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Germany - Fears For Cracking Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Published on: April 1, 2010 11:00 PM
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A long crack runs across one of the concrete slabs of the Holocaust Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe in BerlinA long crack runs across one of the concrete slabs of the Holocaust Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

Germany - Positioned around the corner from Hitler’s bunker, Berlin’s Holocaust memorial is the largest in the world. A total of 2711 tall, grey concrete columns invoke in visitors a sense of awe and disorientation - but there are fears that the ambitious experiment in memorial architecture is about to fall apart.

Barely five years old, the concrete is splitting. Deep cracks have been forming in two thirds of the slabs and the tabloid newspaper Bild has suggested that it could be the beginning of the end. “Can the Holocaust memorial be saved?” it asked recently.

It probably can - but, in the meantime, the German Government and the foundation that runs the memorial will have some nervous moments. The cracks have been caused by almost five months of snow and ice but have spread more quickly than expected.


A committee of experts should “help to clear up what caused the cracks and who is responsible for them, but also to work out an appropriate method of repairing the damage,” Uwe Neumaerker, the head of the foundation, said.

Designed by Peter Eisenman, the 19,000-square-metre field of pseudo-tombstones - the number corresponds to the pages of the Talmud - has been hailed as an astonishing piece of work. The stones are built on a sloping piece of land and the effect is of entering a labyrinth.

Critics say that no other country has put its guilt so openly on display: the field of stones adjoins the fuhrer’s bunker as well as the national symbol, the Brandenburg Gate. “The Holocaust is not an approporiate subject for a memorial,” said the conservative German novelist Martin Walser when the plans were announced. “Take all the towns in the world and check whether in any of these towns there is a memorial of national ignominy.”

It was built anyway, every stage dogged by controversy. At one point construction was interrupted because it was revealed that the anti-graffiti spray applied to the stones was made by the company Degussa, which was linked to the firm that had supplied Zyklon B, the poison gas used to kill Jews in Auschwitz.

Some engineers claim that the slabs were made of cheaper, non-reinforced concrete and that this has encouraged the cracking. Mr Eisenman had originally hoped to use natural stone but has been philosophical about the ageing of the slabs, saying that it was a natural process that would underline its organic strength and highlight its role as “a place of hope”.

Some Jewish activists have been involved in the project, but other Jews say that the memorial has nothing to do with them. Rather, it is an attempt by non-Jewish Germans to remember the Jews that were killed; an attempt to register their absence.

The aim is now to restore the stones to perfect condition before a five-year anniversary ceremony in May.

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 Apr 06, 2010 at 10:48 PM Pashuteh Yid Says:

Somebody pointed out that the number of slabs, 2711, is the number of dapim in Shas.


 Sep 19, 2010 at 12:07 PM lorna2011 Says:

I believe it is essential that we learn from the past. My objection to this memorial is that it is only to the Jews. We know that there were also nearly as many non-jewish people that shared the same horrible fate in those camps, yet there is nothing done to commemorate those people. Can we not embrace all of the senselessly persecuted? PLEASE, open your hearts to all people of the world, and let's make this the planet that is transformed through love and caring of all sects, religions and beliefs. Is this not what religion should truly be about? It is our only hope for peace in the world.


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