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Jerusalem - For The First Time In 30 Years Convicted Spy Mordechai Vanunu Speaks Publicly About His Capture

Published on: September 2, 2015 10:22 PM
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FILE - Mordechai Vanunu leaves Ayalon Prison in Ramle after being released on August 08, 2010. Flash90FILE - Mordechai Vanunu leaves Ayalon Prison in Ramle after being released on August 08, 2010. Flash90

Jerusalem - After nearly 30 years of silence, Mordechai Vanunu, the former Israeli nuclear technician who spent nearly 18 years in prison for leaking state secrets, spoke publicly in a videotaped interview for Israel’s Channel 2.

MAKO.co.il (http://bit.ly/1VxfVla) reports that Vanunu was sentenced to prison in 1986 following his conviction on treason and espionage charges, but upon his release in 2004 he was saddled with tight restrictions aimed at preventing him from leaking further information—-among them he was forbidden to speak with foreigners or leave the country.

Twice since then he has been re-incarcerated for violating the terms of his release.


Tantamount to his release was a prohibition forbidding him from speaking to the media, a restriction that was temporarily lifted on Wednesday allowing him to speak with Channel 2.

The interview with Vanunu will air in its entirety later this week.

During the interview Vanunu describes in detail the events which led to his capture and subsequent return to Israel.

Vanunu said that after fleeing to the UK he was aware that Mossad was looking for him, but not wanting to risk causing an international incident by arresting him on British soil, Mossad lured him to Rome where he was taken into custody.

Vanunu said Mossad used a female operative named “Cindy” who posed as an American beautician and tourist and with whom he had—-what he thought at the time to be—-a chance meeting on the streets of London.

“It was not a bar, it was on the street,” Vanunu said. “I crossed the road and a woman crossed the road and we talked. She walks, I walk. She was a tourist, I was a tourist.”

Vanunu said, “I was not in love with her, and though at first I thought she was a Mossad agent, I forgot about it. I felt that there was a connection and decided to move forward with it.”

Vanunu said he was aware of Mossad methods of “bringing a man down” this way and knew he should suspect something if the woman initiated contact.

“If she initiates you’ll suspect her,” Vanunu said. “So I initiated and I spoke to her. She was a stranger in London and I was a stranger in London so we developed a relationship and met again and again.”

“Cindy” ultimately lured Vanunu to Rome where he was ambushed by Mossad agents at the apartment he and Cindy were staying at.

Vanunu said he realized immediately what was happening, but still thought “Cindy” was a victim, too.

“Just at the moment that the institution attacked me in an apartment in Rome, Italy, is when I realized it,” Vanunu said. “Even there I still thought she was also a victim. After three days on the boat that brought me back to Israel I concluded that Cindy was part of the plan.”

Vanunu also said that following his release from prison the second time he asked the Court to alleviate the conditions of his release, while at the same time requesting that the Interior Ministry revoke his Israeli citizenship.

Vanunu said he wrote a letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai stating that “after all the hate I have received from this country and its citizens I no longer feel like a desirable citizen here.”

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 Sep 03, 2015 at 12:57 AM Israeli Says:

They should have done some kind of a 3-way deal to get Pollard released. He sits for 30 years while Israel gives Vanunu 18? Ridiculous. No wonder we are in so much trouble.


 Sep 03, 2015 at 12:30 PM Abramowitz Says:

Dear #1-Israeli-It was the fault of Shimon Peres, Rabin and Shamir, who were aware of the so-called "rogue" spy operation, but looked the other day, and did nothing to stop it. Rafi Eytan and Aviem Sella also handled Pollard, both directly and indirectly. They also bear responsibility for Pollard's long incarceration. If they had played ball, and agreed to surrender all of the documents, which Pollard gave them, as well as admitted their role in that spying scandal, and surrendered to authorities, Pollard would have been released a long time ago. However, their philosophy was to sweep everything under the rug, stall, and deny. As a result, the book was thrown at Pollard. Incidentally there is no difference between Israel not letting Vanunu leave the country, and the USA doing the same thing towards Pollard, once he is released in November.


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