Jerusalem - Israeli Rabbis Call For Inspectors To Monitor Sales Of "Kosher" Cell Phones In Haredi Neighborhoods

Published on: December 28th, 2015 at 11:23 AM

Jerusalem - The Rabbinical Committee for Communication Affairs has issued a call demanding that inspectors from the ultra-Orthodox organization Eda Haredit begin monitoring authorized cell phone dealers in Haredi neighborhoods to make sure that only "strictly kosher" cell phones are being sold. ( reports that the call came down following a series of recent events in which Haredi-sector phone dealers have been caught issuing devices that allow Haredi users access to banned features, namely the Internet and cameras.

One such incident resulted in a protest during which the Rebbe of Strykow and a group of followers staged a protest outside a scofflaw cell phone dealer's store.

Recent street ads have been appeared in Haredi neighborhoods as well, charging that some local cell phone dealers are specifically targeting yeshiva students with the prospect of obtaining phones capable of skirting the rabbinical ban.

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