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Archive for August 8, 2016

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Tokyo, Japan – Pokemon Go Master Says Not Done With Game, Hopes For More Features

August 8, 2016 at 11:32 PM
Tokyo, Japan - Nick Johnson, who claims to be the first person to capture all 145 creatures now available in the "Pokemon Go" mobile gaming phenomenon, says he is not ready to put away his smartphone just yet and hopes for new features. The 28-year-old tech employee from Brooklyn, New York, who refers to himself as the "world-first Pokemon Go master" on his Twitter account, announced last week...

Washington – Parents Of 2 Benghazi Victims Sue Hillary Clinton For Wrongful Death, Defamation

August 8, 2016 at 11:00 PM
Washington - The parents of two Americans killed in attacks in Benghazi, Libya, say in a lawsuit that Hillary Clinton is responsible for the deaths of their children. A Clinton campaign spokesman rejected the accusations. The wrongful death lawsuit against Clinton, filed Monday in federal court in Washington, attempts to tie Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state to...

Dallas – Complexity Makes Airline Computer Systems Vulnerable

August 8, 2016 at 10:38 PM
Dallas - Twice in less than a month, a major airline was paralyzed by a computer outage that prevented passengers from checking in and flights from taking off. Last month, it took Southwest days to recover from a breakdown it blamed on a faulty router. On Monday, it was Delta's turn, as a power outage crippled the airline's information technology systems and forced it to cancel or delay...

Columbia, SC – Counting The Votes: How Electors Pick The President

August 8, 2016 at 10:17 PM
Columbia, SC - It's an institution as old as the nation itself, but the Electoral College remains an enigma to many Americans. The Founding Fathers, apprehensive about the unchecked power of the popular vote, added the extra step to the process of choosing a president. A look at the ins and outs of the Electoral College and how its role could be even more scrutinized this year: WHO ARE THE...

New York – Trump Suggests Clinton Emails Linked To Iranian’s Execution

August 8, 2016 at 10:00 PM
New York - Republican Donald Trump is suggesting that rival Hillary Clinton's emails may be responsible for the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist who was executed for spying for the United States. Trump, using the "people are saying" sentence structure he often favors to make accusations, tweeted Monday night: "Many people are saying that the Iranians killed the scientist who helped the...

Albany, NY – NY Warns Against Driver Selfies, Cites Instagram Review

August 8, 2016 at 09:36 PM
Albany, NY - Authorities are warning New York drivers against taking selfies, citing a national review suggesting they are among the most likely to do it. It's generally illegal except in an emergency to use a handheld mobile device while driving in the Empire State. Terri Egan, executive deputy commissioner of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, says taking selfies behind the wheel...

West Palm Beach, FL – Officials Investigate Zika Case In Palm Beach County

August 8, 2016 at 09:01 PM
West Palm Beach, FL - Florida health officials say they're investigating a case of Zika virus infection in Palm Beach County that was likely contracted in the United States. Gov. Rick Scott said in a news release Monday that the Florida Department of Health is working to determine the source of the infection. The infected person had recently traveled to Miami-Dade County, where more than a...

New York – Off-duty NYC Cop Alerts Wisconsin Police About Online Threat

August 8, 2016 at 08:26 PM
New York - An off-duty New York City policeman is credited with alerting Wisconsin law enforcement about online threats to kill an officer. Officer Gregory Santora contacted police in Madison, Wisconsin, after spotting a Periscope video at home on Saturday. In the video, a man was "implying that he was going to livestream the shooting of the police officers," Santora told New York's Daily...

Jerusalem – Ex-NBA All-Star Stoudemire Opens New Chapter In Israel

August 8, 2016 at 08:05 PM
Jerusalem - Recently retired NBA All-Star Amare Stoudemire insists he has plenty of basketball left in him. Arriving in what he called "my favorite city in the world" for a new chapter as a player for Hapoel Jerusalem, Stoudemire says he came to Israel to win — and to continue a spiritual journal to trace his Hebrew roots. Hosting some 140 Jewish and Arab kids at his basketball peace camp...

Kansas City, KS – Police: Boy Died Of Neck Injury On Water Slide

August 8, 2016 at 07:58 PM
Kansas City, KS - Kansas City, Kansas, police say a 10-year-old boy who was killed while riding the world's tallest water slide died of a neck injury. Police say Caleb Schwab was one of three passengers riding in a boat Sunday on the Verruckt water slide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. According to a police statement, an off-duty officer working at the water park notified dispatch of the...

Washington – AT&T To Pay $7.75 Million For Allowing Sham Directory Assistance Calls

August 8, 2016 at 07:30 PM
Washington - AT&T Inc will pay $7.75 million in refunds and fines after federal investigators found it allowed unauthorized third-party charges related to phony directory-assistance service on its customers' telephone bills, U.S. regulators said on Monday. The fraud was uncovered by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration while investigating two Ohio companies for drug-related crimes and...

Liverpool, NY – KKK Fliers In NY Accuse Jews Of ‘controlling The Money In America’

August 8, 2016 at 07:15 PM
Liverpool, NY - The Anti-Defamation League said last week it was “troubled” by the fliers that the white supremacist group Ku Klux Klan has been circulating since the end of last month in communities in upstate New York such as Syracuse and Liverpool, as well as Long Island and the Hamptons. “Wake up white America! Jews control the money in America. Period. End of Story,” one of the...

Washington – Trump: Critics And Clinton Made World ‘a Mess’

August 8, 2016 at 06:52 PM
Washington - Donald Trump says a group of Republican former national security officials who are openly opposing him are the reason the world is "a mess." Fifty Republicans signed an open letter calling Trump the most reckless candidate in history. Many are longstanding Trump critics, but the letter has some new names. Trump says their signatures make clear they're to blame for making the...

Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Banning Coffee While Driving? Not So Fast

August 8, 2016 at 06:36 PM
Trenton, NJ - Drivers who drink coffee behind the wheel don't need to worry about getting a ticket in New Jersey any time soon. The sponsor of a bill targeting distracted driving says his measure doesn't specifically cite coffee, despite recent news reports focusing on the beverage. Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski said the legislation is aimed at discouraging distracted driving and...

Washington – Trump Critics Urge RNC To Replace Trump In Special Meeting

August 8, 2016 at 06:08 PM
Washington - Desperate conservatives have circulated a petition calling for the Republican National Committee to host a special meeting where Donald Trump could be replaced as the party's presidential nominee. Organizers — some of the same Republicans who tried to prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination — acknowledge the effort is a long shot at best. But fearing an Election Day...

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