New York - Bronx Man Searching For NYPD Officer Who Rushed Him In Police Cruiser To Job Interview

Published on: January 15th, 2016 at 10:01 AM

New York, NY - A man from the Bronx is trying to find the police officer who gave him a ride to his job interview last month in order to thank him for his efforts. ( reports that 58-year-old James Roberts says his round trip complimentary bus ticket from a social worker only took him as far a Ditmars Avenue and Grand Central Parkway, and that's when the officer popped him into the front seat of his cruiser to deliver him the rest of the way to his interview at LaGuardia Airport in Fresh Meadows.

Roberts said he approached the officer after exiting the bus asking, "Where can I find this place?"

"He said, 'You're not going to walk there and make it there. What time do you have to be there?' and I said, '1 o'clock,' and it was like 12-something, and he said, 'Get in the car,'" Roberts said.

Thanks to the cop's efforts, Roberts ended his 10-year unemployment drought, and now he'd like to thank the officer.

"I love this guy wherever he's at, I love this guy, and I have to see him, I have to," Roberts said.

He got the job working for airport rental car companies.

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