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Archive for September 22, 2008

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New York – Police Catch Diamond Cutter Wanted Since 1989

September 22, 2008 at 09:14 PM
New York - A jewel thief accused of stealing $30,000 to $35,000 in diamonds from a Yorktown store as part of a multi-state crime spree was finally caught after 18 years on the run, police said today. Moshe Tsitsaushivili, 41, a skilled diamond cutter who had spent several years in Israel and Australia, was arrested last week after trying to cross the U.S.-Canadian border into Buffalo and taken...

Brooklyn, NY – New Book Highlights Holocaust Miracles

September 22, 2008 at 09:05 PM
Brooklyn, NY - Isser Handler knows exactly where he'll be next Tuesday, the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. "In synagogue," said Handler, who lives in Midwood, "praying for another year of life. At 87, what can you look forward to? Turning 88." Sixty-four years ago, Handler started his New Year in Satmar, Romania, heading for the cellar of a Catholic friend who hid him...

New York – New Web Site Unveiled to Help Avoid Dishonest Contractors

September 22, 2008 at 08:01 PM
New York - Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo is unveiling a new website to help customers avoid home improvement scams and dishonest contractors. www.nyknowyourcontractor.com features a database of contractors who have received a complaint or lawsuit. The site also features tips on what you should do before hiring a contractor, as well as links  and information on how to file a complaint...

New York City – With Wall Street in Turmoil, Some in Suits Turn to Religion

September 22, 2008 at 05:19 PM
New York City - As financial workers suffer through tumultuous times on Wall Street, some are turning to an old source of solace: religion. Religious leaders said attendance was up at lunchtime meetings in New York's financial district last week, with many more people in business attire than usual. The Wall Street Synagogue is opening its doors nightly starting this week to accommodate Wall...

New York City – Thousands Attend NYC Anti-Iran Rally

September 22, 2008 at 04:57 PM
New York City - Several thousand cheering students and activists from as far away as Baltimore and Detroit protested on Monday against the Iranian government and its nuclear program. Protesters attend a rally... Israeli and Jewish leaders attended the event, organized by Jewish groups including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the United Jewish Communities...

New York – OU Kosher Program Reaches Out To Satmar Of Kiryas Joel

September 22, 2008 at 04:40 PM
New York - The ASK OUTREACH program, which was specifically designed to put OU Kosher in contact with communities in the Torah world not part of its usual constituency, reached out in a most significant way last week, conducting a two-part hands-on session in kosherization for the Satmar Yoreh Deah Kollel of Kiryas Joel, NY. ASK OUTREACH is made possible by funding from the Harry H. Beren...

New York City – Wall Street Mess Continues, Dow Down Nearly 400 Points

September 22, 2008 at 04:08 PM
New York City - Stocks declined Monday amid increasing worry about how far the government bailout plan will stretch and as oil prices shot up nearly $20 a barrel. "It's the fear of the unknown," said Al Goldman, chief market strategist at Wachovia Securities. "We got used to writeoffs ... we had so many shoes drop that it didn't mean anything. Then, over the weekend, we get Wall Street has...

Israel – Car Slams Into Pedestrians Near Jerusalem Municipality

September 22, 2008 at 04:03 PM
Jerusalem, Israel - Emergency vehicles are rushing to Shivtei Yisreol corner of Rechov Yafa to reports of a BMW car that slammed into pedestrian soldiers, unofficial reports are that it was a terrorist attack and that Israeli soldiers were among the 17 Israelis hurt two of them serious, the driver an Arab from east Jerusalem was shot and killed by one of the soldiers in the group. An Israel...

New York – Warning Radio Devices Offered, For First Time, To Nonpublic Schools

September 22, 2008 at 03:54 PM
New York - It’s raining and windy outside but the administrators, teachers and children in the Jewish day school barely notice. Everyone is busy. Classes are in session, the principal is chairing a meeting, a few teachers with free periods are working in the teachers’ lounge. Unknown to any of them, tornados have just been spotted in the area. Not a happy scenario to contemplate but...

New York, NY – Man Gets One-Way Ticket to Chicago for Knocking on Door of Top NYPD Brass Asking for Water

September 22, 2008 at 03:44 PM
New York, NY - A homeless man got five weeks in the psych ward - and a one-way trip to Chicago - after he made the mistake of stopping at the home of the NYPD's counterterrorism czar to ask for a glass of water. The Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating an anonymous complaint that cops went too far in making sure the vagrant wouldn't bother anyone again. "These are people who are...

New York – Illusionist Blaine Hangs Upside Down Over New York. VIDEO

September 22, 2008 at 03:18 PM
New York City - David Blaine began his latest endurance challenge Monday morning -- 60 hours spent hanging upside-down, without a net. He was put into position above Wollman Rink in Central Park. Hanging upside-down for that length of time puts Blaine at risk of swelling and cramps in his internal organs, and of going blind. A doctor will be on hand throughout the stunt, but has agreed...

Atlantic City, NJ – U.S. Judge: Casinos Not Liable For Addicted Gamblers

September 22, 2008 at 02:46 PM
Atlantic City, NJ - A federal judge has dismissed a $20 million racketeering lawsuit against six Atlantic City casinos by a former attorney who said they had a duty to stop her from gambling. U.S. District Court Judge Renee Bumb on Friday dismissed the lawsuit brought by Arelia Margarita Taveras, a former attorney from Queens, N.Y. who argued that the casinos saw she had a gambling problem yet...

New York City – Text Of The speech Palin Never Gave At The Stop Iran Rally

September 22, 2008 at 01:40 PM
New York City - In the speech which Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was to have delivered at a Monday rally protesting the UN appearance of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, she was to have said that the Iranian president "dreams of being an agent in a 'Final Solution' - the elimination of the Jewish people." Her appearance in the rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza was cancelled in a flap...

Denmark – NYC Park Commissioner Visits Copenhagen for New Ideas to Increase Bicycle Traffic at Home

September 22, 2008 at 12:59 PM
Copenhagen, Denmark - The managing director of New York's parks, Adrian Benepe, has been in Copenhagen to get inspiration for more bicycle traffic in New York. Adrian Benepe intends to use a part of the city’s one billion budget to bring the bicycle traffic in his town on the same level as in Copenhagen. He was invited by the Copenhagen Forest and Landscape unit at the University of...

New York – Assembly Speaker Silver To Dov Hikind: Whatever You Need To Fight Abuse, I Will Help.

September 22, 2008 at 11:18 AM
New York City - VIN News has learned Influential New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, himself an Orthodox Jew, met this past Friday with outspoken Assemblyman and community activist Dov Hikind to discuss the severity of the ongoing problem of child abuse and molestation in the Orthodox Jewish community. Speaker Silver was reportedly moved by the account put forward by Assemblyman...

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