New York, NY - Veteran NYPD Chief Of Patrol To Retire

Published on: May 21st, 2007 at 11:59 PM

New York, NY - Nicholas Estavillo, the first Hispanic in the history of the New York City police department to reach the three-star rank of Chief of Patrol, is retiring from the force after serving for 38 years.

Chief Estavillo, 61, directs the city's nearly 20,000 patrol officers, organized in eight borough commands throughout the city. He also oversees the special operations division, which includes the aviation, harbor and emergency services units.

The former Marine, a Force Recon sergeant who served in Vietnam, joined the NYPD in 1968. For the next 33 years, Chief Estavillo worked in northern Manhattan, rising through the ranks before being promoted to Chief of Patrol in 2002.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the chief moved to Brooklyn at age 9 with his family. [wnbc]

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