Jerusalem - Garbage Piled Up: Sanitation Workers End Strike After Partial Agreement Reached On Government Funding

Published on: January 3rd, 2016 at 08:55 PM

Jerusalem - Sanitation workers for the city of Jerusalem ended their three-day strike on Sunday after a partial agreement was reached between the municipality and the government, clearing the way for necessary funding to be released. ( reports that the strike began on Thursday after Mayor Nir Barkat's office issued termination notices to 170 workers, while threatening to layoff as many as 2,000 more if the Finance Ministry didn't release budgetary funds.

A spokesman for the Finance Ministry said at the time that financing was stalled due to the fact that Barkat's office had requested "exorbitant" amounts of money, but that talks were ongoing.

In the strike-ending deal, the Finance Ministry has agreed to transfer immediately NIS 17 million ($4.4M) to the city while both sides have agreed to enter into "intensive negotiations" aimed at resolving the city's financial crisis.

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