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Washington - I Tweet From Bed Sometimes, Trump Says

Published on: January 28, 2018 08:30 PM
By: Reuters 
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Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump, who has garnered a large following on social media with rambunctious postings, said he sometimes tweets from bed, though he occasionally allows others to post his words.

Trump frequently uses Twitter to announce policy, assail his adversaries and to tangle with countries, including North Korea, over world affairs. The @realDonaldTrump account had 47.2 million users as of Sunday.

In an interview with Britain’s ITV channel, he appeared to appreciate the wide impact of his postings in Twitter and said that he needed social media to communicate with voters in the era of what he termed fake news.

“If I don’t have that form of communication I can’t defend myself,” Trump said in an interview broadcast on Sunday. “I get a lot of fake news, a lot of news that is very false or made up.”


It was a crazy situation, he said, that many people in the world waited for his tweets. He usually tweets himself, sometimes from bed.

When asked about whether he was lying in bed with his phone thinking of how to wind people up, Trump said: “Well, perhaps sometimes in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch or whatever, but generally speaking during the early morning, or during the evening I can do whatever, but I am very busy during the day, very long hours. I am busy.”

“I will sometimes just dictate out something really quickly and give it to one of my people to put it on,” he said.

Asked about eating burgers and drinking Coke, Trump, 71, said: “I eat fine food, really from some of the finest chefs in the world, I eat healthy food, I also have some of that food on occasion… I think I eat actually quite well.”

Trump said that he was very popular in the United Kingdom. Some British politicians have called for Trump not to visit and 1.86 million people have signed a petition asking for him to be banned from entering the United Kingdom.

“I get so much fan mail from people in your country - they love my sense of security, they love what I am saying about many different things,” Trump said.

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 Jan 29, 2018 at 07:51 AM Anonymous Says:

This is newsworthy? Hoshomer & anyinglefeund tweet from their parents basement


 Jan 29, 2018 at 10:31 AM shimonyehuda Says:

coffeveve explained


 Jan 29, 2018 at 03:46 PM Anonymous Says:

The fact that the left wing media thinks this is noteworthy shows the level of their disdain for the presidents. They ignore and fail to report on all the huge achievements he’s already made, all his fulfilled campaign promises, etc., and instead print only negative lies and needless drivel like this. Worst part is that the unintelligent liberal followers drink the kool aid and mindlessly repeat the dishonest reporting they get from the biased anti-Pres. Trump Pres...


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