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United Nations - UN Envoy: 1.1 Billion People Face Risks From Lack Of Cooling Today 12:27 AM United Nations - A U.N. envoy says new data from 52 countries in hot climates reveals that over 1.1 billion people face "significant risks" from lack of access to cooling, including death. Rachel Kyte told a press conference Monday that "millions of people die every year from lack of cooling...

Washington - Russian Hackers Used US Online Infrastructure Against Itself Yesterday 11:59 PM Washington - Exactly seven months before the 2016 presidential election, Russian government hackers made it onto a Democratic committee's network. One of their carefully crafted fraudulent emails had hit pay dirt, enticing an employee to click a link and enter her password. That breach of the...


Los Angeles - Elon Musk's Social Media Conduct May Be Bad For His Business

Yesterday 11:29 PM

Los Angeles - Whether it's investors betting against his stock or reporters or analysts who ask tough questions, Elon Musk has fought back, often...Read More »

New York - NYPD Officer In Eric Garner Death To Face Disciplinary Proceeding

Yesterday 11:00 PM

New York - The New York Police Department announced on Monday that it will allow disciplinary proceedings to go forward against a patrolman accused...Read More »

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New York - CNN's Cooper Calls Trump's Summit Performance 'Disgraceful'

Yesterday 10:32 PM

New York - Seconds after President Donald Trump's news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin ended Monday, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper called the American leader's performance "disgraceful." It was the most startling of several strong media reactions to...Read More »

Fort Worth, TX - CEO-in-waiting Talks About Spirit Airlines' Future

Yesterday 10:22 PM

Fort Worth, TX - The two things that stand out most about Spirit Airlines are its low fares and high number of complaints. Spirit has improved...Read More »

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New Jersey - Multiple Government Investigations By Different Agencies Focusing On Lakewood PD

Yesterday 10:00 PM

Lakewood, NJ - For the third time in recent months, the Lakewood Police Department t has found itself scrutinized by an official agency, this time as...Read More »

Damascus - Syrian Army Says It Captures Strategic Hill Overlooking Israeli Border

Yesterday 09:15 PM

Damascus - The Syrian army and its allies have taken control of a strategic hill overlooking the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights as it pushes forward...Read More »

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Washington - US Embassy In Jerusalem To Cost $21.5 Million For Upgrades. Trump Had Estimated $250,000

Yesterday 09:09 PM

Washington - The new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is going to cost a bit more than President Donald Trump had estimated. Make that nearly 100 times...Read More »

Frankfurt - Power To The Drones: Utilities Place Bets On Robots

Yesterday 08:25 PM

Frankfurt - Flying robots that can travel dozens of kilometers without stopping could be the next big thing for power companies. Utilities in...Read More »

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Eilat, Israel - With New Airport, Israel's Eilat Competes For European Tourists

Yesterday 08:06 PM

Eilat, Israel - Once almost lost to international tourism, the Israeli resort of Eilat hopes a new airport will attract a million foreign visitors a...Read More »

New York - Warren Buffett Donates $3.4 Billion To Gates' And Family Charities

Yesterday 07:29 PM

New York - Warren Buffett has donated roughly $3.4 billion of Berkshire Hathaway Inc stock to five charities, the billionaire's largest contribution...Read More »

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Wilmington, DE - Biden Slams Trump News Conference With Putin

Yesterday 07:00 PM

Wilmington, DE - Joe Biden says Donald Trump's news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin was "beneath the dignity" of the office of the...Read More »

New York - Activists Land Funds To Fly 'Trump Baby' Blimp In U.S.

Yesterday 06:26 PM

New York - The blimp portraying Donald Trump as a snarling baby that flew over London last week during the U.S. president's European tour could soon...Read More »

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New York - Netflix Shares Tank After Big Miss On Subscriber Growth

Yesterday 06:10 PM

New York - Netflix Inc's subscriber growth fell short of Wall Street expectations on Monday, sending shares of the normally high-flying stock down 14...Read More »

Bronx, NY - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes Israel For ‘the Occupation Of Palestine’

Yesterday 06:00 PM

Bronx, NY - Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decried the “occupation of Palestine” during a television...Read More »

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Johannesburg - Obama To Make Rare High-profile Speech On Mandela's Legacy

