Jerusalem - Ultra-Orthodox Health Minister Releases New Plan To Advance Medical Marijuana Industry

Published on: January 13th, 2016 at 09:35 AM

Jerusalem - Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Health Minister Yakov Litzman revealed a new plan on Tuesday that could dramatically broaden the nation's medical marijuana industry by setting no limits on the number of people who can apply for licenses to work in the trade. ( reports that the Health Minister said he was releasing the plan so that open public discussion could take place over the potential sustainability and economic viability of the initiative.

According to new guidelines, no limits will be set on the number of Israelis who can apply for licenses to grow or sell cannabis, but those who are greenlighted will have to stay within the boundaries of the Dangerous Drug Ordinance.

Litzman said months ago that it was his intention to revolutionize Israel's medical marijuana industry, saying at the time, "Even today there are pharmacies giving out all kinds of other medicines such as morphine. We will also sort out cannabis. There will be registration and we will supervise it."

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