New York - Midtown Kosher Bistro Victimized In "Ghost" Restaurant Scam Uncovered By NBCNY I-Team Investigators

Published on: January 12th, 2016 at 02:55 PM

New York, NY - Despite assurances from the food delivery sites Grub-Hub and Seamless that they would overhaul their restaurant verification process following an I-Team investigation  that unearthed dozens of "ghost" eateries, a follow-up by the news team reveals that at least one "ghost" kitchen is still operating, this time at the expense of a midtown Kosher bistro. ( reports that the scam began to unravel when an I-Team rep ordered food from Seamless-sponsored Mike's Bistro Asian Fusion said to be located on West 72nd Street.

When the I-Team got to the address, they found an empty restaurant with only an old Mike's Bistro sign and a "For Lease" placard in the window.

With prior knowledge that Mike's Bistro on 72nd Street was not listed on the city's Department of Health grading website, an I-Team member placed an order of edamame and vegetable dumplings from the number on the suspicious Seamless listing.

Within minutes a man riding a bike came up 72nd Street with the order.

When pressed, the man could not reveal where the food was cooked and a callback to the restaurant ended quickly when the I-Team rep began asking questions.

In reality, the old Mike's Bistro moved over a year ago to 54th Street and is operating as a Kosher eatery.

When shown the food, Mike's Bistro manager David Zinstein said, "This is definitely not my food. We try to hold a very high standard. Especially in the Kosher world -- which has to be Kosher food ... anything saying Mike's Bistro could affect our business."

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