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Gibsoton, FL - VIDEO: Man Takes Golf Cart On Wild Ride Into Florida Walmart Store

Published on: August 9, 2019 02:00 PM
By: AP
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Gibsoton, FL -  Authorities say a 56-year-old Florida man took his golf cart on a wild ride through a Walmart store, terrorizing shoppers and ignoring deputies’ orders to stop before crashing into a cash register.


Hillsborough County Sheriff’s investigators say they were summoned to the store near Tampa on Thursday, where they found Michael Dale Hudson blocking the liquor store entrance with his golf cart. The Tampa Bay Times reports he was demanding to speak to a manager.

As deputies spoke to Hudson, they say he suddenly drove toward the store’s main entrance. Customers jumped out of the way as he barreled through the door. He raced toward the checkout area, hitting several customers.

He was jailed on multiple charges, including aggravated battery. A lawyer wasn’t listed in jail records.

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 Aug 11, 2019 at 02:19 PM ZEV Says:

Regarding the use of mobility carts in large groceries and department stores, I would like to state that their operations are totally unregulated. While I feel badly for people with mobility issues, the operations of those devices in a confined space in a grocery store, presents a serious hazard. There are blind turns (with no mirrors) at grocery aisle intersections. It is bad enough that we have to contend with reckless fools who race around a grocery store with shopping carts; they could care less if they strike other shoppers or children. Management of those stores could install signs, urging caution, as well as mirrors at intersections, to increase safety. Also, we have to contend with idiotic grocery employees, who choose to unload their large pallets, while there are shoppers around. They are too lazy to come in and do it in the early morning hours, when there are few pedestrians in the aisles. However, the combination of the pallets being unloaded, and the motorized shopping carts, as well as the "race car" drivers, pushing the manual shopping carts very fast, makes for a most unpleasant shopping experience. If one attempts to correct these fools, it doesn't do any good.


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