Jerusalem - Kosher Israeli Meat Producer Takes Unexpected Stance Against Class Action Suit Charges

Published on: May 20th, 2013 at 05:07 PM

Jerusalem - In an unexpected turn today against charges that it deceived the public in its treatment of animals during slaughter, Israeli food giant Tnuva Food Industries admitted to causing great "suffering" to animals, calling it an unavoidable part of a process that is, by nature, brutal.

HAARETZ ( is reporting that Tnuva Foods was in court responding to the two requests to file class action suits against the company on the heels of an investigative report aired on Israeli television that showed "disturbing" images from their slaughterhouse.

Debate by the court was slated to begin Monday on whether or not to allow the cases to go forward.

The bulk of the television report was created by an animal rights activist/journalist who went undercover to work at the slaughterhouse for two months.

Both applications state that Tnuva Foods profited by "deceiving" consumers who would not have bought their products had they known animals were being subjected to "suffering."

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