New York, NY - Daily News Editorial Says Cuomo's Response To Scandal Doesn't Pass "Laugh Test"

Published on: July 29th, 2014 at 11:16 AM

New York, NY - Following Monday's long awaited response by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the ongoing scandal surrounding his handling of the now-defunct Moreland Commission, a New York Daily News editorial says that Cuomo's response just doesn't pass the "laugh test."

In their ( editorial titled "N.Y.'s Spinning Governor," the editors state that, "After days of silence, he [Cuomo] emerged on Monday to say, in effect, 'I'm right. Get over it.'"

Hopping on quips from Cuomo's response calling the Moreland Commission a "phenomenal success" that "accomplished everything it set out to accomplish," the editors bring up the point that an "interim report" was all the panel released, and how the "private financial dealings of legislative leaders" were left in the "dark."

"No one still knows what Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver does to earn more than $650,000 a year from a law firm," the editors state.

The editors say that Cuomo has flipped flopped once again, returning to his original premise that the panel was free to investigate him, but that it "chose not to because it found nothing in need of investigation," a stark contrast, according to the editors, from Cuomo's memo to the Times last week that said, "A commission appointed by and staffed by the executive cannot investigate the executive. It is a pure conflict of interest and would not pass the laugh test.”

"None of this does," the editors conclude.

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