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Archive for October 31, 2011

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New York, NY – Council: Ban Embarrassing Parking Violation Stickers

October 31, 2011 at 11:30 PM
New York, NY - The City Council’s Transportation Committee will be holding a hearing tomorrow on a bill proposed last spring by Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) that would change the way the city punishes drivers for alternate-side parking infractions. The bill would prohibit the city from affixing punitive adhesive stickers to a car without either the driver’s consent or a...

Germany – How Parents Can Help A Stuttering Child

October 31, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Germany - When 5-year-old Jasmin has a good day, she chatters away without faltering or having to try more than once to say certain words. On her bad days she struggles with a stutter. Then she says, "Mama, today's a stupid day. My word doesn't want to come out," said Anja, Jasmin's mother. Anja, who is 35, also stutters. She heads a support group for stutterers in Stuttgart and has...

Rockland County, NY – Monsey Neighborhoods Remain Paralyzed by Saturday’s Storm

October 31, 2011 at 09:06 PM
Rockland County, NY - The normally bustling Congregation Knesses Yisroel in New Hempstead, a neighborhood just to the north of Monsey, was silent Monday morning as not a single person showed up for Dirshu and only three men arrived for Shachris. Like many other areas in Monsey, New Hempstead has been devastated by the freak storm that raged through the area on Shabbos, leaving residents with no...

Washington – Clinton Urges Turkey To Smooth Ties With Israel

October 31, 2011 at 08:29 PM
Washington - Turkey must do more to cement democratic gains and smooth prickly ties with neighbors such as Israel if it is to emerge as a guarantor of Middle Eastern stability, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday. Clinton, speaking to the American-Turkish Council in Washington, said the "Turkish miracle" had seen that country's economy triple in size over the last decade as...

Washington – So You Want To Run For President? Just Sign Here.

October 31, 2011 at 07:12 PM
Washington - It's easier to sign up as a candidate for president than it is to apply for a job at McDonald's. Just ask Andre Barnett or Ken Grammer or Samm Tittle. They're among the 259 Americans who have filed as 2012 presidential candidates, a collection of hopefuls that mixes Average Joes with the likes of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. All it takes to get on the list is a one-page...

Albany, NY – Cuomo Creates Online Jobs Search Website

October 31, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Albany, NY - With the state’s unemployment rate stuck at eight percent, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of  a new website designed to help New Yorkers who are seeking employment. The site–called Jobs Express– takes thousands of jobs listed on the New York State Jobs Bank and sorts them by region and industry. “The Jobs Express website makes it easier for New Yorkers to...

Washington – Obama In ‘Excellent Health,’ Physician Says

October 31, 2011 at 05:30 PM
Washington - President Barack Obama is in excellent health and tobacco free, his doctor said Monday in the results of the president's second physical exam since taking office. In the two-page report released by the White House, Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman also said Obama is physically active, eats a healthy diet, stays at a healthy weight, and on occasion drinks alcohol in moderation. "The...

New York – Stocks Slump On Worries About US Broker, Europe

October 31, 2011 at 04:15 PM
New York - Stocks have ended October with steep losses. Investors are worried about the collapse of the brokerage MF Global and missing details in Europe's plan to contain the Greek debt crisis. Despite the losses Monday, the S&P 500 index still had its best month since December 1991. Bank stocks fell after MF Global filed for bankruptcy. Last week the company's debt was downgraded to junk...

Gaza City – Militants Continue To Fire Rockets Into Israel

October 31, 2011 at 03:53 PM
Gaza City - Gaza militants fired rockets at southern Israel on Monday, in violence that tested a shaky truce brokered by Egypt after a border flare-up that has claimed the lives of a dozen Palestinian gunmen and an Israeli civilian since the weekend. An Israeli military spokeswoman said four rockets slammed into the Ashkelon and Beersheba regions as darkness fell on Monday, while a fifth was...

Hartford, CT – Power Outages Knock Out Conn. Cell Phone Towers

October 31, 2011 at 02:51 PM
Hartford, CT - Hundreds of cell phone towers are not working in Connecticut because of extensive power outages following the weekend's rare October snowstorm. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy told reporters Monday that about 200 cell phone towers in the state are damaged and will not be repaired soon. Mark Siegel, a spokesman for AT&T Inc. in Atlanta, said towers are out because they rely on power...

Tunisia – Arrest Warrant Issued For the Wife of Yasser Arafat

October 31, 2011 at 01:44 PM
Tunisia - Tunisia has issued a warrant summoning the widow of deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat over a corruption scandal, the state news agency reported Monday. The warrant was issued last week over Suha Arafat's role in a scandal involving former Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, his family and other high government officials, said Kadhem Zine El Abidine, spokesman for the...

Washington – US Cuts Funding For UNESCO After Palestinian Vote

October 31, 2011 at 01:26 PM
Washington - The Obama administration is cutting off funding for the U.N. cultural agency because it approved a Palestinian bid for full membership. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Monday's vote triggers a long-standing congressional restriction on funding to U.N. bodies that recognize Palestine as a state before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached. Nuland says...

Washington – Supreme Court Allowing Removal of Roadside Crosses

October 31, 2011 at 01:00 PM
Washington - The Supreme Court won't hear an appeal of a ruling that 12-foot-high crosses along Utah highways in honor of dead state troopers violate the Constitution. The justices voted 8-1 Monday to reject an appeal from Utah and a state troopers' group that wanted the court to throw out the ruling and take a more permissive view of religious symbols on public land. Peter J. Eliasberg, a...

Jerusalem – Israeli PM Warns About Danger Of Nuclear Iran

October 31, 2011 at 12:36 PM
Jerusalem - Israel's prime minister says a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a serious threat to the entire world — but particularly to Israel. In a policy speech to parliament on Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the Iranian regime was continuing in its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran denies the allegations. Israel considers Iran its most dangerous threat. It cites Tehran's...

Jerusalem – Israeli PM Threatens Hamas Militants

October 31, 2011 at 12:05 PM
Jerusalem - Israel's prime minister has issued a tough warning to Gaza's Hamas rulers, saying those who attack Israel are risking their lives. Benjamin Netanyahu voiced the threat in a policy speech to Israel's parliament. He spoke shortly after his foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, called on the government to topple the Islamic Hamas regime in Gaza. The Israeli military has been...

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