New York - Report: Cuomo’s Rift With De Blasio Was The Driving Force Behind State Police Chief’s Resignation

Published on: April 11th, 2016 at 12:01 PM

New York - It seems Governor Cuomo’s power play with Mayor de Blasio was the determining factor behind the resignation of State Police Chief Joseph A. D’Amico.

Sources told the New York Post ( that the 56-year-old D’Amico disagreed with Cuomo’s plan to find a space to house several hundred state troopers in New York City.

Cuomo had even gone as far as sending a “scouting team” to the City to find a location for the state trooper barracks and constantly asked for updates, a move D’Amico disapproved of. Following another fight about it with Cuomo last Friday, D’Amico abruptly resigned his post despite spending three decades in law enforcement.

“This is [Cuomo] flexing his muscles,” someone with knowledge of the situation told the Post.

D’Amico allegedly felt that New York City already had 35,000 police officers and he wanted to station state troopers elsewhere. Approximately 50 troopers are already assigned to the MTA where they guard trains and subway platforms at Grand Central and Penn Station.

Both the Cuomo administration and the State Police rejected the notion that D’Amico resigned over the barracks issue.

“It’s not factual,” a police spokesman said.

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