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Brooklyn, NY - Felder: 30 Day Unlimited Metro Cards Is Missleading.

Published on: March 1, 2008 07:55 PM
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Brooklyn, NY - Council Member Simcha Felder will be calling for commuter-friendly5-day or month-long weekday-only unlimited Metrocards to appeal tocommuters in the outer-boroughs who do not use the subway on theweekends.

Thanks to a string of hikes targeted at unlimited cards, butnot individual rides, the 30-day unlimited Metrocards are no longer acost-effective solution for many New Yorkers who use the subway solelyfor work.

Starting Sunday, 30-day unlimited Metrocards will cost $81. “We’re encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home and takesubways and buses to work, but the MTA is erasing the incentives to doso. Let’s stop talking out of both sides of our mouths,” says Felder With an average of 21 work days in a 30 day period, it would costriders $73.05 get the $84 worth of rides needed to make two trips eachwork day when the 15% bonus is factored in, nearly $8 less than the$81 it costs for a 30-day unlimited card.


For outer-borough commuterswho do not use the subway on the weekends, it is more expensive to usethe 30-day unlimited Metrocard. “There is an implication by the MTA and an assumption by subwaytravelers that unlimited Metrocards are cheaper if you take the subwayor bus to and from work every day,” adds Felder. “The implication hasbecome dishonest and is now a distortion of the truth. Used merely toget to and from work every day, it’s cheaper to pay per ride.”

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 Mar 02, 2008 at 03:16 AM Milhouse Says:

The 30-day ticket was never a good deal if you only take 10 trips a week. If anyone assumed otherwise it's their own fault for not doing the arithmetic. You can't accuse the MTA of being misleading because you made a stupid assumption that you could have easily checked. Felder is a shill.


 Mar 01, 2008 at 09:11 PM Oy Gevald Says:

Yup. Felder said he wants to be City Comptroller. He'll be checking the math for us.
Thanks Simcha!


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