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Rosemont, IL - Experts Gather To Discuss Northeast Bedbug Plague

Published on: September 21, 2010 10:41 PM
By: AP
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Brian Hirch, Sales Manager for Protect A Bed, wears a bed bug hard hat as he displays literature during the first North American Bed Bug Summit, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, in Rosemont, Ill. The event's sponsor, BedBug Central, says the two-day summit will host 14 of the nation’s leading entomologist and bed bug specialists, along with a gathering of bed bug-industry related vendors. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)Rosemont, IL - While most businesses recoil at the mere thought of bedbugs, one suburban Chicago hotel is welcoming the bloodsucking pests — at least this week.

Experts are gathering at the Hyatt Rosemont to talk about the pests that are running rampant in the Northeast.

Jeff White, an entomologist, or bug expert, in Trenton, N.J., said it’s a serious issue and people need to know how to spot bedbugs. Over the weekend, he packed up a jar of them and sent them on a car ride to Rosemont, where they are on display at the 2010 North American Bed Bug Summit.

Aaron Bastable, director of sales at the Hyatt Rosemont, said he’s confident White and other exhibiters will keep the bedbugs locked tight in their jars.


“You know these are entomologists and these are the professionals in the industry,” Bastable said. “If anyone knows how to contain them, then it’s going to be them.”

And, if anything goes wrong, the hotel is occupied by a small army of people who have trained bedbug hunters and exterminators. They said trained dogs can sniff out the bugs, which can be killed with chemicals, heat and steam.

Athletic clothing and shoe maker Nike Inc. said Sunday it was temporarily closing its Niketown store in New York City after it became the latest victim of the bloodsucking pests. Reports of bedbugs have surged in recent years as they have become resistant to common pesticides.

Pest control workers say New York City is the epicenter for the outbreak. Bedbugs have been recently discovered there in a theater, office buildings, other stores, housing projects and posh apartments.

Chicago is expected to have a comparable problem in two to three years, bug control professionals said. A recent list compiled by a pest control company placed Chicago fifth in the nation out of 15 large cities with bedbug infestations.

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 Sep 21, 2010 at 11:36 PM Babishka Says:

What could possibly go wrong?


 Sep 21, 2010 at 11:52 PM AuthenticSatmar Says:

Are these the same experts that bright the opposum to brooklyn to eat the rats and were supposed to die out?


 Sep 22, 2010 at 07:24 AM mommy says Says:

I wonder what it was like in Miztrayim when they had frogs crawling all over. 'Must've been awful. People, don't you think Hashem is sending us this "makkah" for a reason? Maybe it's because of all the lushen hora going on.


 Sep 22, 2010 at 12:01 PM harvey Says:

ppl have to take more showers


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