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Queens, NY - NYPD Treating Kew Gardens Hills BB Gun Attacks As Possible Hate Crimes

Published on: September 21, 2015 05:16 PM
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FILE - NYPD officers in Queens in New York May 3, 2015.  ReutersFILE - NYPD officers in Queens in New York May 3, 2015.  Reuters

Queens, NY - Two recent attacks in Queens that targeted obviously Jewish men and took place just blocks from a local yeshiva are being investigated by the NYPD as possible hate crimes.

Police said that the first attack took place just before 8 PM on Friday, September 11th on the southwest corner of 73rd Avenue and 150th Street.  A 28 year old man who was walking home told police that he heard a pop and felt a pain in his back. Upon his arrival home he discovered a small pellet embedded in his back, which was removed by a private doctor.

The second incident took place at 10:27 AM on Friday, September 18th on 150th Street, between 75th Road and 76th Avenue.  The victim, a 25 year old male, felt something hit his left leg, which began to bleed.  According to police, the victim did not hear any noise when he was struck.


Police believe that both men were shot with a bb gun in the two incidents which took place just over a block apart. Because both attacks occurred right near the Lander College for Men and involved Orthodox Jewish targets, police suspect that the attacks may have been anti-Semitic in nature, according to Councilman Rory Lancman.

“It was really only once they had the second one that they put two and two together and realized that it could be a hate crime,” Lancman told VIN News.  “Community Affairs at the 107th Precinct let us know that they think there is a connection and that the community should be aware that these incidents are being investigated as hate crimes.”

In a statement released today, Lancman praised the NYPD for its swift response and for its concern for the city’s Jewish residents, particularly during the high holidays.

“We have anti-Semitism exploding around the globe and an increase in New York City in the last year,” said Lancman. “We are going to take these attacks very seriously and are glad that they NYPD is doing so as well.”

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 Sep 21, 2015 at 06:35 PM golani Says:

I said anti-semitism is rising like crazy and we in America are not safe anymore we Jews have to be ready to fight back on all different levels


 Sep 22, 2015 at 10:29 AM yankee96 Says:

exactly #1

America is not safe for Jews when we have a muslim president Behaima with democRAT/liberal/progressive socialist officials that with executive order signed with the help of indeed other "jewish" elected offficals can pass any type of law as executive order, ie : IRAN "DEAL"

These officials don't care that it is not good for America and will tow the "party"line to their deaths if they have to,and with the Iran deal now in place, that is a safe bet today

Who would have thought America would come to this?

The REAL problem is even voting for change will not help as the majority of citizens in this area and the country are now of the same ethnicity,religious and idealistic beliefs and backgrounds as the people in power,and the people voting want govt subsidies and handouts to continue and increase forever.

Combine that with all the illegals getting voting power,it will never change.

Too bad for America,and too bad for all of us

This is G-Ds plan and it will happen exactly way HE orchestrates it

They can do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they decide to do something.


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