday 11:33 PM San Francisco - Airbnb is dispatching inspectors to rate some of the properties listed on its home-rental service in an effort to reassure travelers they're booking nice places to stay. The Plus program, unveiled Thursday, is aimed at winning over travelers who aren't sure they can trust the...

San Francisco - Wait, I Know You: Home Security Startup Taps Face-recognition Tech Yesterday 11:00 PM San Francisco - A team of engineers that worked on self-driving cars and helped invent Google Street View wants to help people guard their homes against intruders using the same style of facial recognition that unlocks smart phones. Lighthouse AI, their startup, on Thursday released a home...


Washington - Police Advocacy Group Says It Opposes Arming Teachers

Yesterday 10:30 PM

Washington - An advocacy group for police officers assigned to secure the nation's schools has a simple message about arming teachers: Don't do...Read More »

Lincoln, NE - First National Bank To Halt Production Of NRA Credit Card

Yesterday 10:01 PM

Lincoln, NE - The nation's largest privately-owned bank holding company will stop producing credit cards for the National Rifle Association in...Read More »

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Parkland, FL - Florida Congressman’s Kids Are Using Hamantaschen To Help End Gun Violence

Yesterday 09:30 PM

Parkland, FL - The college-aged kids of a Jewish congressman from Florida are raising money to end gun violence by selling hamantaschen. Gabby...Read More »

Chicago - Owner Unveils Albert Einstein Letter Thanking Chicago Man For Saving Jews

Yesterday 09:05 PM

Chicago - A letter from Albert Einstein to a Chicago man thanking him for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany has been made public by his...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Qatar Says Gaza Aid Spares Israel War, Shows Doha Does Not Back Hamas

Yesterday 08:32 PM

Jerusalem - Qatar is helping Israel avoid another Gaza war by funneling relief money to impoverished Palestinians with Washington's blessing, a...Read More »

Jerusalem - 50 Percent Of Israelis Believe Netanyahu Should Resign, Poll Finds

Yesterday 08:00 PM

Jerusalem - A television news poll found that 50 percent of Israelis believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, beset by corruption accusations...Read More »

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Washington - Conservatives Cheer Mike Pence When He Mentions Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Yesterday 07:02 PM

Washington - Vice President Mike Pence earned one of his biggest applause lines at an influential conservative conference when he cited President...Read More »

New York - Walmart To Launch New Online Home Shopping Experience

Yesterday 06:36 PM

New York - Bohemian or traditional? Walmart is launching a new online home shopping experience in the coming weeks that will let shoppers discover...Read More »

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Tallahassee, FL - Deputy On Duty At School Didn't Engage Shooter, Has Now Resigned

Yesterday 05:36 PM

Tallahassee, FL - The armed deputy who was on the campus of Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting rampage that left 17 dead on Feb. 14 stood...Read More »

Washington - FBI Says It's Trying To Rebuild Trust After Botched Tip

Yesterday 05:30 PM

Washington - A top FBI official acknowledged Thursday that the nation's top law enforcement agency has lost public trust after the revelation that it...Read More »

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Washington - NRA Chief Slams Anti-gun "Elites" After Florida School Massacre

Yesterday 05:00 PM

Washington - The head of the National Rifle Association lashed out at gun control advocates on Thursday, saying Democratic elites are politicizing...Read More »

Washington - New Charges Brought Against Ex-Trump Campaign Associates

Yesterday 04:58 PM

Washington - In a dramatic escalation of pressure and stakes, special counsel Robert Mueller filed additional criminal charges Thursday against...Read More »

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Washington - Superagers' Youthful Brains Offer Clues To Keeping Sharp

Yesterday 04:34 PM

Washington - It's pretty extraordinary for people in their 80s and 90s to keep the same sharp memory as someone several decades younger, and now...Read More »

Israel - Personal Seal Of Jewish Prophet Isaiah Believed To Be Uncovered In Jerusalem

Yesterday 04:00 PM

Jerusalem - An impression of what is believed to be the 2,700-year-old personal seal of the prophet Isaiah was uncovered in Jerusalem. Isaiah...Read More »

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Washington - U.S. Charges More Than 250 In Elder Fraud Scam Crackdown

Yesterday 03:44 PM

Washington -More than 250 people were charged in a major U.S. crackdown on elder fraud scams that victimized over 1 million people and led to $500...Read More »

