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Archive for May 28, 2010

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Borough Park, NY – Child Struck by Minivan Passed Away

May 28, 2010 at 07:01 PM
Borough Park, NY - VIN News has confirmed that the child that was involved in the serious accident with a minivan last night has passed away. The accident happened on 20th Avenue and 53rd Street where the boy was knocked down when he apparently ran into the street from in between two parked cars. Hatzolah Paramedics transported via escort the 11-year-old unconscious child to Lutheran...

Edison, NJ – Ousted Rabbi Plans Protest Over His Chaplain Post

May 28, 2010 at 06:32 PM
Edison, NJ - Township police chaplain Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg, who was terminated from the paid position Thursday, said he plans to hold a demonstration outside town hall to protest his termination if he doesn't hear back from township officials. "Right now, I'm waiting for a counter-offer from the mayor," he said. Rosenberg, who has served as township public-safety chaplain since 1992...

New York – NYC Hospital Wins Kidney Transplant-cancer Lawsuit

May 28, 2010 at 05:53 PM
New York - A prominent organ-transplant hospital wasn't to blame for the death of a man who became riddled with cancer after getting a kidney from a donor who unknowingly had uterine cancer, jurors found Friday. The Queens jury found for NYU Langone Medical Center on Friday in the medical malpractice case surrounding Vincent Liew's 2002 death, said the hospital's lawyer, Robert Elliott...

Manhattan, NY – Ezra Merkin Investors To Get $200 Million Back

May 28, 2010 at 04:35 PM
Manhattan, NY - Investors in two Bernard Madoff feeder funds are set to get a decent chunk of their money back. Bart Schwartz, the court-appointed receiver in the case, this week filed a plan to return $200 million to 278 investors in J. Ezra Merkin’s Ariel Fund and Gabriel Capital Corp. The figure represents only about one-sixth of the $1.2 billion Merkin investors lost in the Madoff...

Bronx, NY – Prosecutors Not Alleging Terror Ties in Synagogue-Bomb Case

May 28, 2010 at 02:46 PM
Bronx, NY - Federal prosecutors apparently will not claim that four New Yorkers accused of plotting to bomb synagogues were members of a terrorist group. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Raskin said at a pretrial hearing Friday that the trial will not be about membership in terrorist organizations. He said it will be about whether the men "were going to blow something up." He spoke after the...

Borehamwood, UK – England Flags Mysteriously Appear On Eruv Poles

May 28, 2010 at 01:19 PM
Borehamwood, UK - Flags have been attached to the top of poles, erected just last week for a religious boundary in Borehamwood. At least five St George flags have been spotted in Stapleton Road, Gateshead Road and Hertford Road, flying from the tip of the 15ft metal poles, which will form part of the Borehamwood and Elstree eruv. The construction of the religious boundary, which comprises...

Rye Brook, NY – The Cuomos: Mario Beams as Andrew Accepts Democratic Nomination for Governor

May 28, 2010 at 12:46 PM
Rye Brook, NY - It was a father-son moment like no other in New York's history -- and it brought tears to Mario Cuomo's eyes. Two Cuomos -- the father an aging ex-governor, and the eldest son aiming to follow his dad into the Executive Mansion -- stood arm in arm on a confetti-strewn stage yesterday to celebrate their family's return to the top of the state Democratic Party. Mario Cuomo...

New York – Federal Judge Continues to Block One-Day-a-Week Layoff of State Workers

May 28, 2010 at 11:42 AM
New York - A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking New York's governor from imposing furloughs on about 100,000 state workers and withholding their raises. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn had temporarily blocked the furloughs two weeks ago. He is barring Gov. David Paterson and lawmakers from submitting or enacting short-term funding bills with those provisions. The...

Washington – It’s Rahmgate: White House Admits Clinton Offerd Job To Sestak

May 28, 2010 at 11:36 AM
Washington - The White House confirms that it used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to discourage Rep. Joe Sestak's Democratic primary challenge in the Pennsylvania Senate race. A White House official familiar with the matter says Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Clinton as a go-between to ask Sestak to drop out of the race against Republican-turned-Democratic Sen. Arlen...

New York – For 20 Million People Spotty Cellular Service is a Source of Frustration

May 28, 2010 at 11:20 AM
New York - To dial up the best cellphone service in New York, try the Lincoln Tunnel. Seriously. It's wired, and there are fewer dropped calls in the tunnel than on other routes into or out of Manhattan. Across other parts of the city, service is hit and miss. Among the worst places to make a call: the Cross Bronx Expressway, along the river on the West Side Highway, Long Island City and...

Tel Aviv – Livni: I’m Concerned That A Generation of Israelis Avoids Synagogues

May 28, 2010 at 10:01 AM
Tel Aviv, Israel - Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday condemned secular Israelis' ignorance of Judaism, especially in the "state of Tel Aviv" as well as the religious school system's reluctance to recognize the state of Israel. "There are schools in Israel that refuse to conduct national matriculation exams because they refuse to recognize the state of Israel as the body testing their...

New York – This Week’s Parsha: Spirituality Deficiency Syndrome

May 28, 2010 at 09:43 AM
New York - In Parshas B’haaloscha we find one of the most remarkable narrations in the Torah. The Israelites grumbled. They were dissatisfied with the manna and longed for the “good old days” in Egypt when they had a variety of foods. “We want meat!” they said. How did Moshe respond? Listen to this. “Moshe said to Hashem, ‘Why have You done evil to Your servant? Why have I not...

New York – Halachically Speaking: Consuming Gelatin and Gel-caps‏

May 28, 2010 at 09:14 AM
Consuming Gelatin and Gel-caps When one walks down the aisles in a pharmacy he may see many pills which contain a gelatin coating. This issue involves the discussion of gelatin. Below we will discuss what gelatin is and what its kosher status is, and how it applies to ingesting gel-caps. What is Gelatin? Gelatin is a protein which is derived from a naturally occurring protein known as...

Waterloo, IA – Rubashkin’s lawyer Tries To Show How Hard Judging Ages Is

May 28, 2010 at 09:05 AM
Waterloo, IA - For nearly 45 minutes Thursday, Sholom Rubashkin's defense attorney showed picture after picture of fresh-faced Latino workers to a state criminal investigator and asked him to guess their ages. Jon Turbett, an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent assigned to the case, often estimated they were 17 or 18. He said he couldn't be certain relying on only one...

Edison, NJ – Township Drops Rabbi from Paid Chaplain Post

May 28, 2010 at 08:43 AM
Edison, NJ - Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg, who has served as chaplain for the township's Department of Public Safety since 1992, was terminated from his paid position Thursday because his appointment never met legal requirements, officials said. Rosenberg served in the part-time position with an annual stipend of $3,800. According to a letter sent by township business administrator Dennis...

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