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Archive for November 15, 2011

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Kiryas Tosh – Shul Robbed of $10,000 Worth of Religious Artefacts

November 15, 2011 at 11:53 PM
Boisbriand - Four people broke into the synagogue in Kirya Tosh Monday night, a community north of Laval. The assailants broke a window to steal $10,000 worth of religious artefacts including a handmade, imported tefillin, worn during prayers, worth over $2,000. A talis, which is a Jewish prayer shawl, and a bible curtain were also stolen, and books were thrown out of the broken window...

Israel – ‘Religious’ Water Meter is ‘Sabbath Observant’

November 15, 2011 at 11:30 PM
Israel - Digital meters measuring electricity, water and gas are essential to the infrastructure of smart homes and smart cities that are becoming more and more common. And according to Erez Bar-Enosh of MTR Wireless Communications, the halachic issue of “closing a circuit” (segirat ma'agal) is one of the major reasons that digital meters are not more common in Israel. A Sabbath...

Washington – US Air Forces Gets 30000-Pound Bunker Buster Bomb

November 15, 2011 at 10:29 PM
Washington - US Air Forces have received super-heavy bunker buster bombs, a spokesman with Pentagon lieutenant-colonel Jack Miller told reporters Tuesday. He said that Boeing had begun to supply the bombs to the Air Force Global Strike Command in September. The bombs will be carried by B-2 bombers. Each bomb weights 13.6 tons and has a built-in satellite navigation system. Some experts...

Philadelphia – Lost JFK Assassination Tapes On Sale

November 15, 2011 at 09:35 PM
Philadelphia - A long-lost version of the Air Force One recordings made in the immediate aftermath of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, with more than 30 minutes of additional material not in the official version in the government's archives, has been found and is for sale. There are incidents and code names described on the newly discovered two-plus hour recording, which predates the...

Manhattan, NY – A Planned Raid With Show of Force, Bright Lights and Loudspeakers

November 15, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Manhattan, NY - Hundreds of police officers were involved, some of them wearing riot helmets. The overnight hours of Monday into Tuesday were chosen because Zuccotti Park would be at its emptiest. The operation was kept secret from all but a few high-ranking officers, with others initially being told that they were embarking on an exercise. Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly was at the...

New York – NYC Park Reopens To Occupy Wall Street Protesters

November 15, 2011 at 07:51 PM
New York - Occupy Wall Street protesters have been allowed to return to a New York City park where they were cleared out hours earlier. Protesters were allowed back into lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park two by two Tuesday evening. They each could take only a small bag. No sleeping bags or tents are allowed. A state Supreme Court judge ruled earlier Tuesday the protesters didn't have a First...

Brooklyn, NY – Jewish Woman Stabbed To Death Just Steps From Her Home

November 15, 2011 at 07:19 PM
Brooklyn, NY - The hunt for a killer is on in Brooklyn after police said a woman was stabbed to death just steps away from her home. Larisa Komsky, 50, was killed while walking home after parking her car on Homecrest Avenue before 1 a.m. Tuesday. Komsky was stabbed twice in the leg and once in the hand, police said. She was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital. Witnesses told police...

Nicosia, Cyprus – US Firm: 3-9 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Gas Off Cyprus

November 15, 2011 at 07:15 PM
Nicosia, Cyprus - A top official with United States firm Noble Energy said on Tuesday that a field it is conducting undersea exploratory drilling in off the coast of Cyprus may yield between 3 to 9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Noble Senior Vice President Susan Cunningham says there is a 60 percent chance it will successfully reach the deposit. Cunningham told an analyst conference at...

Washington – Post Office Losses Mount To $5.1 Billion Last Year

November 15, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Washington - The U.S. Postal Service says it lost $5.1 billion last year as a weak economy and increased Internet use drove down mail volume. The bleak financial report for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 was not as high as the $10 billion in losses previously estimated. But that's because an annual payment of $5.5 billion the post office owed the federal government has been deferred to a...

Kiryas joel, NY – Suspicious Smoking Package Found on Side of Road Not a Bomb

November 15, 2011 at 05:05 PM
Kiryas joel, NY - Emergency responders are examining a small device found in front of 303 Forest Road in the Village of Kiryas Joel. Village Public Safety and Fire Department personnel are on the scene along with State Police. When discovered, smoke was emanating from the box that was wrapped in duct tape with wires sticking out. KJFD at the scene requesting Orange County Haz-Mat and Bomb...

Geneva – World’s Biggest Yellow Diamond Fetches Over $10.9M

November 15, 2011 at 04:50 PM
Geneva - The world's largest known yellow diamond has been sold at auction for over $10.9 million. Auction house Sotheby's had estimated that the pear-shaped Sun-Drop Diamond would fetch between $11 million and $15 million at auction Tuesday in Geneva. It was bought by a telephone bidder. The diamond was sold by New York-based company Cora International, which discovered the jewel in...

New York, NY – Judge: Occupiers Can’t Return To Park With Tents, Sleeping Bags

November 15, 2011 at 04:49 PM
New York, NY - A New York judge has upheld the city's dismantling of the Occupy Wall Street encampment, saying that the protesters' first amendment rights don't entitle them to camp out indefinitely in the plaza. Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman on Tuesday denied a motion by the demonstrators seeking to be allowed back into the park with their tents and sleeping bags. Police cleared...

Brooklyn, NY – NY Republican Chairman Says Donor Adds $25,000 To Apprehend Suspect In Midwood Anti-Semitic Case

November 15, 2011 at 03:29 PM
Brooklyn, NY - New York Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox has just informed Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) that an anonymous donor has offered an additional $25,000 to the existing reward money being offered in connection with last Friday’s arson and hate crime on Ocean Parkway which saw several vehicles torched and burned in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Graffiti, including...

Murfreesboro, TN – Tennessee Lawmaker: All Muslims Serving In The U.S. Military Should Be Removed (video)

November 15, 2011 at 03:12 PM
Murfreesboro, TN - Muslims are calling for action against a Tennessee state representative after he said Muslims shouldn't be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. Rep. Rick Womick made the comments last week Friday during a conference of conservative activists that focused on the threat of Islamic extremism in America. Local and national Muslims called for state officials to rebuke Womick...

New York – NY Judge: Rule On Fate Of Occupy Camp Soon

November 15, 2011 at 02:50 PM
New York - A New York judge says he hopes to issue a ruling soon on the fate of the Occupy Wall Street encampment that was demolished by police. Protesters represented by the National Lawyers Guild asked the court Tuesday to declare that the city acted illegally in evicting hundreds of demonstrators from Zuccotti Park. The eviction happened around 1 a.m. Hundreds of officers in riot gear...

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