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Israel - Health Ministry: Jews Shouldn't Be Categorized By Ethnicity In Genetic Tests

Published on: July 10, 2012 08:14 AM
By: Read full article at Haaretz
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Photo credit: APPhoto credit: AP

Israel - Jews should no longer be categorized by their ethnic origin when being tested for hereditary conditions, says the Health Ministry. The mixing of Jewish communities - mixed heritage - has rendered such categorization pointless, the ministry’s community genetics department says.

Because of the proliferation of “mixed marriages” between Jewish communities, as well as technological advances, a single set of tests for all Jews would do the trick, the ministry advises.

Genetic analysis institutes in health-care organizations and hospitals offer Jewish couples (typically trying to become pregnant) a series of genetic screening tests, looking for genes coding hereditary diseases such as Tay-Sachs. Which tests exactly each couple undergoes is based upon the ethnic category of each partner. For instance, Ashkenazi Jews are typically tested for Tay-Sachs, while Sephardic couples might not undergo such tests.

The Health Ministry recommends halting the practice of basing specific tests based on ethnicity, and to standardize genetic tests, which would be applied uniformly to all Jews.


Read full article at Haaretz.com

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 Jul 10, 2012 at 03:42 PM jewish-person Says:

am i the only one who thinks those test tubes look like a menora? lol


 Jul 10, 2012 at 10:51 PM VeyIzMir Says:

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jewish-person Says:

am i the only one who thinks those test tubes look like a menora? lol

Are you looking at the picture while standing on your head?

If so, then yes. It definitely looks like a Menorah.


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