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Washington - In Historic Move, Israel Presents Chasidic Borough Parkers With Medals For Saving Policeman During Terror Attack

Published on: January 31, 2019 10:05 PM
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Simche CzinSimche Czin

Washington - Two Chasidic men from Borough Park were hailed as heroes Thursday at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. for saving the life of a Druze Israeli police officer during a terror attack that took place nearly two years ago in Jerusalem.

The incident took place on Saturday, May 13th, 2017, just hours before the onset of Lag B’Omer.  Simche Czin and Mordechai Lichtenstadter were returning from a visit to the Western Wall when they saw police officer Naaman Fares being stabbed repeatedly by a Jordanian terrorist.  The two men ran towards Fares and intervened, saving his life.

Czin, Lichtenstadter and their families traveled to Washington where they were recognized for their bravery during a twenty minute ceremony that featured remarks by Rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz, director of the Universal Jewish Police Association, Chief Paul Cell, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Steve Pomerantz, former FBI assistant director and homeland security director of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, Yitzhak Almog, commander of the Israeli Police and Public Security Ministry, and Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the United States.


The Chasidic men were honored with certificates and medals for civil exemplary conduct by Almog and Dermer.  Dermer noted that the medal had never been awarded outside of Israel before, and that it was the first time that the State of Israel had issued the commendation to a foreigner.  As both Jews and Americans, Czin and Lichtenstadter’s intervention had great meaning, observed Dermer.

“I think it speaks to both parts of your identity,” said Dermer.  “As Americans, your actions symbolize, I think, the great solidarity between our two countries.  We have no greater friend that the United States of America. It is fitting that the first non-Israeli to ever receive this citation would go to two Americans.”

Mordechai LichtenstadterMordechai Lichtenstadter

Czin and Lichtenstadter were lauded repeatedly for exemplifying the best in humanity, acting as ambassadors for both the United States and the Jewish people as they rushed towards danger at a time when others might have fled to safety.

“In the US we like to say ‘see something, say something,’” noted Pomerantz.  “In Israel, I think it’s ‘see something, do something’ and that’s … what you did.”

Cell spoke about having worked with Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee who believed strongly in every person’s ability to be a hero.

“You don’t need a badge,” said Cell. “You don’t need a cape. All you need is the courage to step up.  The courage to do something when others won’t. The courage to run in when others run out.”

Fares, who was unable to come to Washington took part in the event via a satellite hookup, referring to Czin and Lichtenstadter as the “two angels who saved my life.”

“I hope to see you again, G-d bless you,” said Fares.

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 Feb 01, 2019 at 02:52 AM Anonymous Says:

What an upside world! Its either they trash chareidim which is a perfect norm in the State of Israel or they go the 180 and honor them. While these two Jewish gentlmen deserve praise it is highly shameful sitting with all these Zionist flags and all the propoganda surrounding it. The Israeli official barly expressing himself in a jJewish manner. His looks of a total goy. How distasteful for zeese yingelech with peyos to watch these Israelis that they think are Jews to look up to. A nice American/any gentile is anytime better as we know our diffrences where as with the Israelis the innocent get caught up with their Zionist agendas. HORRIBLE!


 Feb 01, 2019 at 02:54 AM Anonymous Says:

unimpressed. either chareidim are trashed by the Israelis or they kiss them. feh!!


 Feb 01, 2019 at 07:49 PM Anonymous Says:

If there were no zionist state where would these chareidim live and how would they eat?


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