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New York - OU Job Board Offers Classes About Quickbooks Free Of Charge

Published on: February 20, 2009 10:19 AM
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New York - Looking for an opportunity to improve your prospects in the workplace?  The Orthodox Union Job Board is presenting a free series of six one-hour lessons on the topic, “The QuickBooks Experience: Advancing Your Chances in the Workplace.”  QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software. The series will be presented by Miriam Lefkovitz, CPA, Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Brooklyn College and Touro College. 

The classes will take place on February 26, March 5, March 12, March 19, and March 26, all Thursdays, from 12:00 to 1:00pm and on Tuesday March 31 12:00 – 1:00 PM at OU Headquarters, 11 Broadway.

        Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board declared, “Knowing QuickBooks in today’s job market will give job-searchers an extra edge and put them at a higher salary level.”  According to Mr. Rosner, a six-part series such as this would typically cost $2,000 at a computer school, but the OU Job Board, as a service to the community, is offering it free of charge.

The OU Job Board lists thousands of available jobs nationwide; posts hundreds of resumes; and offers programs, workshops and lots more help, all free, at www.ou.org/jobs.  In addition the Job Board presents seminars on topics to prepare candidates for the work place. The OU Job Board has also initiated ongoing community projects such as Project C.H.E.S.E.D. - a 14 point plan empowering communities to help those in need as well as R.E.T.U.R.N., which utilizes the services of retired and experienced people as mentors to today’s younger generation and business people looking for advice The QuickBooks series is part of these efforts.


        To join the class, you must register on the OU Job Board page at www.ou.org.jobs; email jobs@ou.org; or call 212.613.8391.  For more information, email Michael Rosner at jobs@ou.org.

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 Feb 20, 2009 at 09:40 AM bitachon Says:

Tizku lemitzvos!
May all those who have a skill that they can share and teach others have the inner koach to do free of charge and help other yidden.
The highest level of tzedakah is finding a person a parnasssah.
If you take care of Hashem's kinderlach He will take care of yours.


 Feb 20, 2009 at 09:39 AM Anonymous Says:

can someone please ask them to make such classes on motzei shabboss when most people have time


 Feb 20, 2009 at 09:58 AM Shlomo Says:

Reply to #2  
Anonymous Says:

can someone please ask them to make such classes on motzei shabboss when most people have time

Why don't you email Michael Rosner? I agree with you. Should be given at a more opportune time.


 Feb 20, 2009 at 10:12 AM Anonymous Says:

Can they do this in Lakewood as well?


 Feb 20, 2009 at 10:19 AM cheim Says:

how about a class @ night or sunday when pepole who work can attend


 Feb 20, 2009 at 11:20 AM Sam Says:

. people.... the class is for people that are/were impacted by the economy and need some skills to assist them in getting a job.... it is for job-searchers.
reread the part "Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board declared, “Knowing QuickBooks in today’s job market will give job-searchers an extra edge and put them at a higher salary level.”


 Feb 21, 2009 at 06:06 PM Anonymous Says:

Will they have a course taught by a yiddeshe man; its ossur for a man to learn from a woman. The OU should know better.


 Feb 21, 2009 at 06:46 PM Anonymous Says:

Reply to #7  
Anonymous Says:

Will they have a course taught by a yiddeshe man; its ossur for a man to learn from a woman. The OU should know better.

# 7 What about Devorah Haeviah??


 Mar 12, 2009 at 09:18 PM Anonymous Says:

That is a very nice thing to do, more people in America should do the same, Michael Rosner and everybody else involved are role models to our community!!


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