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Brooklyn, NY - Video Interview: Mayoral Candidate Thompson Vows Open Dialogue With Orthodox Community If Elected

Published on: December 11, 2012 10:55 AM
By: VIN News Staff
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Seeking to Win Orthodox Jewish Votes - Bill Thompson a 2013 Candidate For Mayor of NY City - Talks to Yosef Rapaport of YC Reports.Seeking to Win Orthodox Jewish Votes - Bill Thompson a 2013 Candidate For Mayor of NY City - Talks to Yosef Rapaport of YC Reports.

Brooklyn, NY - In a video interview conducted this week by Yosef Rapaport of YC Reports, Bill Thompson who is running for the second time to become the Mayor of the Big apple came out swinging by criticizing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a wide range of issues.

Calling the Mayor “out of touch with regular folk” Mr. Thompson riped into Bloomberg’s performance especially in regards to the outer boroughs. Mr. Thompson who presently resides in Manhattan still considers his home turf to be Brooklyn. “Except for the last 2 years I have lived all my life in Brooklyn” He tells Rapaport.

Despite being outspent by the Billionaire Bloomberg who financed his own campaign during the previous election Mr. Thompson surprised many pundits on election night when the Mayor barely squeaked out a win.


This time around Mr. Thompson says he is confident that he will win by widening his base, especially among the fast growing Orthodox community in NYC.

Mr. Bloomberg’s recent tussles with some segments of the Orthodox Jewish community and the perceived derogatory comments Bloomberg made during an interview about of facing down “ten thousand black hats” have given some politicians an opportunity to express their solidarity with the Orthodox.

“These comments are offensive” Mr. Thompsen said.

During the interview Mr Thompson goes on to promise to sit down with community leaders and talk on how to resolve the controversy regarding circumcision practices by large segments of the Haredi Ultra-Orthodox community.

Watch below the full 30 min. interview.

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 Dec 11, 2012 at 11:21 PM Mistake Says:

Great interview - one mistake:

A new Supreme Court ruling DOES allow funding to private schools through giving tuition vouchers to parents. Many states already hand out vouchers to the parents.

We need to elect a Mayor that supports these vouchers instead of paying $12,000 a year on average for each public school student and nothing for the frum community.


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