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New York - Homeland Security Chief: We Are Adding More Air Marshals For July 4 Holiday

Published on: July 1, 2007 05:26 PM
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New York - The U.S. is adding air marshals to overseas flights because of concerns about potential terrorism threats originating in Britain and Europe, the homeland security chief said Sunday.

U.S. airports and mass transit systems are tightening security ahead of the Fourth of July holiday and more air marshals will travel on overseas flights.

“We will be doing operations at various rail locations and other mass transit locations in cooperation with local authorities. Again, not because of a specific piece of credible threat information, but because we are going into a holiday season. [AP]


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 Jul 02, 2007 at 12:27 AM Anonymous Says:

Police at airports where El Al has a presence (JFK, LAX in Los Angeles, also Miami, I think) had better be on the alert. Remember what happened at LAX on 7/4/2002, when an Arab terrorist opened fire at people on line buying tickets, killing one customer and an El Al ticket counter employee, before -- fortunately -- he was shot dead by the airline's plainclothes security guards. Thank G-d the guards were armed and knew what to do to end the threat -- because it was many precious minutes before the LAPD arrived. This guy had two guns and enough ammo on him to kill close to a hundred people. Only quick thinkin -- and straight shooting by the El Al guards -- kept this from being a Virginia Tech-like disaster. The Feds were quick -- too quick, actually -- to declare that this wasn't terrorism, but an unbalanced guy acting out mental problems, or somesuch -- but had to do an embarrassing about-face when a search of his apartment found evidence that the guy was a jihadi wanting to kill Jewish "infidels."


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