United Nations - Jimmy Carter Warns Against One-state For Israel-Palestine

Yesterday 03:30 PM

United Nations - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is warning that the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "is being overtaken by...Read More »

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Baton Rouge, LA - Lawsuit: College Refused To Hire Coach With 'Jewish Blood'

Yesterday 03:00 PM

Baton Rouge, LA - The president of a private Baptist college in Louisiana refused to approve a football coach's hiring because of what he called the applicant's "Jewish blood," a federal lawsuit claims. Joshua Bonadona sued Louisiana College and its president, Rick...Read More »

Jerusalem - Israel Extends Detention For 2 Suspects In Netanyahu Case

Yesterday 02:30 PM

Jerusalem - An Israeli court has extended the arrests of a media tycoon and a former adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implicated in a...Read More »

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Warwick, NY - Man Pleads To Hate Crime For Nazi Symbols At Jewish Cemetery

Yesterday 02:03 PM

Warwick, NY - A 19-year-old accused of spray-painting swastikas and other Nazi graffiti at a Jewish cemetery in upstate New York has pleaded guilty...Read More »

New York - Official: Palestinian President Abbas In U.S. Hospital

Yesterday 02:02 PM

New York - The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has gone into hospital in the United States for a routine check, a senior Palestinian official...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Chavi Toker To Become First Charedi Woman To Serve As Israeli Judge

Yesterday 01:27 PM

Jerusalem - The Committee for Nominating Judges ratified the appointment of Chavi Tucker, an ultra-Orthodox mother of four, as Israel’s first...Read More »

Washington - Book Trump? Interest Groups Press Case At His Properties

Yesterday 01:00 PM

Washington - Payday lenders got regulators to rethink rules on how closely to vet borrowers. E-cigarette makers got a delay in federal oversight of...Read More »

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Jerusalem - Ex-'Israeli FBI' Chief Convicted For Failing To Report Rabbi Pinto Bribery Attempt

Yesterday 12:46 PM

Jerusalem - Former Lahav 433 police commander Menashe Arbiv was convicted in a plea bargain on Thursday of failing to report that Rabbi Yoshiyau...Read More »

New Delhi - Want An Evening Out With Trump Jr? You're Probably Too Late

Yesterday 12:35 PM

New Delhi - Want an evening out in India with Donald Trump Jr.? Sorry, even if you have an extra $39,000 it's probably too late to buy a...Read More »

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Leonia, NJ - New Jersey Town That Banned Nonresident Drivers Drafts Friendlier Signs

Yesterday 12:01 PM

Leonia, NJ - Officials in a New Jersey town that banned nonresident drivers from using its streets as shortcuts have drafted new traffic signage that...Read More »

Cairo - Watch: Egyptian Policemen Catch Child Falling Off 3rd Floor

Yesterday 11:44 AM

Cairo - Three Egyptian policemen were able to catch a 5-year-old child as he fell from a third-floor apartment balcony in the southern city of...Read More »

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Herzliya, Israel - African Asylum Seekers Facing Expulsion Have Embraced Israel

Yesterday 11:24 AM

Herzliya, Israel - Even as he faces a potential deportation from Israel, 30-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker Johny Goytiom Kafl brims with...Read More »

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Florida Eye Doctor Gets 17 Years For One Of History's Largest Medicare Frauds

Yesterday 11:04 AM

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A prominent Florida eye doctor once accused of bribing Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey received a 17-year sentence...Read More »

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Tallahassee, FL - School Security Camera Delays Misled Police During Shooting

Yesterday 10:44 AM

Tallahassee, FL - For almost a half-hour after a school shooter dropped his assault-style rifle and escaped Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...Read More »

Allentown, PA - New Jersey Man Dies When Beam Falls In Pennsylvania Tunnel

Yesterday 10:22 AM

Allentown, PA - A New Jersey trucker is dead after police say a section of electrical conduit fell from a Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnel, crashed...Read More »

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Washington - Trump Endorsees Raising Minimum Age To 21 For More Weapons

Yesterday 09:57 AM

Washington - President Donald Trump endorsed stricter gun-control measures Thursday, including raising the minimum age to 21 for possessing a broader...Read More »

West Bank - IDF Refutes Report That Soldiers Beat Palestinian To Death, Raid Captured On Video

Yesterday 09:31 AM

West Bank - A 33-year-old Palestinian man was killed early on Thursday by Israeli soldiers who are seen on a security camera video kicking and...Read More »

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