Brooklyn, NY - VIN Video Interview: Trust, Honesty, Positivity And Communication Key To Election Win, Says Hikind

Published on: November 5th, 2017 at 09:41 AM

Brooklyn, NY - In a pre-election interview with VIN News political correspondent Yosef Rapaport, City Council candidate Yoni Hikind discussed the importance of trust, his emphasis on running a positive campaign and his goal of becoming an effective voice for residents of the city’s 44th District.

Criticized by some for his lack of experience, Hikind noted that the single most important qualification for any elected official is trust, not the years they have spent in the political arena.

And while this may be his first foray into public office, Hikind cited a childhood that included frequent visitors such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Governor George Pataki, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Senator Al D’Amato as the impetus for the significant amounts of time he has invested contemplating both the plusses and the minuses of being involved in the world of politics.

Asked if he intended to follow in his father’s footsteps if his bid for office is successful, Hikind assured Rabbi Rapaport that while he shares similar values with his father, he is very much his own person and that he is looking forward to sharing his own strengths with the community.

As a City Councilman, Hikind said he would make it his business to make sure that the next speaker would be made aware of the unique educational, funding and programming needs of the 44th District, a particularly important move in today’s progressive climate.

“There needs to be a speaker that understands that and that’s number one,” said Hikind.

Hikind, who has spent much of his campaign hitting the streets and asking people to share their concerns with him, emphasized the need for increased communication as a means of identifying solutions to complicated problems faced by area residents.

He said that his campaign has already been hard at work focusing on quality of life issues in the district, seeking out creative answers already in place elsewhere as possible solutions.

Addressing what has evolved into an extremely heated campaign, Hikind said that while he has no problem calling out a fellow candidate on mistruths, he was saddened to hear that there is any perception of negativity emanating from his camp. He noted that he prides himself on his positivity, a trait acquired through much soul searching and hard work after seeing his father attacked by those with malicious intentions.

“When I was younger I had some in my heart ... I don’t like to use the ‘h’ word, the ‘hate’ word ... but I can’t deny that were parts of my heart that had feelings like that and I davened that I shouldn’t have that,” said Hikind. “I only davened that those people should not be in a position to hurt other people anymore. So I worked really hard on not having any of that.”

Asked by Rabbi Rapaport if he can expect the Hikind campaign to “call off the dogs,” for the remainder of the race, Hikind said that if there is any negativity, it was likely the work of passionate supporters buoyed by the excitement of a campaign that is “doing well”.

“There is a huge difference between ‘paid for by a campaign’ and people in What’s App that support you coming up with a funny cartoon,” said Hikind. “That is very different and I don’t support any of it, but I have nothing to do with that.”

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