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Archive for February 22, 2018

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Chicago – Owner Unveils Albert Einstein Letter Thanking Chicago Man For Saving Jews

February 22, 2018 at 09:05 PM
Chicago - A letter from Albert Einstein to a Chicago man thanking him for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany has been made public by his daughter. Enid Bronstein has kept the letter penned by Einstein in a safe deposit box for the last 50 years, she told Chicago’s WGN TV. The letter was written to David Finck, a New York financier who helped fund the emigration of Jewish refugees from...

Jerusalem – Qatar Says Gaza Aid Spares Israel War, Shows Doha Does Not Back Hamas

February 22, 2018 at 08:32 PM
Jerusalem - Qatar is helping Israel avoid another Gaza war by funneling relief money to impoverished Palestinians with Washington's blessing, a Qatari diplomat said on Thursday, describing the cooperation as evidence of Doha's distance from Islamist Hamas. Since coming under an embargo last year by its U.S.-allied Gulf Arab neighbors, Qatar has made its aid to the Gaza Strip - and the...

Jerusalem – 50 Percent Of Israelis Believe Netanyahu Should Resign, Poll Finds

February 22, 2018 at 08:00 PM
Jerusalem - A television news poll found that 50 percent of Israelis believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, beset by corruption accusations, should resign. Some 33 percent of respondents said he should remain in office, according to results of the Hadashot survey released Wednesday evening following the latest developments in the scandal known as Case 4000. The snap poll by the...

Washington – Conservatives Cheer Mike Pence When He Mentions Trump’s Jerusalem Move

February 22, 2018 at 07:02 PM
Washington - Vice President Mike Pence earned one of his biggest applause lines at an influential conservative conference when he cited President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Pence, speaking Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, outlined the promises that Trump has fulfilled his first year in office. “America once again stands without...

New York – Walmart To Launch New Online Home Shopping Experience

February 22, 2018 at 06:36 PM
New York - Bohemian or traditional? Walmart is launching a new online home shopping experience in the coming weeks that will let shoppers discover items based on their style. The move, announced Thursday, is the first glimpse of the company's broader campaign to redesign its site with a focus on fashion and home furnishings. The overhauled website will be launched later this year and will...

Tallahassee, FL – Deputy On Duty At School Didn’t Engage Shooter, Has Now Resigned

February 22, 2018 at 05:36 PM
Tallahassee, FL - The armed deputy who was on the campus of Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting rampage that left 17 dead on Feb. 14 stood outside the building for about four minutes where it occurred and did not go in to engage the shooter, Broward County Sheriff said on Thursday. Sheriff Scott Israel announced during a Thursday news conference that Deputy Scot Peterson resigned...

Washington – FBI Says It’s Trying To Rebuild Trust After Botched Tip

February 22, 2018 at 05:30 PM
Washington - A top FBI official acknowledged Thursday that the nation's top law enforcement agency has lost public trust after the revelation that it failed to investigate a potentially life-saving tip before the Florida school shooting, a mistake he suggested was the result of bad judgment. David Bowdich, the FBI's acting deputy director, said he personally visited the FBI's West Virginia...

Washington – NRA Chief Slams Anti-gun “Elites” After Florida School Massacre

February 22, 2018 at 05:00 PM
Washington - The head of the National Rifle Association lashed out at gun control advocates on Thursday, saying Democratic elites are politicizing the latest mass school shooting in the United States to erode the country's constitutionally guaranteed gun rights. NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre echoed President Donald Trump's call to arm teachers to prevent school shootings, and weighed into...

Washington – New Charges Brought Against Ex-Trump Campaign Associates

February 22, 2018 at 04:58 PM
Washington - In a dramatic escalation of pressure and stakes, special counsel Robert Mueller filed additional criminal charges Thursday against President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman and his business associate. The filing adds allegations of tax evasion and bank fraud and potentially increases the amount of prison time Paul Manafort, who managed Trump's campaign for several months...

Washington – Superagers’ Youthful Brains Offer Clues To Keeping Sharp

February 22, 2018 at 04:34 PM
Washington - It's pretty extraordinary for people in their 80s and 90s to keep the same sharp memory as someone several decades younger, and now scientists are peeking into the brains of these "superagers" to uncover their secret. The work is the flip side of the disappointing hunt for new drugs to fight or prevent Alzheimer's disease. Instead, "why don't we figure out what it is we might...

Israel – Personal Seal Of Jewish Prophet Isaiah Believed To Be Uncovered In Jerusalem

February 22, 2018 at 04:00 PM
Jerusalem - An impression of what is believed to be the 2,700-year-old personal seal of the prophet Isaiah was uncovered in Jerusalem. Isaiah lived during the eighth century BCE and prophesized about the return of the Jews from the Babylonian exile. Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University reported on her discovery Thursday in the Biblical Archaeology Review...

Washington – U.S. Charges More Than 250 In Elder Fraud Scam Crackdown

February 22, 2018 at 03:44 PM
Washington -More than 250 people were charged in a major U.S. crackdown on elder fraud scams that victimized over 1 million people and led to $500 million in losses, the Justice Department announced on Thursday. The scams included the use of mass mailing, telemarketing and investment frauds as well as identity theft and theft by guardians, the department said in a statement announcing the...

United Nations – Jimmy Carter Warns Against One-state For Israel-Palestine

February 22, 2018 at 03:30 PM
United Nations - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is warning that the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "is being overtaken by a one-state reality which will have dire consequences for Israel in the long-term." Carter concluded that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state "is in Israel's best interest." In a statement to the Security Council read...

Baton Rouge, LA – Lawsuit: College Refused To Hire Coach With ‘Jewish Blood’

February 22, 2018 at 03:00 PM
Baton Rouge, LA - The president of a private Baptist college in Louisiana refused to approve a football coach's hiring because of what he called the applicant's "Jewish blood," a federal lawsuit claims. Joshua Bonadona sued Louisiana College and its president, Rick Brewer, on Wednesday, accusing them of violating his civil rights. The 28-year-old graduate of Louisiana College says he...

Jerusalem – Israel Extends Detention For 2 Suspects In Netanyahu Case

February 22, 2018 at 02:30 PM
Jerusalem - An Israeli court has extended the arrests of a media tycoon and a former adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implicated in a corruption case involving Israel's telecom giant. A Tel Aviv judge ordered that Nir Hefetz, an ex-Netanyahu media aide, and Shaul Elovitch remain in custody until Monday. The two are suspected in a case that involved the promotion of regulation...

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