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Archive for April 16, 2016

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Washington – NYT: Saudi Arabia Threatens To Sell Off Billions In American Assets If 9/11 Bill Passes

April 16, 2016 at 11:39 PM
Washington - The Saudi Arabian government has threatened to sell of hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of American assets should the U.S. Congress pass a bill that could hold the kingdom responsible for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the New York Times reported on Friday. The newspaper reported that Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir told U.S. lawmakers last month that "Saudi...

Tokyo – Japan Quakes Disrupt Sony Production Of Image Sensors Used In Apple iPhones

April 16, 2016 at 11:10 PM
Tokyo - Electronics giant Sony Corp said a factory producing image sensors for smartphone makers will remain closed while it assesses the damage from two deadly earthquakes which hit southern Japan. One of its major customers is Apple, which uses the sensors in its iPhones. Sony said it will extend the closure of its image sensor plant in Kumamoto, which is in the southern island of Kyushu...

Quito – Powerful Earthquake Kills At Least 28 In Ecuador

April 16, 2016 at 11:01 PM
Quito, Ecuador - A powerful, 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Ecuador's central coast on Saturday, killing at least 28 people and spreading panic as far away as the Andean capital of Quito as it collapsed homes and rattled buildings. The U.S. Geological Survey said the shallow quake, the strongest in decades to hit Ecuador, was centered 27 kilometers (16 miles) south-southeast of Muisne, in a...

Tehran – Iran Calls For US To Ease Banking Restrictions

April 16, 2016 at 10:45 PM
Tehran - Iran's foreign minister on Saturday called on the United States to ease restrictions on non-American banks doing business with the Islamic Republic, saying it would help reassure Iranians over last year's nuclear deal. "Iran will definitely put pressure on the United States to pave the way for the cooperation of non-American banks with Iran," Mohammad Javad Zarif said during a press...

London – London Mayor Accuses Barack Obama Of Hypocrisy

April 16, 2016 at 10:23 PM
London - London Mayor Boris Johnson has accused U.S. President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for supporting those who want Britain to stay in the European Union. Speaking just days before the American leader travels to London, Johnson told the BBC there is no way the United States would share sovereignty the way EU membership requires. Obama has voiced support through aides for the United...

Hartford, CT – Donald Trump Continues Assault On GOP Leadership

April 16, 2016 at 10:01 PM
Hartford, CT - Donald Trump rained fresh criticism on the Republican Party's nomination process Friday, describing the system as "rigged" and warning that millions of disenfranchised Republicans would sit out the general election if he's denied the nomination. The comments came as the billionaire businessman addressed voters in Connecticut's capital city just days ahead of neighboring New...

New York – Inmate Who Plotted Synagogue Bombings In Coma After Suicide Attempt

April 16, 2016 at 09:36 PM
New York - A man who admitted plotting to bomb New York City synagogues has tried to kill himself in prison after guards tormented him because of his terror case, his lawyers said. Ahmed Ferhani, who is halfway through a 10-year sentence in a rare state-level terror case, is in a medically induced coma after trying to hang himself in New York's Attica prison, according to his lawyers. "He...

Greece – Pope Francis Taking 12 Muslim Refugees From Syria Back To Rome

April 16, 2016 at 09:12 PM
Greece - In an extraordinary gesture both political and personal, Pope Francis brought 12 Syrian Muslims to Italy aboard his plane Saturday after an emotional visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, which has faced the brunt of Europe's migration crisis. Refugees on the overwhelmed island fell to their knees and wept at his presence. Some 3,000 migrants on Lesbos are facing possible deportation...

Casper, WY – Cruz Wins All 14 Wyoming Republican Delegates

April 16, 2016 at 09:03 PM
Casper, WY - Painstaking organization and in-person campaigning paid off again for Ted Cruz on Saturday as he nailed down all 14 delegates up for grabs at the Republican Party convention in Wyoming. The result leaves Donald Trump facing yet another loss in a string of defeats in Western states. Saturday's sweep for Cruz follows his victory last month in Wyoming, when he scored 9 of 12...

Vatican City – U.S. Jewish Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Met With Pope Discussed Moral Economy

April 16, 2016 at 08:56 PM
Vatican City - Pope Francis said his brief encounter Saturday with U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was a sign of good manners, "nothing more," and hardly evidence of interfering in American politics. The White House hopeful called it a "real honor" to meet "one of the extraordinary figures" in the world, a kindred spirit on economic inequality, which is a main Sanders' campaign...

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