Jerusalem - Induction Ceremony: Chareidi Soldiers Make A Siyum At The Kotel

Published on: August 31st, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Jerusalem - While thousands assembled in Meah Shearim last Thursday to celebrate the homecoming of a man who just completed an 8 month prison sentence for participating in an illegal demonstration against the draft while filling a conditional sentence; a celebration of a different kind took place at the Kotel: The induction ceremony of new Chareidi IDF soldiers who will be joining the Netzach Yehuda Battalion, commonly known as Nachal Chareidi.

The induction ceremony was preceded by a collective Siyum Masechta by the new soldiers. The event was attended by company commander Captain David Teier and regiment commander of the Brigade Training Center Lieutenant Colonel Uri Levy. Teier is an alumnus of Yeshivas Maor HaTorah where he learned prior to his recruitment.

In the course of his service, he completed a squad commanders’ course and officers’ course and was promoted to battalion commander. He has now formally accepted command of the company of new recruits that have just been inducted into Netzach Yehuda.

Addressing the soldiers, Teier expressed that, “It’s important to know how to integrate the safety of the Jewish nation and her spirituality. This is the essence of our Brigade, and this is why, today, right before the induction, it is so significant that you are completing a Masechta.”

The induction ceremony took place immediately after the Siyum. Instead of the traditional, “Ani nishba—I swear,” the new recruits shouted, “Ani matzhir—I affirm.” The ceremony concluded with a spirited rendition of the song “Ani ma’amin b’biat haMashiach.”

Nahal Haredi Foundation Rabbi David Fuchs, who escorts the soldiers throughout the duration of their army service said, “Today we have the merit of sanctifying the Name of heaven. B’ezrat Hashem, we shall continue integrating army service with Torah studying.”

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