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New York - Brooklyn Serial Killer Has A History of Unstable Behavior; Ordered Held Without Bail

Published on: November 22, 2012 01:14 PM
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Accused serial killer Sal Perrone is walked from the 67th Precinct on November 21st 2012.  Photo Shimon Gifter/VINNewsAccused serial killer Sal Perrone is walked from the 67th Precinct on November 21st 2012.  Photo Shimon Gifter/VINNews

New York - The promotion of world peace was the motive behind the serial killings of three shopkeepers in Brooklyn – so says Salvatore Perrone, 63, the man who stands accused of the heinous crimes.

NYPD sources told Staten Island Live.com (http://bit.ly/SgI5ke) that Perrone kept changing his story when asked for his motive in committing the murders. “He’s crazy…he’s not making sense,” the source said. “He’s giving them three different versions” and is telling police the homicides had “to do with a plan to promote world peace.” Police say Perrone has made admissions in connection with the first two murders, but refused to comment about the third one. Bias has not been ruled out as a motive for the killings.

Watch below Shimon Gifter for VIN News interviews Mr. Perrone’s neighbors in Staten Island.


The divorced Perrone owns a home at 1173 Clove Road in Staten Island. Neighbors say he was a terror to contend with and was despised by everyone, but they never thought his conduct rose to the level of a violent killer.

Perrone is infamous among area residents for converting his one-story house into a three-story green and black “monstrosity.” Since 1998, Perrone’s house has racked up numerous violations with the Buildings Department, including a 2010 stop work order which was issued because the home did not meet zoning requirements. “There he is, Mr. Wonderful. Mr. Wonderful with the eyesore of Sunnyside,” remarked Perrone neighbor Ann Marie Gibbs upon seeing Perrone’s picture.

Another neighbor, who declined to give his name for fear Perrone might one day retaliate, said he had a confrontation with the suspected killer right after Hurricane Sandy. A tree on Perrone’s property had fallen into the street and the neighbor cleared it away with a chainsaw, sending Perrone into a rage. “He knocked on my door and started screaming at me, ‘How dare you do this!’ the neighbor said. “He was irrational. I never thought when I talked to him that I was talking to a normal human being.”

The serial slayer is also notorious for engaging in all kinds of odd behavior, such as strolling out in the middle of the night in his bathrobe while drinking a glass of wine. “We would see him in one of those white plastic chairs, sitting in the middle of Clove Road, watching his house, with a six-pack of beer,” recalled Ms. Gibbs. “My hand to God.”

Perrone has been charged with three counts of first and second degree murder. He was arraigned early this morning and ordered held without bail.

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