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Sponsored: Zalman’s Last Hug

Published on: March 16, 2019 09:06 PM
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Sponsored - Last Thursday, our beloved Mashpia, mentor and friend tragically passed away at the very  young age of 38.

Rabbi Zalman Baras lived to make others feel cared for. Before Shiva ends, help us give his seven young kids a worldwide hug like the one their father gave the world!

One Week. $1 Million. #OneLastHug


If anyone knew how to make pain go away, it was Rabbi Zalman Baras.

When others gave up, Zalman gave hope—he even beat a “hopeless” cancer. Twice.

Sadly, Rabbi Baras lost his third battle last week, just 38 years old. He leaves behind his wife Nechama Dina, and seven young kids. (Their oldest daughter celebrated her Bas Mitzvah on Chanukah. See Rabbi Baras’s speech.)

We are his Mesivta students, who feel the love of Torah because of Rabbi Baras…

We are his classmates, who know what a 21st-century Chossid looks like because of our friend Zalman…

We are shluchim, teachers, parents and friends who leaned on Zalman for spiritual support, without being asked for anything in return…

Through his life and through his pain, Zalman continued to focus on what others needed.

Though none of us can fill the void he left, ALL of us can ease the pain a little bit.

When several friends visited recently, Zalman shared the moving story of the “hug” he asked of the Rebbe, and the profound response he received. THIS was Zalman.

Whether you can send a simple hug—$25, $36, $100 to cover immediate daily needs—or a full embrace—$1,000, $5,000, $12,000 to send his children to school and to help pay for their future simchas—you CAN help ease the pain!

Help us give Zalman’s family a small token of the care and comfort he gave in his short life.

DONATE HERE: https://www.charidy.com/barasfamilyfund


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 Mar 18, 2019 at 12:27 PM PaulinSaudi Says:

I like the format of this ad better. I hope the editor will adopt it.


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