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Saddle Brook NJ - State Troopers Remove Homeless Man From Monsey Bus After Alarmed Passengers Call For Assistance

Published on: July 19, 2015 12:44 PM
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Saddle Brook NJ - The security concerns that pervade our culture came into play on a commuter bus on Friday afternoon as worried passengers called in law enforcement after feeling threatened by an unruly passenger.

The incident took place on the 3:30 bus from Monsey to Brooklyn, when a homeless man began acting up.

“He was clearly looking for attention and there were those who said he had a knife,” Sruly Goldberg, a Monsey Trails dispatcher told VIN News.  “Some of the passengers were afraid while others said they knew him and he was okay and harmless.”

The driver of the bus contacted Monsey Trails for guidance.

“We told him if he was afraid he should pull over and call police,” said Goldberg. “He didn’t call police because there were passengers who told him that the man wasn’t a danger, but by that time there were already people on the bus who had called.”

Sergeant Gregory Williams of the New Jersey State Police said that the bus pulled over on the shoulder of Route 80 at approximately mile marker 160.3 in Saddle Brook.

“Washington Township police responded to the call as did we,” said Sergeant Williams.  “We emptied the bus on the side of the road and the driver pointed out the gentleman who had been seen with the knife.”


Several members of law enforcement tackled the man, who is known to frequent the Shomrei Shabbos shul in Borough Park, and was arrested without incident.

Passengers were safely back on their way to Brooklyn within half an hour.  Goldberg said that security is of paramount importance to Monsey Trails.

“About a year ago we had safety classes for all of our drivers with the FBI,” said Goldberg. “Our drivers were taught that there are certain procedures to be followed, including pulling over and calling in case of an emergency, or if they feel that there is any possible danger or harm, instead of waiting and trying to be brave. This driver did attend the class and he did the right thing.”

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 Jul 19, 2015 at 12:55 PM yellowzebra Says:

Wait so a guy pulls a knife on the bus and the driver just keeps going....


 Jul 19, 2015 at 01:30 PM Anonymous Says:

Mental illness is a problem in our society with small time crime and homelessness. And locking them in jail is not the answer!


 Jul 19, 2015 at 02:43 PM AuthenticSatmar Says:

What exactly was he arrested for?


 Jul 19, 2015 at 04:14 PM Innocent or Guilty Says:

Nu? Did he have a knife?

If he didn't, then all the people on the bus owe him an apology.


 Jul 19, 2015 at 11:55 PM lazerx Says:

Suffik sekona mechail haShabbos, for a doubt of a imminent life threatening danger you are commanded to desecrate the Shabbat.

If you are on a bus and a potentially dangerous man is on, it is certainly correct to call the police. Don't mess about with your life or others' lives.


 Jul 20, 2015 at 12:02 PM Anonymous Says:

Reply to #2  
Anonymous Says:

Mental illness is a problem in our society with small time crime and homelessness. And locking them in jail is not the answer!

Do you have an answer? Nobody else seems to.


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