New York - Staten Island Getting "Free Ride" In New York City; Records Show "Zero" Cars Towed Since 2013

Published on: January 18th, 2016 at 02:15 PM

Staten Island, NY - A recent examination of city records shows not a single car from Staten Island was among the 300,342 illegally parked vehicles towed or booted by the NYPD from 2013 through August of 2015. ( reports that parking scofflaws in Manhattan made up over half of the tows, a whopping 151,290, while Brooklyn finished second with 56,578.

When asked for an explanation for the disparity, an NYPD rep said the force doesn't dispatch tow-trucks to Staten Island because the “parking and traffic conditions on Staten Island are different than other parts of the city.”

When asked the same question, a union leader for Local 983, which represents the NYPD's tow-truck operators, called the statistic "mind-boggling" while speculating that the reason behind it might be because so many cops, firefighters and city leaders live in Staten Island.

"Towing should be the same across the board," said the union rep.

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