Maryland - Baltimore State Attorney Credits Shomrim For Help Identifying Robbery Suspects

Published on: May 31st, 2015 at 02:23 AM

Maryland – The State’s Attorney office for Baltimore credited a Community Liaison who has close ties to the Shomrim of Baltimore for helping to solve a robbery case in which a woman was attacked while walking with her two children.

Assistant Attorney Amy Brown credits Community Liaison Isaac Schleifer with helping her attain evidence to file felony charges against two people who robbed the woman in the 3700 block of Clarinth Road, according to the State’s Attorney Office.

The robber knocked the woman to the ground while an accomplice acted as a lookout. The woman called the Shomrim after the attack, who directed her to call the police.

“We had very little information to go on when this crime initially took place,” said Brown. “Isaac reached out to me after the incident, asking if he could assist in anyway. It is through that conversation I learned one of the members of the Shomrim of Baltimore took pictures of the suspects in the neighborhood. These pictures were a crucial piece of evidence that put this case together.”

One of the defendants plead guilty to the crime. The accomplice plead guilty to another burglary unrelated to this case.

“The story of Isaac and Amy highlight why it is so crucial for me to have liaisons in our community, working on behalf of my office and the residents,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “My liaisons serve as a connection between the criminal justice system and the community. I am grateful for Isaac’s dedication to keeping communities safe, and Amy’s commitment to seeking justice for this mother.”

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office currently has four community liaisions, and is looking to hire five more.

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