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New York City - Bill To Reduce Parking Fines For Businesses, Under Scrutiny

Published on: May 1, 2008 10:59 AM
By: NY Sun
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New York City - A bill that would allow some businesses to pay reduced fines on certain parking tickets is coming under fire, delaying its passage.

The bill would make permanent an existing voluntary program that allows businesses to waive the right to contest parking tickets in exchange for having some fines reduced or eliminated. Proponents of the bill say the reductions are based on the percentage of tickets that businesses on average successfully get dismissed, meaning that the city collects the same amount of revenue as it would have anyway but with less strain on the traffic court and on businesses.


“The issue is whether we want to make it a little easier for businesses that have to make regular deliveries to operate,” a sponsor of the bill, City Council Member David Yassky, said yesterday in an interview.

At a hearing yesterday, Glen Bolofsky, the president of ParkingTicket.com, a company that charges members to contest parking tickets on their behalf, testified that the proposal would increase traffic by encouraging more parking violations and confer an unfair advantage on businesses.

Several council members raised similar concerns, including Lewis Fidler, who said he was uneasy with granting an “institutionalized plea bargaining system” to businesses that the general public does not enjoy, leading the committee to postpone a planned vote on the bill.

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 May 01, 2008 at 12:46 PM Driver Says:

as a full time truck driver in brooklyn i bring home about 5 parking tickets a week most of them is for double parking while unloading i'm removing items from the back of the truck the traffic police will just come and give a ticket even though its legal for a commercial veicle to double park if he has to unload its easy for me my boss got to fight all the tickets or he has to pay them the one that looses out is the custemers who the tickets gets forward to in the prices of the food basicly are charging the stores extra to par for all the parking tickets


 May 02, 2008 at 01:19 AM Anonymous Says:

The problem with this is that it forces a business to permanently give up the right to contest any tickets, even if they are defective and would have been dismissed.Under the program they have to pay even defective tickets except they pay a reduced rate.It is not worth it as in the long run only the city saves money on administartion costs.


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