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Archive for November 1, 2005

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Borough Park +Pedestrian Struck+

November 1, 2005 at 07:37 PM
Borough Park +Pedestrian Struck+ A MVA with a pedestrian struck by an auto at 18th Ave and 60th St, Hatzolah EMS on the scene requesting Medics, Highway A.I.S also requested aided is in serious condition. U/D: 19:56 Aided in likely condition, PD is looking for a blue Dodge minivan that fled the scene. U/D: 20:02 PD of the 66th Pct have one under. ...

Borough Park +Fire In Satmar Synagogue+

November 1, 2005 at 05:53 PM
Borough Park, Brooklyn +Fire In Satmar Synagogue+ A fire at the cockloft of the Synagogue at 1350 53rd St...

Monsey – Fire Evacuates Adult Home

November 1, 2005 at 04:31 PM
MONSEY -- The New Monsey Park Home for Adults was evacuated after a fire started in a first-floor bathroom. The Monsey Fire Department was called to the adult home on Monsey Boulevard about 6 a.m. for a fire in Room 235. The fire started in the motor of a bathroom fan. The fan fell onto the toilet, melting the tank and bowl. The fire also extended into the ceiling. Residents and staff at the...

Brooklyn +Four Car MVA+

November 1, 2005 at 03:35 PM
Brooklyn +Four Car MVA+ A four auto MVA on 18th Ave and East 7th and Ocean Parkway, Hatzolah requested...

N.Y. on Record Pace For Fewest Deaths At Hands of Police

November 1, 2005 at 03:07 PM
With only two months left in the year, the city is on pace to record the fewest number of fatalities at the hands of police officers, data compiled by the Police Department show...

Williamsburg – Chassidic Holy War on Videotap

November 1, 2005 at 08:58 AM
. A chilling videotape showing a congregation of Chasidim being ambushed by a hostile faction during a prayer service at a Williamsburg synagogue has been turned over to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office. On the tape, members of feuding sects are seen slapping and punching each other and pulling their opponents' beards inside the synagogue last week. The videotape, from a security camera...

UN To Designate Today, January 27 As Annual Holocaust Day.

November 1, 2005 at 08:05 AM
UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. General Assembly on Monday that designated January 27 as an annual commemoration day for the 6 million Jews and other victims murdered in the Nazi Holocaust during World War Two. The measure, expected to be approved on Tuesday by consensus, rejects any denial that the Holocaust took place. It also urges members to "inculcate" future generations with the lessons on the...

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