New York, NY - $40M Loss For NYC As Parking Tix Invalidated On Technicality

Published on: November 14th, 2017 at 07:39 AM

New York, NY - It was a lucky break for hundreds of thousands of drivers who found their parking tickets overturned on a technicality, costing New York City’s Department of Finance millions in lost revenue.

WCBS News ( reported that 507,668 tickets were issued with an incorrect violation code to drivers who either failed to display a Muni Meter receipt or had an expired receipt on their dashboards.

The violation code had been changed earlier in the year by a single digit, but the old code continued to be printed on tickets for an unknown period of time.

The Department of Finance issued letters to all affected driver informing them that the tickets had been invalidated. 400,860 tickets were refunded and another 106,808 dismissed, costing the city approximately $44 million.

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