Newark, NJ - Continental Airlines Passengers Can Now Get Boarding Pass To Cell

Published on: June 1st, 2008 at 01:31 PM
By: NY Post

Newark, NJ - Ping! Your flight departs from Gate 10.

Continental Airlines passengers traveling out of Newark Airport can now download their boarding pass to their cellphone, BlackBerry or other hand-held device.

The move is part of an experiment by Continental under way at four airports across the country. Northwest Airlines launched a test of its paperless boarding pass last week in Indianapolis.

The programs let customers flying on domestic routes get their boarding passes e-mailed to their cellphones instead of printed on paper.

The electronic version shows the passenger's name, flight number and travel information, as well as a bar code that a security screener verifies with a hand-held scanner.

Continental says that about 600 to 700 passengers a day use the service in Houston, where it began in November. The Newark program started May 14.

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