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Queens, NY +Male Stabbed+

Published on: April 1, 2008 06:03 PM
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Queens, NY +Male Stabbed+ NYPD are calling for a level one mobilization to Hillside Avenue and 122nd Street for a male stabbed to the head with a machete by a 21-year-old perp, and a car on fire from numerous molatov cocktail fire bombs throwin by the perp from the rooftop of location to the street below. NYPD Aviation, NYPD ESU, Fire Department and Hatzolah on the scene.
Aided is not in likely condition.


U/D: 19:14
NYPD ESU reporting the perp is under arrest, all units picking up at this time.

The 45-year-old victim, who fended off his attacker with an umbrella, suffered cuts to his head. He is in stable condition at a hospital.

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 Apr 02, 2008 at 10:39 AM David Says:

Good thing it was raining, hence the umbrella defense ploy.


 Apr 02, 2008 at 01:14 AM Anonymous Says:

Notice the flame in the associated picture looks exactly like a map of Eretz Yisroel.


 Apr 02, 2008 at 12:05 AM Anonymous Says:

anon 8:56- you are right- it is an unmarked police car. another site said that after he stabbed the man, hatzalah & nypd showed up- so he ran into a building and started throwing molotov cocktails at the emergency help & hit a police car. no drug bust though.


 Apr 01, 2008 at 10:05 PM Anonymous Says:

I live on 120th bet. Jamaica and Hillside, itls a frum area.


 Apr 01, 2008 at 09:10 PM Anonymous Says:

Hillside Avenue has PLENTY of frum families, I used to live over there. It is a block away from Jamaica avenue, so it's not such a safe area, my neighbors kid once found a crack vial in front of their apartment. I don't miss living over there.


 Apr 01, 2008 at 08:56 PM Anonymous Says:

Ironically the car looks like an Undercover NYPD, black crown vic, center mounted antenna.
Sounds like a drug bust gone bad!


 Apr 01, 2008 at 08:51 PM Anonymous Says:

The male who was stabbed was a frum man from brooklyn. they say he is in stable condition, and is in Booth Hospital.


 Apr 01, 2008 at 08:21 PM Anonymous Says:

7:26 thats right im only concerned if its a frum area!as u cen see it was a frum man!


 Apr 01, 2008 at 08:16 PM Anonymous Says:

frum person was stabbed....but is ok BH


 Apr 01, 2008 at 07:43 PM Anonymous Says:

Cops: Man Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Cars in Queens

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City police say they have arrested a man accused of throwing Molotov cocktail from a rooftop onto a Queens street.

Police have not yet identified the suspect.

A limousine believed to be a livery car caught fire in the Richmond Hill neighborhood.

Several families on Hillside Avenue reportedly have been evacuated.

A neighbor told reporters that he had seen the man smoking a cigarette on the rooftop before he began throwing the flaming cocktails to the street below.

A neighbor of the suspect described him to reporters as "a quiet guy.''


 Apr 01, 2008 at 07:26 PM Anonymous Says:

7:08 Good grief, you're only concerned if it is a heimishe area?!?!!? Goal nefesh!


 Apr 01, 2008 at 07:21 PM Anonymous Says:

its a block away from a really frum block. hillside doesnt have so many yidden.


 Apr 01, 2008 at 07:08 PM Anonymous Says:

is it a heimashe area?


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