Yesterday 05:25 PM

Johannesburg - In a speech marking the 100th birthday of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, former U.S. President Barack Obama will urge youth...Read More »

Washington - Rand Paul Calls Trump Critics 'Mistaken'

Yesterday 05:12 PM

Washington - One Republican senator says critics of President Donald Trump's approach to Russia are "mistaken" and points out that the United States...Read More »

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Honolulu - Lava Flies Through Roof Of Hawaii Tour Boat, Injuring 13

Yesterday 05:03 PM

Honolulu - An explosion sent lava flying through the roof of a tour boat off Hawaii's Big Island, injuring at least 13 people Monday, officials...Read More »

Baltimore, MD - Jewish Professor Describes Being Beaten By A Palestinian And German Police

Yesterday 04:38 PM

Baltimore, MD - A Jewish professor visiting Germany described being assaulted in a Bonn park — first by a Palestinian who said “I f*** Jews,”...Read More »

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Seattle - Prime Day Crashes Amazon’s Website

Yesterday 03:53 PM

Seattle - Amazon's website ran into some early snags Monday on its much-hyped Prime Day, an embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping...Read More »

Washington - Woman Arrested, Charged With Acting As Russian Agent In US

Yesterday 03:36 PM

Washington - Federal prosecutors in Washington revealed Monday that they have arrested a 29-year-old woman and accused her of acting as a covert...Read More »

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San Diego - Judge Temporarily Halts Deportation Of Reunified Families

Yesterday 03:32 PM

San Diego - A federal judge on Monday ordered a temporary halt to any deportations of reunited families who were separated by the Trump...Read More »

Washington - U.S. Intelligence Chief Reiterates Russian Meddling

Yesterday 03:02 PM

Washington - The Director of National Intelligence is restating the U.S. intelligence community's assessment that Russia meddled in the 2016 election...Read More »

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New York - U.S. Credit Market Fires Warning About Recession

Yesterday 03:00 PM

New York - A reliable bond market indicator may be waving the flag that a U.S. recession is coming, market watchers said, and it is not the...Read More »

New York - NY Probes Alleged Tenant Harassment By Jared Kushner's Family Firm

Yesterday 02:21 PM

New York - The administration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has opened a probe of allegations that the real estate firm once led by President...Read More »

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Washington - Lawmakers Attack Trump As 'Weak' In Summit With Russia's Putin

Yesterday 01:59 PM

Washington - Some prominent Republican and Democratic members of the U.S. Congress on Monday strongly criticized President Donald Trump for failing...Read More »

Alexandria, LA - Judge: Jewish Heritage Can Be Basis For Race Discrimination

Yesterday 01:32 PM

Alexandria, LA - Jewish people are protected by a law against racial discrimination in employment decisions, a federal magistrate judge has concluded...Read More »

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Helsinki - Soccer Diplomacy: World Cup Host Putin Gives Trump A Ball

Yesterday 01:07 PM

Helsinki - Riding high after hosting a successful World Cup, Russian President Vladimir Putin brought a special gift to his summit with U.S...Read More »

Helsinki - Trump Stresses Israel's Security In Talks With Putin

Yesterday 12:46 PM

Helsinki - The United States and Russia will work together to ensure Israel's security, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday after his meeting...Read More »

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Last updated: Yesterday 12:53 PM Helsinki - Putin Says He Wanted Trump To Win In 2016, Didn't Interfere

Yesterday 12:20 PM

Helsinki - Russia's Vladimir Putin said Monday he did want Donald Trump to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election but took no action during the...Read More »

Helsinki - Apparent Protester Removed Ahead Of Trump-Putin Conference

Yesterday 12:09 PM

Helsinki - An apparent protester has been escorted out of a joint press conference between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir...Read More »

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Tehran - Iran: If Trump Wants To Talk, He'll Have To Call

Yesterday 12:00 PM

Tehran - Iran said Monday that if President Donald Trump wants to negotiate after pulling the United States out of the international deal meant to...Read More »

Warsaw, Poland - Tourists Caught Trying To Smuggle Bricks Out Of Auschwitz

Yesterday 11:27 AM

Warsaw, Poland - Two visitors to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum were caught trying to steal bricks from one of the crematoria located in...Read More »

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