New York - A Request To Our Readers - Posting Comments

Published on: July 29th, 2009 at 07:57 AM

New York - The goal of Vosizneias is to be a positive means of growth for Klal Yisroel. Our readership needs to engage the issues, discuss them respectfully, and hopefully the products of these discussions would be fruitful to help improve Klal Yisroel, even one or two people at a time, for the better.

VIN News realizes that at times our comment section does devolve into a mean-spirited forum, with name calling and behaviors that, quite frankly, are embarrassing. Many of the comments are well-reasoned and thought-provoking. In fact, many of the opinions that are so negative and filled with a mean-spiritedness, could very well be a catalyst for critically reviewing the positions we all hold – if they were expressed with a little bit more dignity.

After much reflection, VIN News has decided that the rancor, name-calling and disrespectful statements are counter-productive to our goals. Vosizneias, therefore makes the following three requests:

1] Let’s try to keep all aspects of normal decent communicaton – no disrespecting, and degrading anyone. We all know what we have to do.

2] Let us keep the tone of the emotion level down. Cooler heads must prevail. We must distance ourselves from Kaas – anger - betachlis harichuk – with the essence of distancing. This is what chazal tell us. Let’s keep to it.

3] Let’s try to act more bekavod-dik of people. Everyone is a tzelem Elokim. Let’s reflect that in every post.

Let us also bear in mind that VIN News is read by over a dozen major newspapers. It is like having an open microphone in the back of shul. So please, a little kavod, a little respect, and a lot more maturity.


1. Absolutely no personal and/or ad hominem attacks against any group or individual

2. No gossip, slander or defamation

3. No links to external sites—no links whatsoever, active or otherwise, will be published

4. No words in CAPS

5. No multiple posts of comments

6. No profanity, vulgarity or any foul or inappropriate language

7. No user names communicating any agenda, opinion or message (i.e. “Smash Chasidim”, “Let’s Liquidate Lakewood” or “Orthodox are Hypocrites”) in any form, regardless of quality of comment.

VIN encourages and appreciates healthy comment and robust debate. Please argue sensibly. Please post thoughtfully. Please reply to comments intelligently. Do not use slanderous and/or emotional words, derogatory names and insults (i.e. “moron,” “idiot,” etc.)—any such comment will be deleted immediately.

VIN is not responsible for any comments posted. All comments are moderated. All comments posted are solely the expressions of opinion by their posters, whether anonymous, named or using pseudonyms. Please contact VIN at [] if you feel any comment is inappropriate.

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