London - Jewish Trucker Who Became Special Constable After Being Victimized By Anti-Semitism Wins Award

Published on: December 31st, 2015 at 01:43 PM

London - A 31-year-old trucker who became a special constable after being victimized by anti-Semitism has won the national award for his community-related police tweets. ( reports that Moshe Rothstein, a Salford trucker who logs over 100K miles annually, volunteers in his off-time as a special constable for Greater Manchester Police.

Rothstein's duties include tweeting help and advice to residents in need in Bury.

Rothstein's Twitter account, @TruckerMozzi, has 1,374 followers.

Upon receiving the award in an online ceremony, a humbled Rothstein explained what led him to becoming a special constable.

“I never ever believed I was going to be a police officer," Rothstein said. "It all started off when I was a victim of anti-Semitism and got to know the local police officers. There were times I phoned the police and no-one came because they didn’t have any available. They said ‘why don’t you become a special constable?’ I said ‘are you having a laugh?’ but it all went from there. I did my training and they were all so welcoming."

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